Plan X: I Want My Future Back!

Obstacles to the advent of the LENR revolution, the Green Energy Age are no longer technical, they are political, social, psychological and spiritual!  Two basic themes are being taken up en masse by the LENR community. Comments by freelance LENR experimenter “Chan,” published here, indicate that he has a formula (kindly published) that creates a scalable weapon of far greater than chemical force.  Each of you must think of what this scalability, along with the absence (apparently) of radioactive contamination means.  Hint, NO target is out of bounds anymore, none out of reach.  We kindly remember when the “media” were all one-to-many.  Now we revel in the many-to many connections of the Internet as a grand transformation.  But we will probably look back with envy to the days when military was “one-to-many” and not the “many-to-any” to which it will likely evolve. Factor in the growing body of “ideas” (LENRfellow’s comments here) which can and will be used by various militaries and later small groups, and even individuals. Nobody has even mentioned the evolution of autonomous bots and droids with nearly forever power supplies! Reminds me of a long dead, brilliant piano player (Oscar Levant) with serious depression who famously quipped “I suffered for many years from deep depression, then I went catatonic, and, Oh, how I longed for those old deep depression days!”

So, in one regard, we should all be very careful what we wish for.  It would be SUCH a spiritual kick in the ass if a transformational technology of such magnitude and grandiosity as LENR would also make available to every maniac in the world the tools to take out downtown consumersville.  The irony in this is almost too much to bear!  We all expect our presidents and premiers and kings to be sane when reality calls for us all, each and every one of us, to be either sane or quarantined.  Hot dog!  And here we are (I speak with an American’s angst because I am American) complaining of unemployment while we reduce more and more our education and psychological therapy budgets!  Nothing to do?  That’s ripe.  Consider the growing number of reports from governmental agencies firming up the deep freeze on LENR publicity, research and development into the permafrost of PlanetMind.  Consider the activities of the moles .  The pathoskeps are old news compared to the moles.  One of our very vocal voices trots out claims of senility and obsolescence regarding SPAWAR research…and in the next week publicly accuses one of the more diligent and respected LENR researchers of scientific fraud! With fans like these who needs — sanity.

LENR is the crystal ball with which we can see our civilization in a much clearer light.  Governments and global institutions control and contain us because in their own eyes they must. But they use the heavy handed tools of the past, and to those tools they have become addicted.  America has become the “Land of the Afraid” and “Prophylactic World Headquarters,” dedicated to protecting nitwits and the unlucky from harm while in the process they stifle the entire culture.  America is the fantasy world of Milton Freidman Economics, based on the idiotic concept of a “rational” market,” while their “demand stimulating demons” instigate our fearful, irrational, insecure, lustful, hungry and lazy selves to waste the resources of the world pursuing eternal growth and self-gratification.

LENR, if ever realized in the idealistic view held by many, would “solve the water” problems, make “deserts bloom”, and, in fact, create a new epoch in human expansion, hegemony and hubris.  But the price will be a return to the Wild West, where terrorism and crime will replace organized warfare as the primary means of competition and Darwinian pressure.  In the end, unless humanity finds a way to transcend a good number of cherished institutions along the way, it will find itself no better off than it is today.  The Internet and universal translation offer a hope that a new framework for human organization will emerge which can transcend the dangerous and outdated notion of geographically defined nations.  The truth is that this is NOT going to be easy! Here is an essay by a long time “free energy” researcher and advocate, Peter Lindemann, which has already been mentioned in Peter Roe’s comments elsewhereIt is a very clear analysis of the forces opposing the advent of the Green Energy Age.  I think that Peter L. missed one “force” in his essay: The educational and scientific establishments who either willingly, or stupidly, consent to, aid and abet the forces of “Big Money” and “Big Government.”  I know little of the energy sources he describes, and cannot testify to their validity, but the explanation of the forces opposing the Green Energy Revolution is spot on!  But, there ARE things for which we can plan, work and sacrifice.  It is possible (perhaps inevitable) that a new organizing principal for humanity will emerge.  We can hope for the release valve of space exploration and the eventual colonization of – other places, be they near or far, as a vision of hope for the young, who, coming into this world, discover that a sense of resignation is their best defense from human ennui.

The human race needs a purpose, and that must be more than bigger sandwiches, faster cars and better pornography.  We will perhaps need to face the failure of religions to guide morality in this world we know of as a single living organism.  Perhaps there is a god to care for the planet itself. G.A.I.A needs spiritual guidance and that must, as a start, come from us all, individual human beings.  I hope to see a network of passionate, dedicated people, from every corner of the Earth, coming together under the name G.A.I.A. – the “Global Alignment of Interests and Aspirations”.  Think of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” or the “Six Degrees of Separation” (look it up).  Networking theory has discovered that this connectivity in the human race is the result of a network in which there are MANY local connections, easy to understand and explain, and far fewer VERY long distance connections, which are more accidental and quirky in nature.

The G.A.I.A. part of Plan X is to intentionally seed the world with the long distance connections which will make it possible for a GLOBAL network of people not willing to allow anyone to stifle the advent of the Green Energy Age to rapidly and spontaneously emerge! I see it as vital for us to continue reaching out with this demand for truth, to every corner of the globe.  We need to enlist the many people who can and will translate terse and focused interchanges and discussions regarding the need to neutralize efforts to prevent the Green Energy Age from being born.  With Google Translate we make some progress, and perhaps, ( I know nothing of translation technology, or open source groups working in this area) get a huge effort to create a means by which ALL peoples can receive and create communications regarding G.A.I.A.  This is ONE planet and the “Tower of Babel” cripples all of us.  I see miracles for G.A.I.A. that are lining up in such a way that the promise of a new epoch in human events is within reach.  LENR, Internet, computer technology, robotics and the miracles of modern biological research are tantalizing and, if used wisely, combined well and given some continued nurturing, might just, and justly might, reach a future as hard for us to imagine as our world would have been to a scribe of the Mayan calendar!

So, Plan X begins with “G.A.I.A. X”, the spontaneous emergence of a world-wide network counteracting the pathoskeps, the moles, the “Four Forces” AND what will likely be far worse to come.  Please beleive me that this is NOT a video game, and the conviction of martyrs might be asked from any, or all of us! Success will take many minds and miracles to achieve.  I hope that we can all find some powerful ways to promote the metamorphosis of G.A.I.A.  As always, please, comments, advice and ideas.  It is us.  Thanks for the many comments from around the world on the last few postings.  If this message resonates with you, find ways to extend it to every corner and every language on this Earth.  PlanetMind will be free, and not enslaved by the few forever!

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9 Responses to Plan X: I Want My Future Back!

  1. Katrina says:

    OMEGA heanlds the waste streams, LENR is unlimited electricity. We need both to be sustainable. If you had my perspective from the inside, you would realize how ridiculous the statement you just made is. But I understand that this is a process, but everyone needs to START THE PROCESS. You apparently have no idea that we are in a civil war between opposing factions in the USA, and that a mass genocide was averted just a few weeks ago with a bioweapon designed to kill all of us to “cull the herd” to a more manageable size. Please DO THE RESEARCH!! Connect the dots!

  2. Peter Roe says:

    I apologise in advance for the length of this post.

    With regards to postings by ‘Chan’ I think we may need to take this stuff with a large pinch of salt (or gunpowder if you prefer!). ‘Chan’ seems to be someone with a good imagination who has learned to talk some of the language, and nothing more. Look at some of his published statements. These are are full of errors and frequently intrinsically unlikely in vew of the conditions he claims to be working under:

    From his first posting (–17.html):

    “2. Always use Cu for chamber. It has a permeability of 1. Steel is a shield. ” In fact a varying EM field will induce eddy currents directly in copper, leading to heating and to the active repulsion of the external magnetic field through diamagnetic effects. ‘Steel’ is not necessarily an EM shield – austenitic stainless steels are almost fully permeable to magnetic fields and a much better choice here.

    “3. I buy Mg powder from AmericanPyro. Place in metal container with attached tube for evacuating and pressurizing with H. Heated to 250 C and as it is cooled an uptake of H creates the essential MgH2.” In fact, in order to create MgH2 it is necessary to place the Mg in contact with H2 at around 200 atmospheres and heat to 500°C in the presence of MgI2 as a catalyst. Without the magnesium iodide the reaction would take days. I wonder what sort of ‘metal container’ Chan is using to hold his mix at 3000 psi while he heats it with a propane torch?

    “4. Mix molar % of MgH2 30 (100% excess) Ni 30, Cu 20, Fe 20 in glove box. You might try igniter such as ANTIMONY TRISULFIDE or LITHIUM BOROHYDRIDE in tiny catalytic amounts.” What could ‘molar’ mean here? This is supposedly condensed matter physics, not chemistry. Lithium borohydride is just another hydrogen donor requiring considerable heat to release any hydrogen. Antimony trisulphide is an ingredient in some pyrotechnics (it creates white sparkling ‘stars’). Why he picks on this compound is a mystery.

    “5. Experiment with RFG to determine sweet spot for initial heating and then sweet spot for maintaining reaction, modulating pulse rate, frequency and power. Wave shape is important. Half wave sweet spots also exist. Key is sending Hydride ion into oscillations (e+p+e => n+e => e + Fusion)” The first part is so vague as to be completely meaningless. After ‘Key’ it goes downhill very rapidly.


    The second posting is worse:

    “My latest discovery is Hydride-Nickel Fusion explosive military warheads on a small scale. By using a generous molar excess of MgH2 within the previously described reaction mixture with a 3% by weight of commercial gun powder (Thoroughly mixed and manipulated in a glove box) an explosive results which exceeds possible chemical reactions (many factors of 10). Place inside of the drilled cavity of a 32 cartridge head, Carefully tamp and seal with epoxy. Fire at a 2? diameter section of a tree trunk. Result is an incredibly massive explosion reducing the target to splinters.”

    Here is the meaningless ‘molar’ thing again (good buzzword though!). But what purpose could possibly be served by mixing gunpowder (carbon, potassium, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur) with magnesium hydride? Commercial gunpowder is available in various granule sizes so unless it is first ground to dust it could not be mixed, only dispersed, still as granules. And if it is ground then the constituents become separated and it will no longer work as an explosive. In any case at a 3% concentration it is effectively inert filler, so unless he is claiming that one or more of the constituents is yet another ‘catalyst’ this is just more pseudoscientific claptrap. If you drill out a .32 rimfire bullet from the rear, you will have a cavity of around 0.25 cc. Assuming a little less than half will be filled with epoxy, that leaves an ‘explosive’ payload of around 0.15 cc – maybe 0.2g of powder. So Chan is saying that the heat and pressure resulting from a low velocity bullet impact is enough to release energy equivalent to a significant high explosive charge? A whole new branch of physics that we could call ‘nuclear enhanced chemical reactions’ – from a backyard schoolboy experiment! Impressive!

    The rest is even better. “This is key! Fe necessary. Nano Ni crystal structure must be aligned. RFG tunes. Proper frequency most important. It is not shielded by Cu tube. Never use iron pipe for chamber. Magnetohydrodynamics principals utilized. Note cascade approach shown in Rossi graphs of Temp and effect of pulses. Glove box a must.”

    It reads like a slightly demented ‘stream of consciousness’ but the buzzwords and disjointed style seem intended to disguise an almost total lack of actual content. What does ‘aligned’ mean? What is the ‘proper’ frequency? What on earth does magnetohydrodynamics (the study of induced currents in moving conductive fluids) have to do with any of this. What graphs – Rossi never released any information, graphical or otherwise, on his use of RF stimulation.

    In short, ‘Chan’s’ contributions are virtually meaningless gibberish, which appear to be directly to a contribution from someone publishing as ‘Phen’ who writes slightly better but may or may not be another fantacist (or even the same person adopting two styles).

    If it wasn’t for the suggestion that Ni-H can be used as a subnuclear exposive I would dismiss this stuff without a second thought. However in view of the vested-interest backlash that is currently growing against LENR, we should be very wary of the ‘moles’ that Tom mentions. It is not beyond imagination that someone who tries to appear to be a ‘replicator’ might also try to plant doubts about the safety of Ni-H fusion – doubts that could later be used to justify state seizure of the technology in order to suppress it or pass monoploly control to their friends in the existing energy sector.

    This may be a case of ‘hypervigilance’ on my part, but the suggestion that Ni-H might be ‘weaponised’ is exactly the kind of justification that would be needed to legislate against Ni-H in order to take control of it. This is precisely the kind of negative propaganda (intentional or otherwise) that we need to be extremely wary of at this time.

    • Brad Arnold says:

      Thank you for mostly debunking Chen. His outlandish claim that LENR could be used as a subnuclear explosive is just the kind of nonsense that psudo-skeptics (like Mary Yugo) will seize upon. On the other hand, the amount of savings from LENR vs fossil fuels is so large that such childish retorical devices might not be effective (as opposed to tobacco or GHG which is not about saving the consumer so much money).

      I’ve found that people’s judgement becomes much better when it involves their hard earned dollars. My prediction is that Chen and psudo-skeptics will have little traction for their mischief – money speaks much louder than words.

      • Peter Roe says:

        As Tom says, “The pathoskeps are old news compared to the moles.” The repetitive rantings of maryyugo et al were effective at times in disrupting discussion, but seem to have had little long term effect. They were just a ‘first draft’ attempt at perception management, and the gamers will probably play a bit smarter from now on (MY is still plugging away where he/she has not been banned, but other ‘pathoskeps’ generally seem to have lost heart).

        The new threat of people who attempt to become integrated into the LENR discussion but then piss in the pool in one way or another is probably much more dangerous – IF they are careful. ‘Chan’ went too far with his fantasy, but if he had claimed for instance that one of his ‘replications’ had exploded incredibly violently he might have succeeded in introducing the fear element without raising suspicions.

        Money will definitely be the main determinant of the outcome from CF, but unfortunately (a) we are not the ‘side’ with all the money, and (b) if the ‘danger’ thing can be played up then ‘safety’ is likely to trump financial savings. After all, the citizens of the US (and elsewhere) have already given over huge swathes of their fundamental democratic rights in the face of fake threats from ‘weapons of mass destruction’, pandemics, terrorists etc.etc.

    • Thomas Baccei says:

      Thanks Peter!
      I am thankful that, at least for now, there is no explosive news regarding our current technical perception of LENR phenomenon. In this series of essays, I have decided to primarily look at the sociological, cultural and political arena in which the “War of Green Energy” is, and will be fought. Since I have no way of evaluating the technical merit of such claims, it is my purpose to reflect on the claims themselves, and their repercussions. Whether Chan is a mole, or a technical genius, I hope that we are all prepared to continue fighting for complete access to LENR knowledge in spite of potential destructive use or accidental dangers, and the claims which will be made by large corporations and governments that we need protection from those dangers, be they genuine, hypothetical or pure propaganda. My premiss is that rapid and complete dissemination of all technical knowledge is the best path to that end.
      Tom B.

  3. Brad Arnold says:

    First, your link to Chan’s weaponized LENR doesn’t work. Usually every technology is dual-use, but it seemed that LENR might be the exception – heck, even gasoline which my shop teacher in high school never tired of calling the most powerful non-nuclear explosive.

    Second, connecting everyone up to the internet is a great idea. With good translation programs we can have everyone talking to everyone, speeding technology and social change.

    Finally, while LENR is not going to change human nature, freeing our economy from it’s primary restraint of cheap abundant energy will benefit everyone. Just desalination alone will make a tremendous difference.

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