Rossi vs. the Pathoskeps: All Cheese, No Steel

Pathoskep is a word I made up. Somewhere in the wee hours scurrying down paths of knowledge pursuing the White Rabbit, I came across a description of false science, vigorously defended by some dogmatic scientific fundamentalists as “pathological science”. I think it might have been James Patterson, creator of the famous Patterson Power Cell, who described the vicious cynical hounds screaming to destroy him as pathological skeptics…or maybe it was Dr. Fleischmann himself. Of course, one of the first things you must do to destroy your enemies is to label them. Check our political system for instance. So I, in my revulsion of a pack of repetitive, boring, sneering cynics, came up with the term “pathoskep”.  I could have used patho-cyn (path o’ sin) for its faint pun value but pathoskep rolls off the tongue better.  I invent words for people I’d like to vanish in a puff of diesel smoke, just as they invent accusations of fraud against Mr. Rossi and Mr. Rossi, in turn, invents gizmos that pull a rabbit out of the hat (or energy out of an e-Cat) trying to save the world.  Mr. Rossi also invents words (e-Cat, puppetmaster, chatterings). I like that.  So here we all are, acting as a kind of verbal, circular firing squad.

In Texas they describe a phony thusly; “All Hat, No Cattle,” which for this discussion might be better as; “All Hat, No Oil Wells.”  For the e-Cat and Mr. Rossi I propose: “All Cheese, No Steel”, at least to describe his hypothetical scam.  You see, for all of the pathoskeps claims to the contrary, I simply cannot find reference to a SINGLE harmed party.  That is to say, where are the individuals or groups who are being fleeced?   If you don’t believe me, YOU get up at 3:00 a.m. and search the Internet for any claim of harm directed at Rossi and the e-Cat.  The same is true, as far as I can tell, regarding the several other LENR developers, like Defkalion and Blacklight Power.  Nor have I found any filed against Steorn, that totally unrelated to cold fusion “free energy” company that some pathoskeps so eagerly attempt to draw comparisons to when discussing the e-Cat.

Now, compare that with the world of “real” energy.  Ever hear of Enron?  That’s where investors in that energy distribution company, with its house-of-cards valuation scam, lost upwards of $11 BILLION!  Now look at the other end of the scale, at devices like “Power Factor Optimization.”  These units just bilk thousands out of a few hundred for a genuine device (look it up), but one that is not needed or useful in your homes circuit.  Wanna buy an oil well?  How about this: “Dallas FBI: Oil Scams on the Rise.”  Oh, this is fun!  Look at this: “The Global Oil Scam: 50 Times Bigger than Madoff“.  Now this one documents a $2.5 TRILLION scam put down on you, me and your poor grandma by the Oil and Banking System.  And that, so the claim goes, is PER MONTH!  Now these scams are nothing special.  I am not an expert and I found them on the first page of such Google searches as: “Oil Scams” and “Energy Scams”.  Go ahead, try it out.  The world of REAL energy, and REAL science and REAL investment is where you will find the scams, all the scams you could ever want.

Do I really need to mention the thermonuclear fusion (hot fusion) scam?  After 60 years and roughly $60 BILLION dollars of investment, this technology is still in the experimental stage and has yet to produce anything near useful energy.  Yet, governments around the world are pouring BILLIONS more into ITER, the latest manifestation of this technology.  The ITER reactor will take about another decade to complete and, even then, some PROPONENTS of this project estimate it may well take another 100 years before this boondoggle will produce useful energy.  But, we are told, that is okay because science understands the principle on how it is SUPPOSED to work and the fact that it has not worked yet is just a problem of time…which may end up being 150 years when all is said and done.

Oh, and how about the Solyndra and the $500 million solar scam?  This scam may cost President Obama his office, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu his post and has already caused Under of Secretary for Science, Steve Koonin, to tender his resignation. That would be the same Steve Koonin who was the BP head scientist for alternative energy before he went to work for the U.S. Government…and the same Steven Koonin who opposed cold fusion in 1989 and called Drs. Pons and Fleishmann “incompetent and delusional” for their claims.

But, when you search for “cold fusion scam,” you come up with page after page of hypotheticals.  There is page after page of “is this another cold fusion scam?” ANOTHER?  Find me the first! Come on all you good old pathoskeps, send me reference to actual lawsuits won (or even filed) against the LENR “scammers.”  Find me the damage done.  Your PlanetMind cohorts in oil, energy and banking are riddled with real, genuine, damaging criminality and you scream about Steorn and Blacklight Power and Defkalion and Leonardo Corp as if they were the reincarnation of Machine Gun Kelley’s Ghost…yet they are still in business and out of jail.

So here we have Mr. Rossi building a mouse trap to steal your 401K savings, only it’s all cheese, and no steel/steal.  No, I think the e-Cat might have gotten all the mouseys and the trap is only for the pathoskeps little brains…on the path o’ sin.

Written by Tom Baccei, with contributions by Admin


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7 Responses to Rossi vs. the Pathoskeps: All Cheese, No Steel

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks for your comments folks. Unfortunately, time does not permit me to reply to every one but your input is valued and appreciated.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Ivan. That is a very, very interesting development. I wonder if the scientists at Shell will have to submit their work for peer review and publication in respected scientific journals in order to be taken seriously….or if just the fact that they work for Shell will be enough for scientists to take notice?

      It looks like Rossi’s approach to fly commercial was the right one after all.

  2. Bernie Koppenhofer says:

    Great article! The scam I cannot get over is the patent office saying they will not grant patents on LENR because LENR is impossible, when LENR has been experimentally proven hundreds of times by many different scientists all around the world. The patent office will not issue Andre Rossi a patent when he has built, demonstrated and sold LENR reactors. Who is pulling the strings at the patent office? I smell oil and gas!

  3. Stefan says:

    Well it’s actually “All Cheese, No Brain”. Anyway, the Pandora box is open and microbial life form will multiply exponentially faster, the brain is not required…

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  5. Larry says:

    Excellent! After its all over, a book should be written. Perhaps it will list all the folks in and out of power that held back this technology. They have done much damage. Could be called “The Hall of Shame”. I would not want to be in that book.
    Looks like sometime after the 21st we will have some action.

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