Defkalion Nearly Ready, NASA Files Patent, Piantelli Silent

Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece continues to publicly speak as if their version of Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat will soon ready for the market.   For those new to the story, or just as a refresher, Defkalion was Andrea Rossi’s original business partner but there was a sudden and quite public break with Rossi in August.  At that the time both sides claimed that the split was over a financial dispute but, accordingly to a news article in a Greek publication, Tovima, there was more to the split than previously reported, as pointed out in this exchange:

Tovima:  “So the rift between you was not due only to non-payment of first installment repayment, said Mr. Rossi?

Alexander Xanthoulis:  “Not sure. We had finished the 15 million dollars of first dose, but Mr. Rossi did not sign the protocol of receipt, asking him to meet parameters such as the stable operation of the device for at least 48 hours. This was the real cause of the interruption of cooperation, but not celebrated in the media because they want to continue a deleterious confrontation. Us interested in real progress, and this success. The technology will present a few days the world will be entirely Greek and appreciate its contribution to the overthrow of what exists in the energy market. “

Stability issues with Rossi’s reactor have long been rumored, with such talk first appearing just around the time of the split.   A blog post from a Swedish blogger around that time reported that part of the dispute centered around Rossi’s inability to demonstrate the stability of his reactor.  This information supposedly came from a Defkalion insider.  However, that same blogger later posted a retraction stating it was a hoax and that he posted the information mainly to see how far the rumor would spread.  Therefore, this information was widely assumed to have been false up to this time.  The statements by Alexander Xanthoulis seem to give it new credence, although its veracity still cannot be verified.  Again, one has to remember that these statements are being made by an entity who is a Rossi competitor and they need to be interpreted in that context.  Rossi also vehemently denies that his core technology was ever transferred to Defkalion and the fact is that the latter has yet to demonstrate anything of substance to prove they a valid technology.

Accordingly to the article, and based on previous press releases from Defkalion, an announcement will be made in the coming weeks regarding final certifications and third-party testing.  This is not the first time Defkalion has made similar statements, so I think the appropriate approach at this juncture is to remain appropriately cautious but keep one eye towards Greece in the coming weeks.

Admittedly, it is becoming difficult to focus on the dizzying array of expected announcements and revelations that are expected in the coming days regarding cold fusion/LENR.  In addition to reported announcements by Defkalion, Prof. Sven Kullander of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is scheduled to give a lecture on November 23 regarding Andrea Rossi’s technology, and on December 7 Brian Ahern is expected to present his theory regarding LENR.  In a related but still different tangent, results from the research group of Dr. George Miley regarding results of their device with a new batch of material provided by Ahern is expected in the coming days.


In the midst of the publicity regarding Andrea Rossi, a NASA associate has applied for yet another LENR-related patent.  The patent date of filing is listed as March 24, 2011 and date published October 20, 2011. Details of the patent application are listed here.  The inventors is listed as Joseph Zawodny and the assignee is listed as “USA as represented by the Administrator of NASA.”

Once again, NASA’s involvement and interest in this technology is significant.  The agency first replicated the technology as far back as 1989, even though no public acknowledgement of this was forthcoming until October of this year, some 22 years later.  It was NASA chief scientist Dennis Bushnell who, a month after this patent was filed, stated:

I think were almost over the “we don’t understand it” problem. I think we’re almost over the “this doesn’t produce anything useful” problem. So I think this will go forward fairly rapidly now and, if it does, this is capable of by itself completely changing geoeconomics, geopolitics and solving climate and energy.” (audio linktranscript)

NASA representatives also reportedly evaluated both Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat and the device of fellow Italian Francesco Piantelli in September and Dr. George Miley reports that he has been in talks with NASA to implement his device.  Brian Ahern’s association with NASA is not entirely clear but it is reported that his previous employer, Quantum Energy Technologies Corp, was the “potential customer” present with NASA representatives during the September evaluations of the Rossi and Piantelli devices.

Speaking of Piantelli, I have mentioned his name frequently in past articles as he is a very important figure in the development of cold fusion/LENR.  His former research associate, Prof. Sergio Focardi, now works with Andrea Rossi and actually filed patents with him on this technology in the 1990s. A picture of the machine, or one very similar, he used to prepare nickel for his reactor was included in the Tovima article referenced above.

Whether Defkalion has been licensed to use this machine, purchased the machine or the editors of the Tovima article simply took the liberty of using an image of the machine is unclear.

Nickel Prep Machine Used by Francesco Piantelli

What is clear is that Prof. Francesco Piantelli has remained remarkably silent during this whole affair.  Besides reports that NASA and Quantum Energy Technologies evaluated his device in September 2011, very little information is known as to the status of his work.  In contrast to Rossi, who is admittedly flamboyant and has a penchant for self-promotion, Piantelli is remarkably quiet and cautious.  He has filed, and obtained, numerous European patents on cold/LENR cold fusion technology going back to the 1990s (with Sergio Focardi) and more recently in 2008 and April of 2011. Although his silence can be maddening to some observers, even to his own supporters, I would not be surprised if he surfaces with something significant in the very near future.

Of note, Piantelli also does not believe the mechanism of the anomalous heat production is fusion, much like Brian Ahern, NASA and even Rossi. Like Ahern, Piantelli claims he has a theoretical explanation for his reaction that fits within the bounds of current scientific models.  With Brian Ahern soon to present his theory publicly, it will be interesting to see how soon after Piantelli follows suit.  If not, perhaps it would be best for his associates to respectfully nudge him and inform him that the race has begun.


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10 Responses to Defkalion Nearly Ready, NASA Files Patent, Piantelli Silent

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  2. Paul Anderson says:

    I haven’t seen this site before but it seems to offer good precis info of LENR, especially Rossi’s. With so many new players coming on-stream it would be nice to see more info on them as well.
    Perhaps one of the reasons Rossi has been so difficult is that his process is so easily replicable that he couldn’t hope to keep it under wraps once the mainstream catches on…..


    • Ben says:

      Rossi through both circumstance and his personality has become front and center to this story right now. Many of us would still be unaware of this field if were not for him and his e-Cat. I stated this at the outset of this blog on the “About” page. The e-Cat may well one day become the name for all similar LENR devices, much like Coke is referred to in some quarters as a name for all colas and Frigidaire was once used to describe all refrigerators.

      However, as many have pointed out, this story and this technology is much bigger than one man or one device. As the story develops and more are forthcoming with their work, my goal with this site is to cover those developments as well. I have been attempting to do that and will continue to do so as the story progresses and history unfolds.

      There are a number of researchers who are important to this field who, unfortunately, I have not had a chance cover yet. If there is a particular researcher you would like to know about, please let me know and I will, at the very least, point you to a place to find information about them. The web site is an excellent place to look for a comprehensive understanding of this field.

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  4. ? says:

    Wait a moment. Why is NASA filing a patent now, since the article claims they had this technology on paper 22 years ago.

    • Admin says:

      That is is an excellent question Mr. ?, one that I think would be more appropriately answered by someone at NASA.

      I would also kindly ask that the next time you post a comment on this site you provide a valid e-mail address and at least attempt to come up with a believable name. Thank you.

  5. The is starting to get interesting. The chances of the absence of fire where there is this much smoke is diminishing rapidly.

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