Falling Into the Lattice

Approaching the presentation on Dec. 7th at the Citi5 Flash Summit by Dr. Brian Ahern, I feel as though the rabbit hole is looming large as the Mad Hatter, babbling in Italian with a steaming tea kettle in hand, urges me one step beyond the matrix and into the lattice. Yet, his steam has water droplets clearly visible making a weak tea indeed, and, yes, the crazy Greeks ride a Cadillac of gold…or nickel. All served up with that Holy Grail  “special sauce” we’ve come to love.

I will be reporting on this site (thanks, Ben)  my impressions of the Citi5 presentation on Dec. 7th where Dr. Ahern will be presenting his discovery of a theoretical justification for the competing “scammers” halfway round the globe. I’ll be taking a farcical tone because not only are the consequences of a validation of all the LENR claims earth shaking, but the vessel (or vessels in this case) are so unlikely, so Fellini and Zorba the Greek and Nikolai Tesla all rolled into one. They may be very, very smart. After all, who isn’t fascinated by the drama, suspense and mystery of their claims and unorthodox presentations. They may be very crooked – I check my wallet after every visit to the many “ecat” sites. Ahh the joy of this scamming competition. The Bogus Bowl, complete with a haggard cheerleader chanting repetitive slogans and half-time entertainment provided by a cock-eyed, cartoon-ish Sailor Man. Yet these claims of limitless, free, green energy are derived from the work of a pack of respectable, sincere,  genuine, 100% scientists! It is a truly bizarre and fascinating drama being played out, and in the end, free energy for all…or just a fart you can light off and call free.

In the end, I cannot think of how else to begin getting my mind around the “accidental conspiracy, and the strange men who saved the world” aspect of this.  It is a stranger than any SciFi ever written reality show. Almost makes you believe in some divine force, saving us and having a damn good laugh at the same time!

You know the possible depth of the WAR Rossi describes is certainly not trivial. As a quick story to highlight this, a friend , a Ph.D. in science who worked for the government back in the time of Fleischmann and Pons, was involved with a think tank team contemplating the consequences of a genuine cold fusion revolution. At first they were cautiously optimistic, then concerned, and in the end quite afraid of the impact on our societal, economic and political systems. They, of course, didn’t DO anything, but what they realized in their analysis MUST have passed upstream, and who can really tell how far and what effect those concerns had. In the end, they were “relieved” when the P & F results were debunked, and they, the poor pioneers of LENR, were run out of the country, their reputations trashed, and their entire lives shattered. And now, today there is the constant barrage of pathoskeps, from former advocates of “Cold Fusion”  to foreign car dealers, attacking in every conceivable manner while others repeatedly try to erase Wikipedia articles about the Patterson Cell in an attempted.whitewash of LENR history?  I think so! The rabbit told me.

In New York, at the Dr. Brian Ahern presentation, I will be as much interested in the makeup of the audience, as I am in the technical content of his discovery. Men in Black? Main Stream Media? Investors? Peer Group Scientists? The Red Queen herself, or a bunch (like me) with funnel caps and dreams of a breakthrough freeing us from a gray and dismal future. A steal from Ben, the administer of this site, is a quote from Woody Allen that he passed onto me:

Today we are at a crossroads. One road leads to hopelessness and despair; the other, to total extinction. Let us pray we choose wisely.”

Tom Baccei


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13 Responses to Falling Into the Lattice

  1. wind power says:

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  2. Rockyspoon says:

    I’d like everybody to quit using the word “free” when describing CF/LENR/CANR. While likely more economical and lower cost than carbon-based energy sources, it will never be “free”. Even wind and solar energy sources, which get their power from free wind and free solar sources, still aren’t “free”–they require a mechanism to convert that energy into a serviceable form, which takes capital investment (never free, even if Obama would like to make it so) along with a delivery system to get it to paying customers (also never free, even if the government provides it).

    Applying the “free” term lets skeptics equate CF to perpetual motion machines and “everybody” knows they don’t work, so by association this “free” cold fusion just has to be a scam.

    So please drop the “free” term–besides, “free” items are generally the most expensive. At least that’s been my life experience.

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  4. Ben says:

    According to a message on the Citi5 web site, that site has been hacked. See Headlines/Chatterings for further details.

    There is also a report that Dr. Ahern has cancelled his planned appearance at Citi5. Tom Baccei spoke with Chris Houts of Citi5 this evening via telephone and apparently this report is just a rumor.

  5. Igina Tazzioli says:

    Everyone can say what they want, for interest or other reasons.
    But I’ve already booked my E-cat, and when they will give me one, we’ll stay to see !!!

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  7. Details here: http://www.space.com/13808-nasa-kepler-alien-planet-conference-announcement.html

    Also, for an idea of what may be announced, check out this article: http://www.space.com/13514-alien-city-artificial-lights-extraterrestrial-planets.html

    You may want to look at this as well: http://bit.ly/sFWnzL

    Draw your own conclusions folks. My advice: don’t over-think things; it turns out things are very simple and quite polarized in this universe. Confusion and doubt are tools of those who oppress and use fear to control.

    Do you trust strangers with high technology preaching freedom, or do you trust your slave owners? Welcome to the future – looks like we have all been living in the Matrix all along. Earth is actually the “Rwanda” of this corner of the universe.

    It’s going to be an interesting week.

  8. Thanks for the plug for the event Ben – Still some seats available. Event is no cost, but we ask that only relevant parties (in clean technology, government, media, energy, VC/PE, etc.) attend. Thanks again, it’s going to be an enlightening week! Make sure to watch NASA’s announcement tomorrow morning around 11a EST as well.

    Founder/ED Citi5

    • Ben says:

      Happy to get the word out Chris. I look forward to the proceedings.

      What is this about a NASA announcement? Will there be a press conference? Press release?

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