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Internet responsible for 2 percent of global energy usage

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Mystery customer the US Navy?

“There has been a rumor floated that the US Navy is Rossi’s customer in this week’s upcoming E-Cat trial. This rumor is entirely believable.

With the fragmentary background that Rossi has let slip during the last year regarding US government knowledge and participation in the development of the E-Cat, the US Navy would be the obvious US government point organization and primary customer for the E-Cat.”

Vortex – 10/25/2011


You might be interested that the DOE is quietly following Rossi through one of its R&D support contractors.

“Robert Noceti another AmpEnergo Partner has an undefined connection to the National Energy Technology Laboratory. A research facility run by the US Department of Energy. He also works with something called LTI Associates ” [http://energycatalyzer3.com/news/ – August 25, 2011 – A little More Background on AmpEnergo is Available]

LTI Associates is listed as 1 of 11 major support contractors to NETL, and has a $95,000,000 contract with DOE from 11/16/2009 through 11/15/2014 – reading the contractor role [below] leads one to believe DOE/NETL is following Rossi very very closely.

“The objective of this contract is to obtain services to support and complement the efforts of federal staff to administer, execute, implement, monitor, manage, and evaluate RD&D programs and provide general assistance for other program-related activities. Task assignments for this service contract focus on program initiatives under the direction of the NETL office that supports the sponsoring organization. Sponsoring organizations include but are not limited to the DOE Offices of FE, EERE, and OE. Program initiatives are national in scope and emphasize partnerships with private industry, academia, state governments, and other governmental stakeholders to create commercially-viable technological solutions to national energy and environmental problems.” [http://www.netl.doe.gov/about/organization.html]

Hello Cheap Energy, Hello Brave New World – Comment by rtlindsay – 10/25/2011


Mark Hugo
October 24th, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Dear Engineer Rossi:

I found this webpage with a link to a recent presentation by Dr. George Miley. (courtesy of this site, e-catsite.com)


Miley is NO LIGHT WEIGHT! What dear old George doesn’t know is that I and a friend (Leron S. from Portland) were at Patterson’s grandson’s apartment in the fall of ’92, and set up a data gathering system (PC Based, 16 bit, flow, temperatures, voltage, current, and thus input power and output) for Patterson’s coated beads. It was primarily a 1 to 3 watts input, 10 to 12 watt thermal output device at that time.

From what I can gather (I haven’t had time to write George yet), it seem George may have been in on the KW device that Patterson claimed. I think George feels at liberty to talk about things, as (sadly) Patterson AND his grandson have both passed on. (I also believe patents may be running out.

The important point is to note that George has been “working on your side” and sounding the alarm: “DON’T IGNORE ROSSI! DON’T THINK HE ISN’T SERIOUS! DON’T THINK HE DOESN’T HAVE SOMETHING!”

Just for your info – George and his graduate student “ressurected” the Farnsworth Fusor in 1997-1998. One of his graduate students (Dr. Brian Dejurik..going by memory on this) finished his Phd, nuclear engineering on the characterization of the IEC (Inertial Electro Static Confinement) device.

I think, as the saying goes, “The rest is HISTORY..” As you can find DOZENS of IEC devices being built by colleges, universities, private individuals.

Oh, Dr. M. and Dr. DeJ were TURNED DOWN on a paper in “Science” (Un-Science) on the basis of a 1972 Oak Ridge paper that “Proved” that the Farnsworth Fusor “could not produce fusion reactions”. (Part of this paper, as I have it…complained that Farnsworth mistook electrical noise on his BF6 neutron detectors as actual neutron flux signals. Miley, et.al. simply used things as Cd sheets and did ACTIVATION ANALYSIS to back their “on line” instruments…NO DOUBT about 10^10 neutrons per second, peak reaction rates.)

In conclusion: Welcome to the world of radicals and upstarts.


Mark Hugo, Excelsior, MN

JONP – 10/24/2011


A. Goumy
October 24th, 2011 at 1:05 AM

Dear Mr Rossi,

It is now the run-up to the moment of truth. I wish you and your team, as you deserve it for

your tenacity and your hard work, to carry out this very important test with flying colors.

1) You told us yesterday that you were testing the 1 MW plant, and it was working well. Did you test it at full power?

2) Have the customer’s agents who will perform the tests already been trained to control the plant operations, and will they do it by themselves, or will you have the entire control as in the previous tests?
3) Does the maintenance contract with the customer include updates to the new versions of E-Cats currently under development?

Best regards,


Andrea Rossi
October 24th, 2011 at 5:08 AM

Dear A. Goumy:
1- yes
2- We will work together. They have been trained
3- yes
Warm Regards,

JONP  – 10/24/2011


Defkalion updates status of home units for the Greek market.  Per the Defkalion forum:

(Translated from Greek)

Dear kastom, Hyperion devices for home use are available in the Greek market after the completion of their authorization. The final technical characteristics and retail prices will be announced by us in the near future. Until then apply as announced by us on the technical performance characteristics and prices, on 06.23.2011 (you can see on video in Video coverage from June 23 Press Conference page http://www.defkalion -energy.com/news Thank you

Link 10/24/2011


How to SAFELY make Nickel Nano Powder

Wm. Scott Smith
Sun, 23 Oct 2011 08:10:02 -0700

One would not have to use pure Hydrogen; I bet they have identified an H2-Noble Gas mixture that is slow-enough to be safe. You can dissolve most metals in acid and cause them to precipitate as nano-particles. The you would expose it to your gas mixture.

Vortex – 10/23/2011


Andrea Rossi
October 23rd, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Dear Franco Morici:
Good Sunday also to you, while I write this comment we are testing the 1 MW plant, which is working well so far. I am very sorry of the very restricted attendance, due to the particular kind of our Customer, but during the test on this blog we will transmit the main data of the test every hour, while at midnight we will publish the full report and a video. The direct transmission is not possible because the officers of the Customer want not to be videotaped.

Warm Regards,


Bernie Koppenhofer
October 23rd, 2011 at 10:16 AM
Dr. George Miley is doing interesting research into LENR, 1) Are you in contact with him? 2) Would you consider joining forces with him to find out what is going on?

Andrea Rossi
October 23rd, 2011 at 10:43 AM
Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
I strongly respect the work of all my competitors, in every field they work, but I never comment their work. To cooperate is very difficult, due to the obvious confidentiality. It is like to ask to the engineers of Ferrari and Mercedes to cooperate during a race. Besides, we are already arrived to an industrial product.
Warm Regards,


How to make Nickel Nano Powder

Nickel Nano powder is made like this:

Nickel is oxidized. The nickel oxide is milled.

The Nickel oxide powder is reduced to nickel in hydrogen atmosphere under high pressure and high temperature.

Why doesnt this sometimes explode?


I can not give news of a “big event” but at least I can report some news on the demonstration of 1MW container.  Preparation is under way (though it seems that there are not hordes of workers working hard…..they are apparently relaxed).(…omissis).

Problems with connection to the water does not exist because they are being installed two large heat exchangers (water / air, similar in size to that of a large desk, apparently enough to dissipate a thermal power of the order of MW). (….omissis).

The piping between the container and heat exchanger has not yet been installed.

Giuliano Bettini – Facebook – 10/23/2011


Defkalion’s eCat Core

Focus.it and Ny Teknik have updated their articles. Mats Lewan in the Ny Teknik piece has an astonishing claim by Defkalion GT. Formally Andrea Rossi’s potential partner with a provisional contract worth 200 million Euro, DGT were first dumped for allegedly breaching that contract and then claimed that they were continuing with their plans with or without AR. The implication seemed to be that the company were (indirectly]claiming to have the technology at the heart of the eCat even though Dr Rossi explicitly denied this.

Read more @ecatnews – 10/21/2011


Dear Mr. Rossi,

On September 11th, regarding the 1 MW Plant demonstration, you confirmed that you will have a webcam and real-time power meters of your plant to be shown on this site.

Is this still planned for?

Best Regards,

Andrea Rossi
October 19th, 2011 at 2:40 PM

Dear Jan:
Our Customer, who will make the test, is still planning for this.

Warm Regards,



News from Piantelli.  Associate of Francesco Piantelli (competitor of Andrea Rossi to bring cold fusion to market), Roy Virgilio (Eroyka), has some recent updates on his blog about Pianteill’s progress.

Good morning to all, small but important update.

Meanwhile, I can confirm in confidence and without any numbers in my support (have faith …) that the cells Piantelli are going very well. Unforeseen events happen, but some are also strongly in favor of the phenomenon (in the sense that there are excesses even if you do not want to!) And therefore the work to be done is quite long but increasingly promising.

Then a story partly negative and partly positive.

The widely held company famous of which I have spoken several times (found in the summary first post), unfortunately, at least for now, he can make as you wanted at first.

For both bureaucratic problems and for other legislative and organizational, that company (which is actually made) will be open to third parties but with a capital of a certain level.

In a next post I will explain in detail the question in all its details.

This thing honestly I am very sorry but for now have not found good ways out. Do not despair, however, that in the coming months minimimamente you find another solution to achieve this broader involvement and accessible to all who so desire.

See you soon.


There seems to be some growing frustration with the slow but meticulous nature of Pianteill’s work, as one blogger writes:  “I have no doubt that Piantelli is a very serious professional, but honestly this excessive silence seems a little strange. A researcher publishes his results in every possible way, we can say that this is half of its work. An entrepreneur brings products to market, this will fail. For both categories themselves or do not mind being affiliates. Piantelli and his group are completely out of these schemes, which has only two logical explanations: either do not yet have results worthy of being communicated, or have achieved good results and conduct their business in a very reserved, which means they are more interested to transfer the technology to exploit rather than in person. I am not convinced even the explanation that they want to achieve “perfection” before making any public step: I think they also know that things are happening precchie glaring at the rate of one a week now (and I do not mean Rossi!). If you do not give a move likely to find scorched earth …It would be a shame just to Piantelli who was the “father” of this kind of phenomena!

Piantelli appears to some overly cautious, whereas Rossi can border on reckless.  To be continued….. – (10/20/2011)

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