Big Strange Loop: The PlanetMind

So far this week I’ve had the White Rabbit, The Rabbit and The Hare, and since good things come in three’s. Run Rabbit Run. The giant chess pieces keep moving somewhere behind the scenes, and there are more pointers to a vast conspiracy than the Bavarian Illuminati.  There’s the conspiracy to stifle cold fusion research, with the provost of MIT as the puppetmaster (thanks Andrea). Then there’s the conspiracy of the energy barons, to either own the secret sauce, or keep you from having the pill that turns beer piss into high octane.  The government wants to protect us from ourselves and, as some say, have worked a deal with the Grays to remain out of sight until Monica sends her frock out for dry cleaning.  Not to mention the main conspiracy screamed down our throats by the pathoskeps.  You know the one, the one where Rossi and his secret co-conspirators at Defkalion get us all to cash in our 401K’s to send in a down payment on our very own megawatt station, and then high tail it down the rabbit hole with the loot and an airtight alibi.

I myself think the pathoskeps are fair trade contractors, working for nickel and crimes, selling their death breath insights to the highest bidder.  And now an even better conspiracy, the amazing disappearing Doc Ahern, who mails in his whole show, waits ’til the last day and – vanishes!  Or maybe he is just a running rabbit, afraid, as has been hinted, to be associated with the UFO, anti-gravity, funnel cap crowd.  And so we find ourselves running out of (oh my god) steam in this post-Rossi hiatus.  We’re plum out of stimulating input and, being the junkies we are, seem doomed to resume watching re-runs of Battlestar Gallactica or watching Priceline ads trying to figure out what strange force has overcome Captain Kirk.  Yes indeed, it is the stuff of conspiracy.  Bribed by the Energy Barons?  Threatened by the Men in Black?  I see Doc Ahern in a dream floating on a cloud with Mutt and Jeff (Rossi and Focardi) sharing a hookah and sprinkling the ground below with magic Pixie Dust (3 to 12 nanometers, or it won’t cast any spells).

Now, all of that is easy to see, easy to believe. I sometimes do let myself have a day off from trying to understand this whole Gordian Knot and simply will myself to believe that it is all a plot managed by an invisible puppetmaster. There, that explains it all, everything.  We’ve been lead around in circles by Robert Anton Wilson, or the CIA…or just Rossi trying to make an honest buck. Fortunately, I’ve never become so desperate for resolution that I have resorted to the thicket of nonsense spread by the pathoskeps.  The trouble is that anything as simple, as linear or as rational as a conspiracy simply isn’t what’s afoot.  At least not the kind of conspiracy where Richard Nixon says, “How do we stonewall the truth of our own involvement.”

I have a theory about what is going on in place of a simple conspiracy. It has to do with the other transformative event in our lifetimes, one that snuck up on us and had no inventor (sorry, Al).  The Internet and associated multi-channeled communications lattice around us is transforming the collective consciousness of the entire planet…all at once.  All so quickly that it is all but invisible to any of us.  Just as moveable type and universal literacy made democracy not only possible but inevitable, the Gutenberg to the tenth is making possible and inevitable something so removed from the organizing principals currently in play that the future, which is already here, has caused there to be an emergent character to the collective consciousness that now surpasses the ability of any member, or subset, in our world to comprehend it.  Ouch!  It’s hard to say in a simple way.  I believe there is a “consciousness,” a nature, a purpose and a reality to the collective consciousness which is now emerging from the growing complexity and near chaos of humanity.  There was a much simpler, easier to understand emergent consciousness in human culture during the print age, including TV and radio, with the one-to-many communication that was standard.  This is NOT a metaphor.  I mean it literally.  I do not understand the nature of this super-sized rationale (I hope) entity, but I KNOW it is there.  This emergent mind of the planet has many, many repercussions, but for now….

One simple one.  Conspiracies will no longer happen in the good, old fashioned way we have come to know and love.  There is NO head to the snake (Rossi, take heed).  The conspiracy is being executed by the PlanetMind.  Don’t believe me? Look at the Arab Spring!  Name the head of any one of the several successful revolutions which toppled governments, ruthless governments, which had stood for years.  And look at the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and even (not my favorite since I am a progressive) the Tea Party. They are all snakes without heads.

The conspiracy against cold fusion was not a TOP DOWN conspiracy but a BOTTOM UP conspiracy.  There was no “center” to it, no “Wizard of Oz”. It was individuals who, having been affected and infected with ideas, made decisions consistent with their world view, one that was supported by the positive feedback loops of the world around them.  A set of mostly failed experiments half- heartedly trying to reproduce experimental evidence of a phenomenon they all hoped didn’t exist.  Nobody called up professor I. M. Ondatake and gave him a freakin’ yacht, or hooker for life.  Nobody popped out of the faculty men’s room wearing an Exxon Cap with an Uzi and threatened to banish them for life to an oil platform in the Bearing Sea if they didn’t condemn Pons & Fleischman.  Nope, they each did their little part as a consistent reaction to what they prayed was true..that nobody stepped into their realm and made monkeys out of them regardless of whether they were physicists, or oil men, or money men, or spiritual men (waiting for the rapture y’know).  So it stays today (only way, way more so) and now the amplitude of the positive feedback in the pro-LENR crowd is ramping way up too.

To believe or not to believe?  That is the question!  The anti-LENR crowd has a HUGE advantage, however. HUGE. Because if they  control the epistemology of the PlanetMind and it becomes well- known, and truly believed that no such miraculous energy source could possibly exist, why right there most effort to understand and control it will completely go away and the few funnel heads who continue working become a great source for general amusement.  It ain’t Big Brother that’s calling the shots, it’s Big Strange Loop:  The PlanetMind.


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4 Responses to Big Strange Loop: The PlanetMind

  1. Hi Tom –

    Thanks for the email earlier, wish you would have made it too. LENR is quite real, and there are several other proven tech’s today as well. The core of the conspiracy is that the “Energy Elite” have convinced us all that energy has an inherent limitation when in fact it is nothing more than a good old fashioned artificially created scarcity. They fooled us with bottled water too.
    Think about it: what force powers the electrons to spin around, the planets to orbit the sun, etc?? ENERGY IS EVERYWHERE!

    I am working very closely with the good guys: AKA NASA, OGP (Open Government Partnership,) and have become quite adept at sorting through the nonsense. In a world so polarized, it is and will become increasingly clear who speaks the truth VS. who lives in the shadows. I recommend keeping an eye on our site, and everyone start here:

    And for the record, Ahern is just a Scientist, not a Businessman. It’s unfortunate – but I am still peeved about the whole thing since I did drop over 5k for the space, of which I did not get the best use of after all. Thanks for screwing over a social and environmental justice NPO Ahern: great start!


  2. ken says:

    What a long strange trip it has been!

    Prepare for lift-off.

    • Ben says:

      That’s right Ken….and with politicians like Mitt Romney wanting to bring cold fusion into the political arena, I can’t imagine things will get any less strange.

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