Rossi Rival to Announce Cold Fusion/LENR Findings

Scientist Brian Ahern of the Ames National Laboratory will announce his findings and theory on cold fusion/LENR* on December 7 in New York City.  Recently he has been working with Dr. George Miley’s group at the University of Illinois and, as reported here on these pages, the results have been steadily improving.  Mr. Ahern has been providing the nano-materials for the Miley experiments.

Mr. Ahern states  “In 1995 we made a major and fundamental discovery regarding nano-material properties. This almost completely unknown to most technologists. All materials processed within certain tolerances experience very different vibrational modes than all other aggregations of matter. IT PROVIDES A CONCISE EXPLANATION FOR THE BIOENERGETICS OBSERVED IN ALL ASPECTS OF NATURE.”

 “In the last 8 weeks I have been astounded by a superior nanotechnology that will capture the imagination of even the greatest foes of LENR. I believe all of LENR is just a new and unanticipated form of nanomagnetism.”

For source of the above quotes and further reading, see this link.

Interestingly, Mr. Ahern has been a very vocal critic of Andrea Rossi as of late, accusing him of fraud on more than one occasion on the pages of the New Energy Times.  Those are odd charges coming from a man who has been working on similar technology and is now poised to announce it to the world.  There has been much speculation as to why Steven Krivit of the New Energy Times has echoed these charges and has allowed them to be repeated on the pages of his blog.  It has been felt by some observers, including myself, that he had lost his objectivity and was siding with fellow Italian researcher Francesco Piantelli in the upcoming race to bring cold fusion to market.  It now appears that there was indeed an agenda but apparently that was to support Mr. Ahern’s work and, by extension, Dr. Miley’s work, seemingly at the expense of Mr. Rossi.

Let me categorically state that I will make every effort not to take sides as competing parties work to bring this technology to market.  I for one am glad that this technology will be brought to the world by more than one source.  Given the announcement of Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece that they will soon be bringing products to market, and the ongoing work of nickel-hydrogen pioneer Francesco Piantelli, that brings to at least four the number of groups that are now seeking to bring cold fusion/LENR to market.  These sentiments are echoed in the About section of this blog, which I posted several months ago, although admittedly I was unaware of the progress of Mr. Ahern and Dr. Miley at that time.

However, the recent efforts to discredit Mr. Rossi by Mr. Krivit and Mr. Ahern I find objectionable and inappropriate, regardless of the context, and perhaps because of it.  It reminds me of Edison’s efforts to discredit Nikola Tesla in the battle of the currents around the turn of the last century.  Hopefully no elephants or dogs will be electrocuted in this process, as Mr. Edison is famous for doing in the battle of the currents.  Mr. Rossi spoke of Krivit as being “a snake” in his attempts to discredit him since July and those statements have to be viewed in this context.

I will provide more details of this exciting race to market on this site as things unfold.

*Of note, Mr. Ahern is of the camp that absolutely refuses to call the phenomenon “cold fusion” and prefers LENR, or low-energy nuclear reaction.

Update:  It has been brought to my attention that Mr. Ahern works with ANL but is not technically employed by them.


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17 Responses to Rossi Rival to Announce Cold Fusion/LENR Findings

  1. kwhilborn says:

    Once LENR is recognized as the new green energy of choice New Energy Times will have no real reason to exist. Perhaps trying to discredit Andrea Rossi was is an act of self preservation from a dying business. I am interested in Hearing Brian Ahern, and I hope we don’t need to wait months to hear what was said.

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  3. K.R.B. says:

    Vibronic Energy technologies Corp
    Boxborough MA 01719
    Dr. Brian Ahern, CTO
    94 Houghton Lane
    Boxborough MA 01719
    508 633 2365

    BS Physics Magna Cum Laude, Merrimack College 1973
    M.S. Low Temperature Physics, UVM 1975
    PhD Electronic Materials – MIT , 1984.

    1980 – 1997 Research Scientist, USAF Rome Laboratory, Hanscom AFB
    1997 – 2003 Quantum Energy Technologies Corp.
    2003 – 2009 – Catalyzed Combustion Corp
    2009 – Present – Vibronic Energy Technologies Corp, EPRI contract

    Source: Citi5 (

    This is the person that will speak 07 Dec 2011. He has worked with materials from Ames Labs

    What makes you think the Brian Ahern email posted by Krivit is the same person?. There are lots of people named Brian Ahern in the U.S..Krivit’s e-mails from Brain Ahern particularly the one accusing Rossi attendees as “UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATORS “ are from “a” Brian Ahern. There is no identification or verification that it is from Dr. Brian Ahern of Vibronic. Maybe Dr. Brian Ahern can clarify that.

    Note Dr. Miley has indicated Rossi seems to be on a similar track as he is and has provided some confirmation of Rossi’s claims. Dr. Brian Ahern of Vibronic is working some with Dr. Miley, Kind of odd the conflicting comments of two working together. Maybe one or the other of the real people can clear this up. It might occur 07 Dec when Dr. Brian Ahern of Vibronic Technologies Corp makes his presentation.

    • Ben says:

      I have edited the post in attempt to provide some clarification about Mr. Ahern’s relationship with Ames NL. The rest of the post stands as is based on the information I have available to me.

      Also, I commented earlier that Dr. Miley does seem to be supportive of Mr. Rossi’s work. There does appear to be a disconnect between Ahern and Miley in terms of their opinions or Rossi’s work and, like you, I find that odd.

  4. LCD says:

    Ben, Chris
    Thanks for your efforts. I’ll spread the word

    Chris I sent you back an email. I’m the guy that wants to get Ahern at my University.

  5. Peter Roe says:

    Ben, thanks for an excellent overview of the various ‘threads’ of the cold fusion story as it stands. Like you I find the recent conduct of Ahern et al. reprehensible, but I suppose that the stakes are so high that such behaviour might be expected. Ahern and Miley are a long way behind Rossi both in visibility and engineering development so they desperately need to chuck rocks under his wheels to try to give themselves a little more time.

    Just one other aspect of the story that might bear scrutiny: Rossi is adamant that he is not talking to DGT and that they do not have the secret of the e-cat (this may be flim flam, but it does have the feel of real emnity). Defkalion’s recent photos indicate that they have made considerable progress in developing devices based on Rossi’s ‘cores’ before and possibly after the bust up, so it occurs to me to wonder whether they may have approached other LENR researchers with a view to finding a substitute core design. They will have had ample opportunity to study the cores, presumably under operating conditions, so even if they don’t know the exact composition and construction, they may have a substantial body of ‘clues’ including precise input parameters, ionising and EM radiation emissions, local field measurements etc, that an advanced researcher might have been able to make sense of. If this is the case, I wonder if it would be too far fetched to think that they have partnered with Piantelli, Ahern & Miley or some other party, and now have a viable core for their range of devices, if they didn’t have one before?

    • Ben says:

      Let me state for the record that, as I far as I know, Dr. George Miley has had absolutely no part in the mud-slinging and the rock throwing at Rossi. He has been the consummate professional and tended to his work diligently for many years. He may ultimately benefit from the negative publicity about Rossi but he has not been directly involved in it. I think in his presentation at the World Green Symposium in October he attempted to respectively acknowledge Rossi’s work, not disparage it or cast doubt on it.

      But you are correct Peter, some ugliness in the race to bring this technology to market is to be expected, unpleasant as it may be.

    • LCD says:

      Ahern has to be admired for his openness. Nothing more needs to be said.

      On the other hand for all of Rossi’s talk, he acts like he alone developed LENR and that the history of the field means nothing. That’s a slap in the face to the many others in the field, even to Focardi. Ahern’s anger in that light is understandable. I feel the same anger.

      Yes he deserves credit for bringing attention to the field, he certainly got me to open my eyes, but there is nothing I can take from Rossi that will allow me to do anything, to help change the world, and Rossi doesn’t care. He wants to sell heaters…which is the least interesting thing that LENR brings to the world. Many people feel like that and that’s where Rossi fails.

      If Brian is willing to share his theory then I’m willing to support him any way I can.

      • Ben says:

        I think we can both agree that it is very promising that this information will soon be in the public domain. I have said my peace about the negativity that has been espoused but I don’t want that to cloud the bigger picture, which is actually a HUGE picture given the implications of this technology. With Sven Kullander of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to give a lecture about Rossi’s work in less than a week, and Mr. Ahern’s upcoming presentation in less than a month, there is much to look forward to and be positive about.

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  7. Chris Houts says:

    Hello – this is Chris Houts the ED and founder of Citi5. I assure you this is a real announcement, and I am working with Brian Ahern to manage the press process (which it turns out the scientific community is not skilled at!) I am happy to link you in with Brian, but obviously he will need some buffer to prevent inbox overload.

    We are updating the agenda to integrate LENR now – update soon. Feel free to reach out at – thanks!

    -Chris Houts

  8. LCD says:

    Hey Admin can we be sure that this is a real announcement. What do we know about the citi5 group? We’ve seen people put up fake webpages before. Do you have Brian Ahern’s email so we can ask him? If you look at the summit agenda there is nothing about Brian Ahern.

    • Ben says:

      LCD, click on the link above that says: Pingback: Ahern VS. Rossi ? » Citi5; Urban Sustainability Mega-Community Fund. Apparently Mr. Ahern will be available to answer any questions you may have. They also apparently are working to update the agenda for the December 7 conference.

      • Chris Houts says:

        Thank you Ben for your sense of reason. It is critical that the truth not be diluted and we all realize we are acting in the interest of humanity. This is too important to let any one man’s ego (or group) jeopardize what is potentially the most important leap forward in our lifetime.

        What kind of world do you want your children to live in? Consider this before you speak!

        • Ben says:

          Chris, kudos to you and Citi5 for bringing this conference together. I regret that you and your organization have been caught in the middle of this inventor’s spat. I actually am appreciative of Mr. Ahern’s work and his willingness to present his findings at your organizations conference, I just find it unfortunate that has not kept his comments more appropriate and professional in regards to Mr. Rossi.

          Is Citi5 going to provide a live feed of Mr. Ahern’s presentation? If that were possible, I think it would be very beneficial to all.

        • LCD says:

          Chris, Ben

          I’ll pass on the word.

          Thanks. I’m also trying to get ahold of Brian Ahern to see if he’ll come talk at my university. I sent the info to you Chris

    • Jenaya says:

      Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to action.

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