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As reported previously, Andrea Rossi met with representatives of the Massachusetts state government over the weekend, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts.  Although no agreements were made, apparently the meetings went well.  According to the Boston Globe:  “After the meeting, Rossi, who paid his own way to Massachusetts, was enthusiastic about a possible partnership with the state.”  The Globe also quotes Mr. Rossi as stating:   “We are all hoping to get something started in a matter of weeks, not months.’’ 

Read the whole story regarding Mr. Rossi’s visit at this link to the web site of the Boston Globe.

Apparently the hold-up, at least in part, is due to the lack of a U.S. patent.  While Mr. Rossi has stated that he is interested in working with the state because of its abundance of highly-skilled workers and outstanding education system, one also has to wonder if Mr. Rossi hopes that Massachusetts politicians will use their position as lawmakers and public servants to expedite the processing  of his patent application with the U.S. Patent Office.  If Massachusetts state representatives are not able to help, perhaps their representatives to the U.S. Congress will be able to.

While Mr. Rossi continues to negotiate with the State of Massachusetts and its institutions of higher learning, negotiations with the University of Bologna have taken another step forward.  According to the Italian newspaper Corriere Di Bologna, the department of physics will be in charge of testing the e-Cat and they are expected to measure and publish the results in a scientific journal.  According to a statement by the university, “To activate the contract we want to be paid the first installment of the contribution, €500,000 in two years, that Rossi has committed to provide for all costs. We should be starting soon, in a few weeks – in summer you could have the first scientific report of the results obtained to disclose to scientific journals.”    I am not quite sure why he could not make a similar arrangement with a U.S. University like MIT but he does have patent protection in Italy.…or perhaps it is more gamesmanship, playing one entity off the other.

Speaking of gamesmanship, Brian Ahern has recently had his patent published.  The date of publication is September 29, 2011, which is two months ago. The title of the patent is “Amplification Of Energetic Reactions” and can be read here.  Dr. Ahern’s patent, however, is not on a device but on a theory that explains the anomalous heat production of LENR cells. He is scheduled to give a presentation on his theory on Wednesday, December 7 at the Citi5 Flash Summit in New York City.

The theory for Mr. Rossi’s reaction is not exactly known and it is postulated that Mr. Rossi does not know himself how his cell works, just that it does. He recently claimed that it was a low-energy nuclear reaction.  However, his associate Prof. Sergio Forcardi, a well-respected physics professor, says he believes the reaction is indeed fusion.

I did notice on the patent application that the address of Dr. Ahern’s company is in Boxborough, Massachusetts, about an hour from west of Boston. The headquarters of Leonardo Corp., Mr. Rossi’s company, is in Bedford, NH, is about an hour north of  Boston.  Other than being interesting, I do not know what the significance of that is, other than Boston and the State of Massachusetts may in fact become the cold fusion/LENR capital of the world in the near future.

A co-author of the Widom-Larsen theory low-energy nuclear reactions, Lewis Larsen, recently published a rather harsh criticism of Mr. Rossi, as well as of a number of other parties in the cold fusion field, including Dr.Edmund Storms, Dr. Peter Hagelstein, Dr. Michael McKubre, Dr. Mitchell Swartz, Prof. David Nagel, Dr. Michael Melich, Dr. Brian Josephson and Jed Rothwell.  The reason for this criticism appears to be their support for Mr. Rossi and an unwillingness to distance themselves from the term “cold fusion.”  Read it for yourselves here.

Of note, Mr. Larsen is owner of a cold fusion….I mean LENR company called Lattice Energy, LLC, whose mantra is “Commercializing a Next-Generation Source of Safe Nuclear Energy.”  In other words, another competitor in the market.   Mr. Larsen has some sort of association with Dr. Ahern and the New Energy Times, or at least that is my perception based on previous comments made by some of those individuals.

Defkalion Green Technologies should have a press release in a day or two about commercialization plans for their Hyperion unit.  It will be interesting to see what they have to say and what sort of time line they announce for the roll-out of their products.  I will post that information when it becomes available.

The current status of Prof. Francesco Piantelli’s work remains unknown.


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    To Andrea Rossi and Dr. Ahern Brian,

    Dear Sirs,
    I invite you to take notice of 2 Belgian patents (in Dutch) ,of the early nineties, so no longer of force (lapsed) with the publication numbers BE1002780 and BE1002781 (can be copied through ESPACENET uitgebreid zoeken (Google). English translations are available on demand on my address figuring on the Belgian documents. They can be sent to your office box address.
    Please contact Ben of the E-Cat Site for more information of the contents of the Belgian patents
    Yours sincerly,
    Jan Van den Bogaert

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