Kullander, McKubre Discuss e-Cat

Prof. Sven Kullander and Dr. Michael McKubre have both recently given lectures that include a discussion of Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer.  I say include because both lectures were comprehensive discussions of other issues and both provided a broader view of where the e-Cat fits into the scheme of things.  Prof. Kullander’s lecture was expected, as announced on this site and in other forums, but Dr. McKubre’s lecture was somewhat unexpected but has turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  Thanks to Cold Fusion Now for publicizing it first and bringing it to our attention.  In all the watchful waiting for news about Prof. Kullander’s lecture and news from events in Massachusetts, it unfortunately went un-noticed for a day or two.

As mentioned here previously, Prof. Sven Kullander is a professor emeritus of high-energy physics at Sweden’s Uppsala University and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, currently serving as the chair of that organization’s energy committee.

Dr. Michael McKubre is a long-time cold fusion/LENR researcher at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA, located in California’s Silicon Valley just South of San Francisco.  In addition to cold fusion research, Dr. McKubre has also frequently served as a spokesman and defender of the technology and is featured in both the 1995 Nightline segment regarding James Patterson in the mid-1990s and the 60 Minutes segment cold fusion segment from 2009, among other media appearances.  Video of both these appearances can be found by scrolling through the videos in the sidebar player. Videos of Dr. McKubre’s recent lecture are also available in the sidebar player and may be viewed by using the method described above.  They are entitled “What Happened to Cold Fusion” and the lecture is in 8 parts.

Below is a slideshow and a link to download the audio from Prof. Kullander’s lecture at Örebro University on November 23.  The audio is entirely in Swedish, as are most of the slides.  This site receives many page views from Sweden, so hopefully this will be helpful to those readers as well as Swedish- speakers from around the world.  Hopefully, an English translation for both the audio and slides will be available soon.  I will post that information if and when it appears.  (Perhaps Peter Svensson of the Associated Press, who has yet to run a story on the e-Cat, can provide assistance in this endeavor, as I believe Peter does speak Swedish. In all fairness to Peter, the decision whether to run a story on the e-Cat is not his.  On the other hand, a translation for us interested anglophones following the story would be a nice gesture. Just saying).

Hopefully, both lectures will soon be translated for our Italian friends and readers as well.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to provide an accurate summary of Prof. Kullander’s presentation because of the language barrier.  However, discussion on various forums over the last 48 hours does provide some insight in his presentation.   A good summary of the discussion can be found at Independent eCat News, the Vortex-l discussion form, (beginning at the linked post and reading comments in that thread) and on the energy catalyzer Facebook page.

Video of Dr. McKubre’s lecture is included in the sidebar video player on the right-side of this page.  The video is in eight parts.  To see the first four videos, simply click on it and the player will open.  To see the other four, click on the symbol at the bottom of the player or click on “follow me on vopod” to take you to my Vopod page where all videos can be viewed.  Part 6 specifically covers Rossi and the e-Cat.  However, the whole series is informative and I would encourage all to watch the entire series for a better understanding of cold fusion history and development since 1989.

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Download Audio

Download .PDF with slides, courtesy of NYTeknik.


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