Cheap power: An Overnight Revolution

From Computer World on-line:

“All the forgoing was just to provide perspective and frame what might be about to happen: a technological advance that in terms of societal impact could be greater and far faster than pretty much anything else we’ve witnessed in human history. That thing could come … and I’m not kidding … in the shape of a steam engine.”

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  1. georgehants says:

    Ben when one refreshes the page it takes you back to the article and not just the comments, bit annoying.

  2. georgehants says:

    This report still gives room for doubt of the test, but only with an awful lot of “if’s”.
    Still waiting for final conformation but as always nothing simple with Rossi.
    All part of the fun.

    Rossi 6 Oct 2011 Experiment Data Review
    Horace Heffner 14 October 2011 Draft

  3. georgehants says:

    Ben, please put up a home tag to bring us back to all report pages, your welcome page comments do not show from E-CAT site.

  4. georgehants says:

    If people truly have something worthwhile to say or debate without interference, the quality of the above comment shows what we should be discussing.

  5. georgehants says:

    timycelyn, have moved your comment to current page, it is an outstanding comment, I will reply later.

    Please do not move entire posts from one page to another. E-Catsite will do this if it is deemed appropriate.

    Thank you,


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    • georgehants says:

      timycelyn, where to start?
      You have covered the history of science from pre-history to the present.
      My main concern is the psychological immaturity of science, from the year dot things have been known and excepted as facts, things that where learned generation to generation and used for survival.
      Skepticism is clearly an important part of the process of advancement, holding within bounds the possible versus the presently impossible.
      But from the first time that it was discovered that an elder may be mistaken or have limited knowledge I find it impossible to understand how ever again people can not have open inquiring minds on every subject.
      It is clear in all cases that current knowledge is an approximation of reality ( in our excepted reality) and everything is temporary knowledge to be added to and improved as time goes by.
      This to me is the essence of humanity to strive to find the answers and not be afraid or hide progress, Rossi like so many other things is just a step forward to investigate
      open-mindedly, if true then wonderful, if false then hay-ho move on.
      Main-line science seems to be caught in a circle of closed-minded fear of the unknown, instead of joyfully looking for new-science it cowers behind excepted knowledge.
      Excessive skeptasism is rife in science, why, there appears no justifiable reason, beyond some form of psychological barrier in many people.

    • georgehants says:

      Ben you have 3 pages running 1 of which can only be accessed from your “about” function,
      I am trying to reply to timycelyn, you have removed it twice, please wherever it is, put it in reply to his post to me.
      Thank you.

  6. georgehants says:

    Morning, very little news today, IDG News Service has picked up on the Computerworld story.
    The best comment this morning is from E-Cat World

    Cliff Bradley on October 15, 2011 at 6:41 am
    I’m fairly amazed at how there is almost no coverage by the news media in the United States.
    That being said, it should be remembered that in the United States Pons and Fleishman were virtually driven out of the country because they found something that nobody could replicate. What it did was to cause anyone working on “Cold Fusion” to keep their head down. It also caused the News Media to simply dismiss any news about cold fusion as nonsense or a hoax or delusion or some other word used to dismiss it as a non-story. In other words, they wouldn’t take the chance with their career of being mocked by their fellow newsies.
    I think Rossi is brilliant for keeping it low key and keeping control of everything himself. The 1MW plant will speak for itself. Once he starts generating electricity, it will be too late to stop it.

    Hopefully when Cold Fusion is totally confirmed main-line science will start the independent review into the Pons and Fleishman tragedy and put right a terrible demonstration of the dangers of being over skeptical.

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