LENR: Sympathy for the Commander in Chief

The fact that not only news media in general, but also various elected officials and government agencies are deafeningly silent on the subject of LENR, is the very loud elephant in the room.

Consider the following little scenario:

In daily national security briefings along with high-level and quite secret meetings held at both the White House, and Pentagon, the growing reality of LENR breakthroughs has become an issue of extreme concern and debate.  This new energy source, now a well-documented and verifiable fact, is a vastly complex issue for the President to direct and manage.  The first, and obvious, perception of the LENR breakthrough is that in one massive transformation the US dependence on foreign oil supplies is solved, the unstoppable release of CO2 and other gasses into the atmosphere is brought well within safe limits, the financial doldrums affecting the US and world markets is alleviated by the many new manufacturing and social possibilities made viable by cheap, safe and abundant energy. That’s the good news.

Quickly Think Tanks and other experts in various fields come forth with dire predictions of financial and social instabilities unleashed by the rollout of this life changing technology.  The wealthiest 0.1% of Americans have an unshakable commitment to stability.  They have no place to go but down in the massive financial shakeups which would be inevitable should LENR be developed and distributed in the most rapid possible scenario.  The President is acutely aware that our political system is directly controlled by this established and conservative wealth, or at least marches in lockstep with it.  Until ownership and control of this technology can be firmly established by these ultra rich individuals, the President is put under immense pressure to slow down or stop the advent of the LENR age in any manner possible.

Worse still, the military industrial complex sees immediately that regardless of whether the new energy source can be used directly as a game changing weapon or not, it’s use as a power supply for anything from tanks to aerial drones, to aircraft carriers and submarines would produce an unimaginable superiority for the nation deploying it first.  Water supply for troops in the desert, air conditioning, no fuel convoys, self-sufficient small units, and even individual special forces and new surveillance techniques, the possibilities are endless. And here to, with the American hegemony in military affairs being its single largest global asset, the drive for stability and an unshifting balance is relentless.  The military industrial complex will require several years to develop and deploy the first generation of a military so equipped.  Whereas it would seem unlikely to stuff this particular genie back into the bottle, it is clear that delaying the development of LENR capability in the public eye could and should be delayed for as long as possible to preserve the US preeminent military position.  Of course, it is clear that other governments and militaries will be highly likely to embark on similar programs once the reality of LENR and its consequences are perceived, so it must be treated as a new “arms race.”

The President asks for an action plan, the intent of which is to impede the development of LENR technology long enough to allow time for the US military establishment to achieve a significant generational lead in the development and deployment of LENR systems, and the establishment of a legal and financial scenario under which social order is protected and preserved.  In the end, the President is convinced that by delaying the true extent of the LENR breakthrough from becoming public, the situation can be tidied up and managed in such a way as to achieve those goals while at the same time gradual and controlled development of the public’s perception of LENR can lead to a safe and orderly deployment into the public sector, thus achieving the desirable results of the breakthrough, albeit somewhat delayed.  Calculations of the costs/benefits of various scenarios are considered.  Immediate rollout, a one to three year delay, a ten year delay etc.  The president, being a political man, sees the middle ground of a one to three year delay as prudent, but also would ensures that he and his party can take full credit for this “boon to all mankind”.

End scenario.

I have great sympathy for the quandary presented by the above scenario.  I do believe that something like it is in fact what has been going on.  Imagine the difficulty of deciding to allow the rapid deployment of LENR devices, with all the benefits, yet with all the drawbacks, at least as seen by you and your constituents.  Not an easy set of decisions to make!

I, however, believe there is a great need for developing LENR technology as rapidly as possible.  Further, I think that it is of great importance that the established, rigid hierarchy running this country, and much of the world, be shaken up not only for our good but for their own good.  This static, stratified social and financial milieu is exactly the environment which led to the collapse of every empire before now.  It simply must be broken up, without destroying the vessel in which it resides!

How do they go about slowing the rollout down?  Damage has already been done by semi-maverick groups at SPAWAR and NASA, but you use standard disinformation and public relations techniques to drift them out of the public eye.  Use moles to discredit and marginalize their results.  Isolate Rossi, and either buy him off, scare him off or discredit him.  Same goes for Defkalion; just make it so they peter out and drift away or crash and burn loudly and publicly. Dr. Ahern was making presentations in Washington last month.  I never heard to who or why?  Was there any public awareness of such talks?  Where is Dr. Miley?  In October at the World Green Symposium he was talking about nearing commercialization with his device.  By December there was word that his research group was breaking up due to lack of funding and graduate assistants moving on with their lives. In the NASA video of January 12, Dr. Zawodny, states NASA’s involvement in developing this technology and sounds quite optimistic about its future.  A day or two later he writes a blog post that pretty much contradicts the tone of the video of just a few days previous.  Rossi spent nearly a year touting his 1MW plant and gives every indication that testing began in October of 2010.  Within weeks of the test, he announces the testing will be private for all intents and purposes and there are indications that the customer is a military entity.  LENR research at the U.S. Navy’s SPAWAR is apparently discontinued shortly after a 3-year-old, but relatively obscure, video of its researchers espousing this technology is unearthed and publicized across the Internet.

One thing that is clear to me at this point is that large pieces are moving on the LENR chessboard.  This is only one of many possible scenarios which could possibly tie together a number of baffling events (at least to me) in the unfolding LENR story.  In my thinking about the LENR games now entering the “mid-game.”  I have come to realize that I now pretty much discount Andrea Rossi and Defkalion.  If they “pop” tomorrow with a home toaster that can brown your bread using a power cell the size of a toothpick, all my concerns and agony in all this would come to an abrupt end.  But counting on them, putting all our eggs in that one (well, two) basket(s) is just too fragile.  The strong, and to me, convincing evidence of the reality of LENR heat generation just makes it too foolish to follow them into glory or oblivion.  They remind me of “Peter the Hermit” who lead the first Crusade, consisting of peasants and drifters, off to conquer the Holy Land in the name of God and, not surprisingly, in the end, to their complete annihilation.  I’m sorry Mr. Rossi (in the odd possibility that you read any of this,) but you are marching ahead too far, too fast and with too little substance to long keep the LENR community entranced.  And to others who will read this, please share your concept of what might be a unifying theme which explains this whole insanity, with the hermit blasting ahead on what seems more and more like fumes, and the rest, the credible community of researchers, drifting away like the leaves of late autumn.


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27 Responses to LENR: Sympathy for the Commander in Chief

  1. GreenWin says:

    Initial premise may be close. But all here leave out a giant, in fact tangible influence. That of force larger than the “President” and bankers and military. Such force is benevolent and supports the spiritual and technological evolution of the human race. That evolution is well on track with the introduction of low cost energy that raises all boats. The 0.1% and its sturm and drang is powerless in the face of this force. Their greatest mistake was to misjudge their influence and ability to manipulate thought. They have failed. And each attempt to silence the introduction of this technology – sinks them further into self destructive paranoia.

    All is in fact quite well. President Obama has more options than even he knows. Energy is abundant throughout the universe and humans are just beginning to make use of it. Onward!

  2. Doug M says:

    Hi Ben
    Interesting scenario. What you have written is in effect a scenario, one that could be, easy to believe in that it ‘fits the bill’. I have though along these lines myself so just for the opportunity to create open debate, I’d like to look at other scenarios.

    Firstly though will list issues that stick in my mind …

    – Why does the world press say so little about the Rossi Focardi claims

    – If I were the President, & facing an election I’d grab the opportunity to do the most important global announcement in human history, *if* I was sure I wouldn’t end up looking utterly stupid

    – Trying to stall a technology, that any country could come up with – covertly in many cases – could backfire in the worst kind of way. Simply because those attempting such control can only guess if others are progressing the same technology rapidly, out of sight. That is a no-no.

    – The oil companies and energy giants may be able to buy out start-ups such as what happened when Ford purchase the Sarich engine company from Ralph Sarich then pigeon holed it but did exploit the fuel scavenging side of it. In this instance Ford was also protecting other car makers from the advances in the Sarich engine.

    – The smart money says to try to tie up the patents for the new technology if that could be done. NASA leapt in early with their patent derived from Widom-Larsen theory but hat has become very obvious is that there appear to be many variants on how LENR may be achieved. So many in fact that a patent may not help protect much

    – I just think that the simple answer here in regard to what we are seeing from Andrea and his former partners Defkalion, is mismanagement of an important issue. Just assume it is a case of neither having a commercial ready LENR device, then what would the press do or NASA or other eminent scientists – they would run a mile & wait for the dust to settle. Sadly, this is the scenarion I fear I am watching. I’d *love* to see Rossi deliver, but there are so many holes in his statements and so little real evidence of a commercial ready device (which really appears to be the reason Defkalion wouldn’t pay Rossi the scheduled payment).


    Doug M

  3. Flin says:

    We will get LENR or “Cold Fusion” when Oil reaches 150,200 Dollars per Barrel.
    Why ?
    Because the cheap Energy will be Gone forever and 7 Billion People will be looking for a New Source.
    Ok another Pos…. Stoneage again , ))

  4. Gregoryyc says:

    So now it is clear (by the sound of exploding deafning silince) war has been declared by the upper echilons !!

    I tend to agree with the consensus: The late introduction will ratify enemies. In the war you must do what your enemies do not anticipate. In war also you must inbed a Trojan or 2. I wish I could advise him to do so.
    If Rossi is smart enough he must deliver even if its only a handful to some body, anybody, to anywhere and everywhere. NOW.
    ONe weapon Dr. rossi has is: ” production will be in Autumn or early next year”. Do you all understand ?
    Maybe it is his startegy ( super ! ) or just clarification of his state of progress ( bad !)
    I beg you guys in this forum not to disperse this idea. Do not let those controlling hands any clues of their impending demise/ Remember WE Have More To LOSE>

    So if any of you have direct line to DR. Rossi, you know what you got to do.

    • Ben says:

      As you said in another post, a plan of action is needed to ensure this stays in the public consciousness. That is what Tom Baccei is attempting to do with Plan X. If you, or anybody for that matter, has suggestions on how to keep this issue up and forefront, please post them here or e-mail them to either Tom Baccei or myself . It is going to take input and effort from the public at large to see this through.

      As for your contention that somehow that any plan of action is going to be kept from the “enemy” as you say, then think again. This site and others like it get visits from powerful entities. Trust me on this one.

  5. Bruno says:

    The wild card in this is China. The Chinese government is in no way beholden to the same special interests (for example oil & banking) that the West is. They hate the idea that they have to spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually to import oil, or that their air is horribly polluted from burning all of that coal.If LENR is real, and a practical technology is developed (for example, ecat, if it turns out to be real), the Chinese government will jump on it faster than you can blink an eye. It will be like their Manhattan or Apollo project and there will be no way to hide it from the rest of the world. I have to believe that the people who run things in the West understand this; so if they don’t want their countries to fall behind in a transformational technology, they’ll promote it rather than suppress it. If they don’t, then we Westerners shall get what we deserve; but LENR will still be out of the bag faster than vested Western interests can manage it.

  6. Sandy says:

    They have been able to suppress LENR technology since 1996 because making a Patterson Power Cell is a very difficult undertaking. In comparison, making a Rossi E-Cat is so easy that any tinkerer could do it in his garage, if he had the formula for the secret catalyst. One way or another, that formula will probably be published on the Internet this year. After that, the powers that be will not be able to suppress LENR technologies and they will no longer be able to use fossil fuels to dominate and control us. Their reign of false-flag terror will come to an end. The Liberty Bell will ring and Lady Liberty’s torch will light our path to a wonderful future.

  7. Ben says:

    Here are some interesting headlines I came across this morning. Not directly related to the topic at hand but not totally out of the ballpark either. I hope Obama’s State of the Union Address was more than just an early campaign speech.

    Christine Lagarde Sounds the Alarm on Europe

    “In a dramatic speech in Berlin this week, the IMF chief warned that the world could soon face another Great Depression, calling for a $1 trillion firewall in lending resources. As the world gathers in Davos to discuss the crisis, Lagarde talks exclusively to Newsweek’s Christopher Dickey about her plan.”


    George Soros on the Coming U.S. Class War

    “The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career.”


  8. Anony Mole says:

    Greenfield speculation is so much fun don’t you all think? So far all of this LENR pontificating has been a combination of one part hearsay based reality, one part Tom Clancy and one part Arthur C. Clarke. Imagining what the various heads of state, the Goldman Sachs cronies, and the military masters-of-the-universe are all up to regarding this topic make fascinating reading and writing. And anything goes really. What is especially titillating to ponder is that some of these future extrapolations might just turn out to be true. What fun it would be to have predicted a variation of the future – and to have gotten it right! Well, that would be the bees knees wouldn’t it?
    So yes, Tom Baccei, and others, keep those well thought out speculative fiction essays coming; I truly enjoy imagining the world as it comes across in these articles and comments, a world changed, hopefully for the better.

  9. Peter Roe says:

    I’m absolutely sure that Tom’s analysis is just about 100% correct. About the only area in which I would differ slightly is in the degree of agreement within the ruling elite about what to do about this emerging technology. I can’t see the sort of ‘measured debate’ that is implied actually taking place, as the various interests represented at that level – banking, big pharma, energy sector, government – will be making some very different calculations about how LENR will affect their specific empires.

    Of course, these waters are muddied by the fact that it is the bankers who own huge parts of all the other industries (including government and politics), and their calculations will almost certainly override the interests of any other sector. For example, governments like nuclear power as it produces the raw materials for the bombs they so love, and trillions of dollars are invested by various corporations in nuclear hardware, but if the bankers calculate that sacrificing nuclear power generation and adopting CF will bring more profits in say the next two decades, then nuclear will be sacrificed regardless of the interests of other stakeholders in this area. If they don’t – it won’t, and it is CF that will disappear. Other players such as agriculture, the pharmaceutical giants and manufacturing industries will probably see cheap power as highly desirable, while some particular interests such as the car makers, mining, and possibly the non-nuclear energy sector will be uncertain, as it is not yet clear where the technology may lead.

    And of course, all of the above applies only to cheap heat. If Rossi or anyone else comes up with a home electrical power generator (or even say 10MW local power systems) then this would be a true ‘game changer’ – it would threaten the entire energy sector AND centralised government (by removing a vast chunk of tax income) AND the banks who own the aforesaid and exercise power through them. Very simply, this will most definitely never be permitted, and any means – legal or otherwise – will be used to ensure that it doen’t.

    So what the controlling interests need is time to find their best route to maintaining the status quo and their own power and wealth, is time, and I think this is what they are playing for by the simplest possible means (and their natural instinct) – taking down the growing LENR industry in its infancy. We should bear in mind that as yet probably only a few hundreds of thousands worldwide have even heard of LENR, and probably only a few thousand blog-followers are aware of the actual facts of both the technicalities of LENR and the political and social time-bomb it represents. Imagine how far the whole thing would get if the US government succeeds in its attempts to manage the internet, starting with ‘copyright infringement’ bills like SOPA and PIPA, and moving rapidly on to legislation that allows them to take down literally any site on ‘national security’ grounds.

    In spite of Rossi’s apparent optimism, and the claims of Defkalion, unless LENR escapes into the wild before the establishment can get its act together, I think that there is now a very good chance that it will quietly disappear from view for years, possibly decades, at least in the western industrialised nations. And even if it does appear outside of corporate hands, you can bet your shirt on it being taxed to a point where LENR generated power is just as expensive as any other type of energy. There just isn’t any way for this to be other than a ‘heads we win, tails you lose’ scenario.

    • tombaccei says:

      Thanks for adding some very insightful thoughts on the scenario. I agree that the 0.1% in fact consists of a LOT of people and a LOT of varied interests. They are clearly not monolithic. I would argue that they ARE unified around the theme I mentioned: stability! It is essential to them. I am preparing a more detailed expansion of this vision of what the big pieces are doing. See my second response to Brad below for a few other extensions. I agree that the bankers wield unimaginable power, but still feel that the good old Eisenhower “Military Industrial Complex” is the 400 pound gorilla. Please add additional insights as you continue thinking about all this!

      • Peter Roe says:

        Yes I probably should have included the (US) military alongside the corporate and political ‘players’, but in the final analysis the military itself is a tool of others – the politicians and the corporate lobbyists who operate within government, who in turn have their strings pulled by their ‘sponsors’ on Wall Street.

        I think it is probable that the desires of the highest ranking military types will only be taken into account if they directly suit the purposes of the people at the very top. From what it is possible to know about Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and rest of the NWO infestation above national government, the banking families seem to hold sway over all other parties, and it’s their decisions that ultimately will count.

        • Ben says:

          Technically you are correct Peter. In Western democracies the military gets its marching orders from elected officials in the civilian government. Yet this technicality does not mean that everyone in the military is always comfortable with this arrangement. There is a tension that exists between military and civilian leaders and many in the military, including the U.S. military, have gone on record with their contempt for political leaders meddling in military affairs. General Douglas MacArthur is most obvious example of this and he lost his job over his public criticism of President Harry Truman and his unwillingness to use nuclear weapons in the Korean War. General Stanley McChrystal also made public statements criticizing the conduct of the war of Afghanistan and subsequently resigned over what were deemed insubordinate remarks. These are just the two most glaring and public examples.

          As regards cold fusion, it appears that some in the military have ignored the “debunking” of cold fusion and the Department of Energy’s 20 year stance against supporting the technology. The most obvious example of course would be the U.S. Navy’s SPAWAR, who have been working on “cold fusion” for as long as the term has been in the public consciousness. They apparently had to keep a low-profile and as soon as their two decades long work in this field became publicized the eggheads in Washington pulled the plug. There are other examples but this is the most notable. The bottom line is that it is not unreasonable to assume that there is a disconnect between politicians who depend on the financial contributions from wealthy individuals and corporations, and the military who may see cold fusion as a means to give them a tactical advantage on the battlefield. Both are being pragmatic in their own way but their interests conflict (not to be confused with conflict of interest). However, regardless of this conflict, both of their interests may well be served by not having this technology widely disseminated amongst the general population…not yet anyway.

        • Peter Roe says:


          I agree with your comments generally, but especially with the ‘bottom line’.

          Rossi seems to have decided that he needed the limited publicity he gained through blogs etc., possibly in order to attract a development partner like NI, possibly for his own aggrandisement. Or maybe he thought that by spreading the word that his project would be protected from covert interference. Unfortunately, by allowing outsiders to know some of what he has been up to from an early prototype stage, he has alerted the ‘opposition’ to what is happening.

          It would only have been by moving at lightning speed that the vested interests could have been wrong footed, but by announcing now that production will not begin for another another year or so, he has provided a ‘window’ during which steps can and will be taken to take control of the situation, or end it.

          I think that at this point, unless (1) the banks decide that on balance, LENR will make them richer or more powerful, or (2) DGT pull a rabbit from their collective hat very soon, or (3) someone else manages a full replication and releases the info to the public domain, that we are probably screwed. We probably always were, but it was nice to think just for a while that just maybe, here was something that would change the world. Obviously we should have all recognised some time ago that that is not how things work.

          Its being so cheerful as keeps me going!

  10. Alan DeAngelis says:

    Frank Close may have let the cat out of the bag on page 51 of his 1991 book Too Hot to Handle. http://www.amazon.com/Too-Hot-Handle-Race-Fusion/dp/0691085919

    “Hot fusion budgets on the line; tritium production for weapons; India believing that test-tube fusion would become a classified secret in the West. So test-tube fusion was more than just a media event with dollars on the line for the University of Utah, there were many private agendas riding along with it. As a result it was easy for protagonists to claim that opinions on test-tube fusion, particularly its validity or otherwise, weren’t always made on purely scientific grounds, but that self interests were the driving forces.”

  11. Brad Arnold says:

    LENR is a highly disruptive technology, and it really causes cynical and paranoid personalities to sketch out remote senarios that tell us much more about themselves and the way they look at things than it give us realistic senarios to either guard against or work toward.

    The simple fact of the matter is that LENR is not an energy technology that can be easily stifled. In this globalized society any player gains an upper hand by dramatically reducing their energy costs and converting to a fuel that is unimaginably abundant.

    Furthermore, integrating LENR requiores a substancial amount of investment, talent, and time – which makes all nations dependent upon corporations, whose main concerns are profit and costs. Nobody would save more money than corporations by the use of LENR.

    Finally, despite strong opinions to the contrary, many people are aware of the terrible situation we are in via climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

    My analysis is that all in all leaders will first take a wait and see approach to a (at least on first glimpse) an unfathonable new energy technology. Since it isn’t in consensus reality yet, it isn’t on most people’s radars, and is now just a potential problem among many that keep leaders up at night. Crisis managment is the mode most leaders are in – they are putting out fires and not worrying about a potential fire they can handle in the future if need be.

    • Brad Arnold says:

      BTW, look at how governments have handled the internet – a highly disruptive technology. While trying to stifle it around the edges, they first allowed it to be deployed, and then it was too late to take it away. Why would LENR be any different?

    • tombaccei says:

      Your point of view would be quite powerful but for the military implications. My opinion regarding LENR has evolved considerably over the past several months. Several months ago I thought it possible that at the time of Pons & Fleischman’s going public, that the energy and military sectors would have stifled “Cold Fusion” research while secretly continuing with it themselves. That did not turn out to be true. However the stream of vanishing LENR researchers is simply too much to believe on face value at a time when the entire field should be bursting at the seams. How would YOU explain this dwindling pool of credible researchers in the field? As to the military I simply cannot imagine any competent command willingly letting this tiger roam freely, when it could very quickly render an entire arsenal obsolete in a few months. Can you? I run the risk of appearing paranoid. You run the risk of naive passiveness. Pick your own poison!poisonpsuppose.

      • Brad Arnold says:

        I have personally written many emails to the Pentagon and various Defense agencies. You need to understand what is happening (the modus operandi of the defense agencies) – they aren’t going to go around kidnapping US citizens en mass, nor hire up every expert who has a clue. Instead, they are going to relentlessly pursue any potential defense application methodically, without a peep escaping about their progress or breakthroughs. The only exception would be if LENR could make things go boom – then their attention would be laser focused on stifling the dangerous dual use technology. Luckily, LENR doesn’t appear to be immediately or catastrophically threatening. Therefore the public gets to have it’s fun.

        As far as the logistical benefits of LENR to the military: that is not in the immediate future, so why would it worry them? Do you think they are that foresighted??

        • tombaccei says:

          No one is in the slightest suggesting kidnapping! I am suggesting visits, or meetings that are really quite easy to picture. Think of the recruiting done for the Manhattan project. Appeals to patriotism! Subtle threats (or not so subtle) referring to the various (and many) national security, homeland security etc. laws in existence. So you hire them! As to government employees, there ARE pensions to worry about. Can’t do much like that with non US citizens, so Rossi and Defkalion are wild cards. Rossi however, is snuggling up the the United States pretty good. He might well sell out for a spotlight and a beer. It is an ongoing struggle to contain this. And, yes, I think they are not only that foresighted, but one hell of a lot more. It is naive hubris to assume that either they, the energy sector or the 0.1% lack intelligence, foresight or will. You underestimate the true meaning of the advent of LENR breakthroughs in my opinion.

        • Brad Arnold says:

          Sorry to bring up kidnapping (the slippery slop), I wasn’t sure what you meant.
          I don’t underestimate “them” at all (their “intelligence, foresight or will”). Instead, I am suggesting that there are a virtually unlimited number of scenarios, and “they” have limited resources to cover all the bases, so they keep their powder dry. BTW, I would sure like to know if there is a secret job market for LENR researchers – I sincerely doubt it exists now, and cast doubt on your assertion that “they” are recruiting big time yet.

          One final observation: generally leaders don’t get into trouble for not anticipating something that isn’t clear (like the emergence of LENR). Instead, they do get into trouble for falsely anticipating something (like for instance BlackLight Power and the “hydrino”). Therefore leaders tend to be risk adverse and reactive, rather than pro-active.

      • Brad Arnold says:

        The problem with asserting things in the abstract is that it is too open to the introduction of bias (i.e. projection). Please be specific when you cite a “stream of vanishing LENR researchers.” Also, the military industrial complex is very large, and some of the things they have are not known to the public, so it is a big guess how they ought to devote their resources. I mean, even if (and I strongly believe it to be the case) LENR turns out to be a magic bullet, it still needs to be integrated into practical uses – not a small task. Right now the US military dominates, and it is oil-based (except for our nuclear bombs and submarines/ships). It is a safe bet that when LENR is proven, “we” will dominate that application too. Civilian use will lag as usual (but that doesn’t mean the military industrial complex will have to pirate a majority of LENR researchers to fuel their technologies).

        BTW, the reason “cold fusion” “field” isn’t bursting at the seems is the same reason we are short on family practice doctors in the US – the money and prestige isn’t there yet.

  12. Anony Mole says:

    Would you believe that the governments on the receiving end of the “Arab Spring” tried to contain their revolutionary contagion? No doubt they did. In Syria the effort continues. Did the old guard in Morocco, Egypt and Libya prevail? No. The world has changed from the top-down, control and coverup era of the pre-internet. Genie’s don’t like their bottles. The internet is their escape route, and escape they will. What’s with the continued attack on the Internet’s free speech foundation? NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, and others to follow are all trying to contain and control the net and its naughty teenager ability to buck all constraints. Through the channels of the Internet, LENR, I predict, will follow in the Arab Spring’s footsteps. There are just too many potential players in the game to think that a single government will be able to contain this djinn. Let the “new energy frontier” begin!

    • tombaccei says:

      You are right Anony. I am not at all certain that an attempt to delay LENR technology would be successful. That is one of my main themes in writing these thoughts. The internet does in fact make such a plan far more problematic. It is my purpose in “Plan X” to help nurture resistance to any such efforts, and trying to be a part of a great internet mobilization aimed at implementing the LENR energy revolution as soon as possible. We need a high powered, public research agenda, and we need it now. All of the smoke and mirrors in this field are a BIG problem, feeding paranoia and passivity. The LENR community MUST find a way to fight through to a rational and public approach to LENR.

  13. NaN00 NaN00 says:

    The writer here lays down the “cold” facts and from what I get is that if we, the believers need to put this thing in front of the public eye. On our facebook pages, in our comments , on our websites, to our co workers, our friends and families, everywhere and everytime we possibly can so as this “gift” isnt denied to us and Rossis work to the fate of Teslas,

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