Mizzou Prof. Pushes for Cold Fusion/LENR Research

University of Missouri vice-chancellor of research, Dr. Robert Duncan, has publicly come out in favor of a national fund for cold fusion/LENR research. In an article that appeared in the Missouri daily newspaper, the Columbia Daily Tribune, Dr. Duncan proposed a national fund to spread study of the cold fusion/LENR phenomenon across the United States.  “Without a nationally funded program, you’re going to be limited by the scope of what you can do,” he said.  Commenting on the continuing controversy over even what to name the observed effect, Dr. Duncan stated: “The biggest problem in this whole area is that everyone is trying to say what the origin of effect is,” he said. “What we’ve got are different camps convinced it’s either fusion or LENR or some type of new enhanced chemical effect. We just don’t have an understanding in the physics yet. … We need to slow down and do careful scientific inquiry.

This is the same Dr. Robert Duncan who appeared in the 2009 60 Minutes segment “Cold Fusion is Hot Again.”  In that segment, when he was asked:  “When we first called you and said we’d like you to look into cold fusion for 60 Minutes, what did you think when you hung up the phone?”, Dr. Duncan replied:  “I think my first reaction was something like, hasn’t that been debunked?”

In that statement, Dr. Duncan expressed the opinion that most people, including scientists, still hold.  Yet, unlike the majority, he actually took the time and made the effort to investigate the claims.  In doing so, he implemented his skills and training as a scientist, using caution, diligence and a clearly stated degree of skepticism.  After following the protocol demanded of any good scientist, Dr. Duncan concluded that the effect was indeed real.  He did not claim it was fusion or a low-energy nuclear reaction, nor did not claim to understand the mechanism of the reaction. He simply came to the conclusion that there was something real and significant going on in these cells and it warranted further investigation.

An additional article in the Columbia Daily Tribune from 2010 offers some further information about the company and researchers Dr. Duncan collaborated with for the 60 Minutes segment.  Since this segment aired, this company, Energetics Technologies, has opened a facility in close proximity to the University of Missouri to continue their collaboration with Dr. Duncan and that institution.

As basic to science as Mr. Duncan’s actions sound in terms of simply keeping an open mind and performing due diligence in regards to claims, disparate mainstream sources continue to call cold fusion, et al, everything from a fraud to pathologic science.  Yet, few of these sources, if any, have actually taken the time to closely examine claims and read the scientific papers on the matter.  I fail to understand how so many scientists continue to express such absolute doubt about this technology when so few have actually bothered to investigate it.  On the other hand, the relatively few who taken to the time to perform due diligence regarding scientific protocol and inquiry, have little doubt that the cold fusion/LENR is a very real.

One of the entities that has followed scientific protocol at least in regards to investigation (but not proper reporting) is NASA.  As stated here previously, NASA verified the reality of cold fusion/LENR as far back as 1989 but only reported this recently.  No data from such experiments has even been released, nor has any explanation as to why their positive replications of this technology was reported up until recently.  . This information can be found on the web site for the NASA Glenn Research Center, here (bottom of the page).  A presentation on LENR was given at the NASA Glenn Research Center on September 22, 2011.  The web site cited above has stated for months (again, at the bottom of the page) that a slide show for this presentation would be available “soon.”  While that slide show has not yet appeared on said web site, what is reported to be a transcript for the slide show has recently appeared here and registered users of that site can download the Power Point .PPT file of the slide show.  The content of the slide show is below.  All readers can view it for themselves, keeping in mind that the exact origin of this presentation has not been confirmed. Also keep in mind that in all likelihood there was more than one presentation given and this information only covers information reportedly presented by Dennis Bushnell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dennis Busnell PDF

According to this information, NASA has little doubt about the reality of LENR. Per the slides:

*  Over 2 decades with over 100 experiments worldwide indicate LENR is real, much greater than Chemical, Transmutations, Minimal radiation.

*  Theories since ‘06 indicate is probably weak interactions/ beta decay, NOT “Fusion”

*  The many Rossi demonstrations in ’11 suggest LENR may produce “useful” quantities of heat [up to 15KWs ?]……. Watts-to-Kilowatts also produced in Piantelli and Patterson Experiments.

Regarding the e-Cat, the slides state:

*  The Rossi device, possibly producing useful energy but wholly “Edisonian”, not “scalable” and not “Optimized.”

Another scientist who apparently has done his due diligence in terms of appropriately investigating claims is Dr. Brian Ahern.  As mentioned here previously, on December 7 in New York City, Dr. Ahern will present the theory that he believes underlies the LENR phenomenon at the Citi5 Flash Summit.  His recent patent application that covers this theory can be found here.  An associate, Tom Baccei, will be present at the summit and will offer several reports on this site as to the proceedings.  I would like to thank Tom for agreeing to become a contributor to this site and I look forward to his reports in the coming days.

Update:  It has been confirmed that these slides were obtained from NASA via a Freedom of Information Act request.  Two additional slide shows from NASA are also available and the PDFs are included below.  These presentations include additional information not covered above.

Dr. Joseph M. Zawodny  PDF
Michael A. Nelson PDF


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