Bad JuJu and Plan X

How much penetration has the LENR story generated in PlanetMind? Are 1% of individuals aware, or is it more like 0.01%?.  How many of those are interested in the current WAR in an attempt to  crush it?  How can it be that NO ONE, even in the LENR-phile community, is screaming about Dr. Ahern’s failure to give his presentation, or the funding cut of Dr. Miley’s group and the reported disbanding of the SPAWAR LENR team, not withstanding the trivialization of it by a long-time pundit? Not that the screams would matter. That’s some big time bad JuJU!

Look, what I believe is deeply scary. It is that the enemies of progress for the human race are powerful, they are smart and they are as unscrupulous as a rattlesnake.  The United States, for instance, is being sucked dry of its wealth by a concerted effort on three fronts, banking, tax law and trade law. Our government is complicit. The paralysis of the congress and senate is INTENTIONAL. Even though the approval rating of our government is less that 10%, we will get the same thing back next time!  Watch.  And that the death of “cold fusion” is nearly certain, in my opinion as the mega machine grinds away at it.

Listen, I wrote a few pointed and explicit emails to my senators, Sanders and Leahy, regarding LENR and its current status. When I wrote at other times asking about road construction, or jobs in my area, why I got an actual response, which was not a form letter – and I got it in days! Now, regarding the need for a “Manhatten Project” sized effort to develop LENR technology, NOTHING, not even a god damned FORM LETTER!

Think this field is not under a full-court press to manage and defuse it?  There is a group of the very most ultra-wealthy numbering in the low tens of people, who run the whole show and they are SMART, RUTHLESS,and very EFFECTIVE. Only the advent of the Internet has made it possible, just possible, for a grass roots groundswell to overwhelm their control. We are trying to take part in that surge in the area of LENR but these boys are way smarter, richer and ruthless than you or I will ever be.  It’s the Goliath of PlanetMind vs. Nano David.

Along with the trolls, (somebody else’s tag for the pathoskeps) we can add the “moles.” I believe there are people inside the LENR-phile community who poison the soup intentionally.  Those include established pundits, one of whom entertains the pathoskeps as welcome guests when it suits his purpose, and has spent an inordinate amount of time arguing about semantics…and another who off-handedly dismisses the ending of the SPAWAR research as no big deal really, and the researchers themselves as old and bubmling, with equipment better sent to the trash heap! Then you have the UFO, mind-reading, memory water and space drive advocates (any of which MIGHT have a core of truth) who, like the liberals before them, simply cannot be smart enough to fight one battle at a time but HAVE to fight everything always, and thus win nothing – EVER.

Disinformation. DISINFORMATION for god’s sake!  What was the last experiment using nano-powder? (remember “nano, nano” – perhaps Mork from Ork was trying to tell us something!)  Instead of POURING funds into LENR research, our freakin’ government is cutting them off like moils at a foreskin convention.

Watch.  Rossi will “fizzle” out, Defkalion will show us more pretty “mockups” and the disinformation campaign will keep the 99% numb, dumb and happy. Nobody even cares if my drivel gets written. THEY control the news media and thus the awareness of virtually everyone.  The moles and the trolls will go to church on Sunday, praying to the wrong god that their football team will win.  Moles and Trolls: Numb, Dumb and Happy.

What I’ve written above is how it comes down when I’m discouraged and overpowered by the epoxy hard, dead, defeatist mindset of PlanetMind.  What we need now is to get way past “Plan B”, we need to move all the way to the end of the line, to “Plan X”.  I can’t quite come up with the acronym yet. It is a mixture of technology and the spirit of adventure.  Look, I am old now and I do not want to die and feel part of leaving our youth with no sense of future, no Star Trek, no Wonder Years and no hope.  The solution, which comes in several parts, is right there in the “X”.  One part is in LENR, but the further development of LENR is not much of a technical problem.  It is right there for the plucking and a whole lot of brilliant and motivated young minds will quickly bring it to places unimagined by old farts like me.  Nope, the problem is a cultural, spiritual and epistemological one. All my friends in the LENR-phile world are sweet nerds, bickering over steam droplets and scams, while the lead-apron, deadening effects of pathoskepticism poisons the soup.  X is the meme-set that fights through the devastating truth that 99% of humans DO NOT WANT LENR TO BE REAL.  When I describe what I know about the current state of LENR technology to very smart, educated friends, their response is:  “They’ll never let it happen!” Think of the fatalism that has crept into the mix, and deadened of our courage and our ability to dream, hope and plan.  I for one will NOT put up with it!

In the next article, I will lay out my vision for Plan X.  Stay tuned, and, please tell me what you think; if you see any reason to hope that herein lies a ticket to transformation. If you do, send someone else here to read, think and contribute. And dare to picture a world transformed!


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36 Responses to Bad JuJu and Plan X

  1. Chris Houts says:

    If one lies to achieve success in order to improve society’s existence are his lies virtuous and punishable or shall he be exhausted through effort to be forgiven for transgressions against mankind? Only other worldly beings will be able to determine that as our future is in their hands.

  2. Chris Houts says:

    What’s really goin on is my own reversal of knowledge and introspect have been corrupted by outside forces which unilaterally work against each other within the confines of mental space. It’s like my brain has herpes and I am spreading my sores to all of your brains.

  3. Chris Houts says:

    I am a complex individual who lies to get what he wants. So does the rest of the world. As all our lies will be exposed, so will my own.

  4. Pat says:

    What happened to the site?

    • Admin says:

      It looks like that site has been taken down Pat. It was up as recently as the weekend of January 21, 2012 (yesterday), so it just went off-line.

  5. giuseppe says:

    come abitante di questo pianeta, ma soprattutto Uomo Vi sostengo. Chi può e chi è nel posto giusto per determinare un cambio di direzione del progetto verso il bene dell’umanità, abbia il coraggio necessario che tutto questo richiede.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer says:

      If you are as frustrated as I am about the LENR situation and believe as I do that LENR is an important energy source that the world desperately needs, please read on:

      I sent the following email to my Federal government Representatives please add or delete your own thoughts on the subject, but please write your Representatives.

      “Dear Representative:

      Subject: LENR Fast Track

      There is a preposterous situation occurring within our government that I hope your leadership can correct. Our Patent office refuses to grant patents for LENR reactors because it is their position LENR is impossible. LENR has been demonstrated in hundreds of experiments by many scientists around the world. In fact, Mr. Andrea Rossi has demonstrated his reactor many times and it has now been demonstrated the reaction can be reproduced from his patent application. This bureaucratic or purposeful obstruction is stalling a revolutionary energy source the world desperately needs. Your leadership is required now to remedy the above situation and to put LENR patents on a fast track. Thank you.”

    • Admin says:

      “as an inhabitant of this planet, but most men I support you. Who can and who is in the right place to determine a change of direction of the project towards the good of humanity and have the courage that this requires?”

      I translated Giuseppe’s comment into English for our English-speaking readers. The translation is inexact but the question about “who has the courage that this requires” is a very important one.

  6. joaodualiby says:

    Be very careful, the beachhead of attack “X” may come precisely from an ex-allied of Rossi,
    the Deflakion! There is much resentment and perhaps money involved there.
    Just launch a product they apparently functional and then prove a farce, so that all
    LERN and Cold Fusion research community will be completely discredited. That would be the cherry on the cake for the controllers!
    Let’s hope that the Deflakion is entering a legitimate competition with the E-Cat and not
    setting the stage for a drama against the real researchers.
    Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012 for all of us and for LERN.

  7. Gregoryyc says:

    One major problem though….. In my country . it is run by a highly contribed jocks who are so capable of disposing anyone they don’t want. (proof is in our last federal election, they even set up a fake temporary TV channel just to vilify their oponents) . Canada is run by mobs just as most other countries.. They killed supersonic plane , they killed electric car factory in Qubec, they killed magnetic electric generator from Kitchener, ( all recent, like today..) etc etc. Uncle Sam is even worse… you all know better than I.
    So I kinda am very pessimistic about the outcome .. They will impose really bad importation ban or extreme requirements for safety standards or other craps so expensive no one can meet. If you happen to own one of these things or invent another version of it you will be charged for crime etc etc.. If you even manage to disconnect the power line and connetc it to your house you will be have to apply for license which will not ever come of course. They will do this in the name of your safety and safety of neighbors and health hazards etcetc and protecting jobs of thousands people ( falseto) and lloss of tax money for public works ( so they can pay for themselves exorbitant perpetual annuities after they retire from high positions). I could go on… and on and on. I fear for Rossi and few others. ?Even I might become target for writing this shit. I prey this will come to light somehow. And Rossi and Defcalions and Others will outlive the game of cat and mouse for our benefit …. so I keep reading and watching and fingers crossed in very excited with high hope and at same time chill like in nervous like hell……….

    • Roger Bird says:

      I think that that is too paranoid. Even some government people will want to get their hands on it. Even some government people will that it will be a huge boon to the economy. And it will spread faster than small pox. And, if Rossi or someone else gets frustrated enough, they will put the formula on the Internet and then the game will be over.

  8. Bernie Koppenhofer says:

    Everyone who believes LENR is a reality please write your government Representatives and demand that it be developed.

    • Roger Bird says:

      **ck the government. We can develop this without there help. And the better job we do, the more it will embarrass the big government model of how to run a society.

  9. It’s all here folks. Start tweeting your hearts out – start telling your family and friends. Tell them to spread the word. THE MASS MEDIA WILL NOT COVER THIS: The Bankers own them!

    Read the twitter feed and links on the right side of the page. It’s ALL THERE. #Illuminati #LENR #NDAA #UFO #Disclosure .


    • Admin says:

      Your support and advocacy of green energy and urban sustainability is appreciated and I applaud you for it. However, talk of the Illuminati and the UFO mothership are not appropriate topics of discussion on this site. Please stay on topic and limit your comments to the material in the article and the comments of others. Thank you.

  10. Brad Arnold says:

    While I share your emotions, there are some dynamics that are simply obsticles. For instance, it is said that 1 in 20 people are a psychopath. Another is that about half of Americans are functionally illiterate (unable to read and comprehend the front page of a newspaper). Economically speaking, about half of US children live in poverty. My point is that there are natural barriers to any new technology emerging and getting integrated into the US economy.

    Furthermore, a watched pot never boils, meaning here that LENR integration both psychologically and economically seems at a standstill, but Rossi only held a news conference announcing and demonstrating his improved “Italian Sauce” approximately a year ago. I too have spend a LARGE amount of time spreading the word with little to show for it. Just wait, it is going to hit critical mass soon, and we will see the mass media spread the news to far corners of the world – they just need some concrete news to spread (like Leonardo or Defkalion are manufacturing and selling working LENR generators like hotcakes which will predictably happen next year).

    In summary, don’t be frustrated because it isn’t happening as fast as you think it ought to – the time from conception to commercialization is generally about ten years, so things are really happening quicker than a few decades ago. It just seems impossibly slow because we are used to things happening faster now. One suggestion: it is possible that the US is so ossified that it stifles LENR, so the best way to solve that is to get other countries (like China, India, and North Korea) to adopt LENR – competition is a great way to clear the minds of the plutocracy that generally wants the status quo to persist.

    • The government does not work for the people. They work for the bankers and energy executives, who own the media, big agro, big pharma, etc… the bankers are the problem. Our “ANONYMOUS” friends know that:

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our military understood this AND WAS READY TO ARREST CONGRESS AND ALL PARTIES WHO SUPPORTED NDAA FOR TREASON? Could it be that they are just waiting on THIS GROUP to share the TRUTH?!

      Since I did blow the lid off of the LENR saga, post the accurate specs of the nano-magnetic reaction … wouldn’t it make sense to continue to follow the claims I am making at – regardless of whether or not it was representative of what you want to hear VS reality?

      Start reading ! Wake up! It’s up to this group to spread the word …

    • OK Guys:

      Read this: Review of News Events Relevant to Disclosure and Open Contact, 2011 | The [Occupy] 2012 Scenario – Anonymous is our ally who will liberate us:

      Read the last 6 -8 articles on

      Regardless of how farfetched you think it is, remember: I blew the lid off Ahern’s research! If its not what you want to hear, it doesn’t make it any less true or representative of reality! When you accept reality, please tell everyone you know, tell them to spread the word to everyone they know …we are on a deadline here and the fate of our planet depends on this group!

      The Pentagon is ready to take action to remove false leaders. The Illuminati are on the run – they have had their infrastructure and D.U.M.B.s destroyed. Kepler 22b (NASA’s Earth like planet “discovery”) is a great place to deport the guilty to….



  11. Sandy says:

    Tom, I share your doubt that LENR will be implemented and that we will have peace and prosperity. If the United States military is the buyer of Rossi’s first 1MW generator then they may have bought it just to prevent it from falling into the hands of a private company that would publicly verify that the generator works as advertised. And if the U.S. military has ordered another 12 generators from Rossi they may have done so just to keep Rossi busy until they can declare martial law and indefinitely detain Rossi and his company (i.e., the people who know how to build the generators). They have the power to plunge us into economic depression and slavery. After the Christmas shopping season is completed they may stage another false flag attack on us. They may choose to declare a bank holiday and martial law on Friday, the 13th day of January, 2012, right after they murder another 2,800 American citizens.

    I hope that I am wrong about this but it would be a mistake to underestimate how dangerous and immoral these people are.

    • Sandy –

      The hint that Rossi gave regarding who the buyer was something like: “A well known US agency that starts with N which builds ships.” Of course we all assumed the Navy.

      I know that assumption is wrong. It was NASA.

      I work with NASA to deploy the OMEGA project, which my firm MindStep Energy is the sole provider of. We will be turning waste-water into Algal bio-fuel which will end our dependence on fossil fuels, and eliminate the need to drill. Even with unlimited electricity which LENR provides, we still need to clean up our waste – LENR + OMEGA = 1st step of a sustainable future. This is on the horizon now. There is so much more which will come to light – it’s not all pleasant, but it is the truth. LENR was true, I posted the specs.

      SO – now that I let the cat out of the bag (again….) you guys might want to start taking the more “farfetched” claims on a little more seriously. If you all believe now that the 2nd law of thermodynamics was wrong, what is so far-fetched about our contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life? Have you been paying attention to what is happening with NASA Kepler? Come on guys… to be egotistical enough to actually believe we are alone in the universe is beyond arrogant.

      For all you skeptics, haters, and doubters – you may want to pay attention to what I’m releasing, and take my claims a bit more seriously. I don’t care if you do either way, because I know I will be proven right very soon. It’s almost like I am a whistleblower being fed information; information from the good guys in the federal government who want to see a world of love and life that their children will grow up in happy…

      -Chris Houts Founder / ED

      • Additionally: if there was a Illuminati conspiracy .. a cabal of bankers and elite energy executives who control EVERYTHING on the planet, and your distant relatives were being enslaved by this cabal, would you not travel far across the stars to assist if you could? And if you were this extraterrestrial peacekeeping/liberating force, would you not want to remain “Anonymous” as to not incite chaos or violate Earth’s sovereignty and self-determination?

        Come on guys – you are the Scientists… you were supposed to have an open enough mind to figure this part out already… WAKE UP !


        • AND ONE MORE THING: Eric Walker @atavistal Just tweeted:

          For those of you who have missed them, slides from two NASA labs on #LENR: and

          DO I NEED TO SPELL THIS OUT ANY FURTHER? Could everyone stop stroking their Scientist Ego’s and start connecting the dots and spreading the word please? No wonder our relatives are working with me, the media guy who gets this part: KNOWLEDGE MEANS NOTHING IF YOUR HOARDING IT FOR YOURSELF.

          The world is counting (and waiting) on this group folks. Get with the program and start evangelizing the truth, damnit!


        • Carlee says:

          Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

    • Brad Arnold says:

      Chris, I fail to see how the Algae OMEGA Project is relevant to LENR. Furthermore, how the Alagae OMEGA Project or LENR is relevant to extraterrestrials. Or how a Illuminati conspiracy is relevant to any of those. LENR is revolutionary, but please don’t conflate it with other fantastic things. In fact, ironically, LENR (per NASA briefings) will probably mean mankind’s expansion into space during our lifetimes, meaning a virtually infinite new frontier is going to be opening up soon, trumping just about everything you seem concerned about.

      BTW Chris, I googled “Mind Step Energy” and found an entry on AngelList ( ). Are you the only employee??

      • Brad –

        LENR and OMEGA spell the end of the Energy industry, big oil… AKA our Slave owners. We cannot win – this is a caste system, not a class system. The Fed is rigged – all the money is funneled to the bankers eventually. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST PLANET which this system of slavery has been implemented on.

        We are not alone in the universe. We have never been alone. They pity us because we live as slaves and do not even realize it! They are here to liberate us from our “masters” and have already done much quietly behind the scenes to disable their weapons and freeze their assets, for redistribution to the rest of us through the NESARA program.

        MindStep was created to commercialize the OMEGA technology and is in STEALTH mode until the shit hits the fan and the economy collapses: the sooner the better! All parties are ready, but we are waiting on the scientists to spread the word: I.E. YOU GUYS!

        The UN is beyond corrupt; it will be “replaced” by Open Government Partnership ( .) Every congressperson who supported NDAA will be arrested for treason. The President may be as well – did he sign it officially? If he did, he better pack his bags – we have a fleet of ships in orbit ready to deport the guilty.

        IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME: Go outside and look up. Notice A LOT of bright stars in the sky? Stars that have 3 lights, and move? There is an armada of help here, and they are waiting for us to spread the word and ask. They must respect our sovereignty and free will: it is the LAW OF THE UNIVERSE.

        You scientists need to open your minds and base your conclusions on research, not dogma. LOOK AROUND! LOOK UP!


        • Brad Arnold says:

          I see, so Algae OMEGA and LENR are relivant to one another because they both replace fossil fuel. OK. We need you to understand: as humans technologically advance, each individual will have more power to destroy the group. If we allow individual liberty to the extent you seem to advocate our civilization won’t last another century. Now, do you think extraterrestrials understanding that dynamic would destroy our civilization by freeing individuals? No. Much more likely they will let our species evolve naturally rather than interferring (and you can bet there are many more failures than successes on other evolving planets). First, do no harm.

          BTW, I would be very careful conflating unlike things. For instance, the institution of slavery. “Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation. ” -Wikipedia. Frankly, I don’t understand how you can equate how a citizen of the US lives, with the above.

      • OMEGA handles the waste streams, LENR is unlimited electricity. We need both to be sustainable. If you had my perspective from the inside, you would realize how ridiculous the statement you just made is.

        But I understand that this is a process, but everyone needs to START THE PROCESS. You apparently have no idea that we are in a civil war between opposing factions in the USA, and that a mass genocide was averted just a few weeks ago with a bioweapon designed to kill all of us to “cull the herd” to a more manageable size.

        Please DO THE RESEARCH!! Connect the dots!

        • Brad Arnold says:

          Let me get this straight: you think that there was a clear, present, and immediate threat of a bioweapon being released was averted just a few weeks ago?? Could you please give me a link rather than just ranting “Please DO THE RESEARCH!!” As far as claiming that there is “a civil war between opposing factions in the USA,” I suspect that is more of your exaggeration. “A civil war is a high-intensity conflict, often involving regular armed forces, that is sustained, organized and large-scale.” -Wikipedia

          Please stop with the hysterical rethoric. Frankly, you sound like my friend just before he was admitted into a mental hospital (I was subjected to HOURS of that vein of rethoric).

  12. James Rovnak says:

    I too have e-mailed representatives of both parties talking about LENR possible progress recently with NO reply? I have been heavily involved for about a year now looking into available information, following testing results published etc and would like to see US government efforts materialize and made available to the public. This is too big an issue and Smart Government should respond accordingly. Open disclosure!

    • The government does not work for the people. They work for the bankers and energy executives, who own the media, big agro, big pharma, etc… Wake up! It’s up to this group to spread the word …

  13. Larry says:

    Yes Tom, I can feel the frustration. As to the trolls; just do not feed them. Do not respond at all. They are either paid, demented, or both, and are not worth ANY emotional currency.
    I think that the Lenr technology must, in fact, be released soon as without it, the Euro Zone will collapse and our banks which have exposure to eurozone bonds will also collapse. Please witness George Soros buying 2 billion worth of eurozone bonds. On the surface, its WTF! But no, he knows whats going to happen. LENR Tech will be released to not only revive Europe but also the US economically. then the banks can go back to what they are supposed to do ie loan money to business, big and small, loan money to folks who want to buy houses etc. The release is closer than we might think.

  14. Jeff C. says:

    Your website has been a daily stop for me as I keep up with the LENR story.
    I was surprised to see we have the same senators. Know that you’re not the only one to have contacted them on this issue. I think this may shed some light on your ‘penetration’ comment.
    I’ve been spreading the word for months and hope to participate in the ‘crowd source’ science now being put forward.


  15. Well said my friend, please keep an eye on as well and keep your finger on the pulse.

    We are changing this now.


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