Plan X: The Energy Super Bowl

It’s the Energy Super Bowl and the stakes are fantastic. For anyone who has been following the LENR circus at all it is gut check time. If you really, honestly believe that this new source of unlimited, cheap and clean energy is actually there, and NOT “maybe there” or “hopefully there” then there is no way to deny that the Military/Financial complex will stop at nothing to scoop it up, dress it in Red, White and Blue, or a Chinese flag, and march it off to serve in our endless war.

The tools they are using now are covert, and subtle. They are “PSYOPS“. That is why the Mary Yugo/George Hody pathoskep and mole crowd is so effective, even while we all know that their inane, repetitive and pointless debate tricks as just pure noise. You see, they don’t have to convince you they are RIGHT, they just have to plant small seeds that cut into your conviction. If you read their posts at all, they have succeeded! This whole LENR is simply another chapter in the never ending conflict between liberty and control. We all sit in the stands and cheer, and jeer and go for a beer, while the game plays out without us, because most humans are passive, and the Military/Financial complex is NOT PASSIVE in the slightest.

If you REALLY believe that it is log-in time for the LENR age, then you cannot escape the fact that Bilderberg and the Pentagon cannot possibly sit idly by and let this astounding discovery escape into the public domain. If you doubt, in the slightest, if your skepticism allows room for it, the imminence of this Super Bowl fight for control seems silly and distant.

Picture this scenario:

You work for NASA and have, in your lab, achieved incontrovertible proof that LENR is a real and incredibly powerful energy source. You go to your bosses, the guys who sign your paychecks, and tell them all about it in a tense meeting. They, of course, cannot grasp the reality of what you tell them. They require, as each of us do, exceptional proof, but seem unwilling to even stop by to watch the device at work. So, you ambush them at a public seminar and a few of you put together slide shows promoting your discoveries. Even now you are pretty much ignored, until the slides make it into the public arena,. Each step of the way up the ladder of control the resistance to the LENR story is nearly insurmountable, even up to the meeting where some poor second level guy has to tell the president about the “cold fusion” breakthrough, risking ridicule and humiliation. But, in the end, after several layers of denial and proof, the reality of LENR takes hold. This occurs at about the same time the slides are beginning to circulate in the public arena. Too late? No! You have a talk with these boys, and using things like “national security” and “homeland security” and PSYOPS, you diffuse the impact. Remember they are ON THE TEAM. No need to make a big splash denying anything, you just need to trivialize it, plant seeds of doubt, and for goodness sake, don’t let them defend or further their arguments! But give them recognition, like you do any good CIA agent, behind closed doors!

In some areas money dries up (ho ho). Other researchers are talked to by “agencies in the government” appealing on the one side to their patriotism, and the other to fear of the dangers of ignoring the various “national security” laws. And “Thank God for Peter the Hermit” (Rossi). He is such a clown that making him the public face of the LENR breakthrough is perfect. Easy for the pathoskeps to debate in absentia, and when his lone tent pole is chopped down, the laughter at the believers will be heard the world around! To a great degree control of the press is easy since it is all owned by the Money end of the Military/Financial complex. No penetration of the reality of the LENR revolution creeps into PlanetMind, merely a passing whiff, which will be useful to deny any conspiracy in the future.

End scenario.

Plan X is a call to those of us on the 50 yard line at this “Energy Super Bowl” to break through the passivity which is the greatest threat to actually launching a world wide revolution of unimaginable proportions, fueled by LENR; independence from “Big Energy”, “Big Money” and “Big Government,” which right now control the game like a great defensive line. A transformation of PlanetMind is within our grasp and it is inevitable that those at the top of the pile right now would lose that dominance after the LENR revolution.

Sure. It sounds paranoid, and far too sensational…but, think about it for a while from the point of view of actually, truly believing, in a hands on way, that the power of LENR is beyond any doubt. What would YOU do if YOU ran the country, or the biggest energy company or bank? Would you just sit by and watch it play out, or are you in the game? In fact one of the most amazing things about this whole crazy LENR free-for-all, is the degree to which belief is at the heart of it. Win the Meme War and you win the Energy Super Bowl!


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16 Responses to Plan X: The Energy Super Bowl

  1. Ben says:

    An earlier comment in this thread suggested that rich and powerful entities will surely see the benefits of a new technology like LENR and jump on the cold fusion band wagon. The article below is a clear illustration of how those in positions of power and influence are not necessarily the clear and forward-looking types that some apparently see them as.

    SOPA Is a Symbol of the Movie Industry’s Failure to Innovate

  2. Anony Mole says:

    As I’ve mentioned before – great reading! Tom, you should write novels. I think LENR would be a solid base for a 7 book series… “Energy Wizards at Work.” (Only half joking here.)

    The U.S. is irrelevant in this discussion. BIIC will be the foundation for the expansion of LENR. Brazil, India, Indonesia and China all have trillions of dollars to win by eliminating fossil fuels from their energy portfolios. What we play at, the intrigue, what-ifs, subterfuge, and plutocratic suppression conspiracies are all just so many foot notes in the history book of human energy discovery and exploitation.

    I agree, it’s excellent entertainment to imagine the machinations of political power, money power, military power and public power, and how they all roil together in this stew we call the U.S. If you’re not in the U.S. then apologies, but the U.S. remains the center of discussions of this sort. Or so we think. Less than one third of the planet’s population speaks English (souce:Wikipedia). What the other 2/3’s+ are talking about, well, I’d wager they’re not silent about the subject. Regardless, what the U.S. does about the problem of LENR is irrelevant.

    • Roger Bird says:

      I agree. It may not be Indonesia, but someone will embarrass us all to convert to LENR-on-steroids. The areas in the USA where public utilities provide the energy may be the first in the USA. India will come on very strong. Iran and Saudi Arabia will be very far behind in the pack. There are any number of jurisdictions, national or otherwise, that will make it necessary for everyone else to get on board or live small. And living small is not going to be real popular when one can live large.

  3. kwhilborn says:

    Too much public information has been given for this to ever be covered up. We are not talking about aliens here. This energy will be swarmed once it is proven accurate. Remember that most people barely care about space launches and other scientific endeavours these days.

    Chan has even posted plans for a build it yourself e-cat on the buildecats(dot)com website.

    The main problem with lack of acceptance is funding. It would be nice to see someone or a few parties throw a few billion dollars at this (Bill gates? )…

    Andrea Rossi has invested his own fortune, and has even resorted to selling his home. How much money has he really been able to throw at this so far.

    Defkalion comes along and says they are throwing millions of dollars at this which is an improvement, but we have yet to see what happens.

    Rate this if you agree.

    It is sad to see this science move so slowly. It has been demonstrated over one year ago and yet not enough evidence to convince many skeptics.

    We need Bill Gates or some rich party to jump in and drag this to the finish line.

    • kwhilborn says:

      … Also Removing our oil reliance may be the best hope to stem another world war. Let’s get LENR moving faster, and then we won’t care about Iranian ships and missiles.

  4. Ben says:

    JET ENERGY, Inc. Successfully Scores its SECOND COLD FUSION/LANR OPEN DEMONSTRATION AT MIT During the First IAP Short Course on Cold Fusion

    Cambridge, MA. – As part of the IAP Course on COLD FUSION at MIT (Cambridge, MA), Dr. Mitchell Swartz, JET Energy, and Prof. Peter Hagelstein demonstrated cold fusion openly for scientists and engineers. The demonstration was a two day part of the seven day course run by Prof. Hagelstein and Dr. Swartz, and followed the first open demonstrations of cold fusion at MIT in 2003. This JET Energy NANOR(TM) demonstrated a significant energy gain greater than 10, much larger than the previous open demonstration. This exhibition is also remarkable because it proved the role of lattice in enabling CF/LANR activity. It followed Prof. Hagelstein sharing his breakthrough explanatory theory of cold fusion. The NANOR technology of JET Energy may have already begun to shatter a few preconceived notions of skeptics and cold fusioneers.
    Cold Fusion Times

  5. Brad Arnold says:

    Never atribute to maliciousness what you can attribute to stupidity instead.

    Frankly, I think conspiracy theories are too complex an explaination (Occum’s Razor) for the seemingly obtuse denial of LENR. Instead, you can look back and see all the changes of paradigm that are denied even in the face of strong evidence.

    Five Stages of Idea Acceptance
    1. It is irrelevant to this situation.
    2. It’s relevant, but it’s unproven.
    3. It’s proven, but it’s dangerous.
    4. It’s safe, but it’s not saleable.
    5. It’ll sell, what a great idea!

    I’m not saying how it is is how it ought to be. What I am saying is that conspiracy theories are the least likely. In my opinion, the most likely is that the gigantic paradigm shift LENR represents is simply that LENR has not been widely adopted into consensus reality yet (I’d say we were still on step 2, and that if there is a conspiracy against LENR it will take place on step 3).

  6. Stefan says:

    Well, it seems too grotesque, paranoid and quite depressing but it does sound adequate nevertheless…

  7. Ben says:

    “If the above scenario seems paranoid, just look at some comments from a mainstream site I came across under an article entitled “Iran Willing to Attack U.S.” These were from a blogger named IndridC0ld.

    “I’ve been saying this for months, but it bears repeating. Iran has over 2000 medium and intermediate range ballistic missiles with 1000lb high explosive warheads on a hair trigger. When the attack from the West comes (as now seems certain) Iran will fire those missiles. The targets won’t be US forces. They will be every oil production facility from Saudi Arabia to Qatar. They will DESTROY mid-east oil production FOR YEARS! ”

    “The result of the war won’t even matter. We can go ahead and kill 79 million people living with Iran if we want. It will be a crime against humanity, but it won’t change the fact that when 20% of world oil production goes bhu bye. The resulting economic and political fall out could well start WWIII. Remember, the Chinese get half of their oil from Iran. And they actually HAVE nuclear weapons.”

    Gee, it would be nice if we had a source of energy besides oil, eh?

  8. Roger Bird says:

    Very rich people get old and die. They usually pass their money on to their younger kin. Young people are way more adventurous with their (unearned) money than are rich codgers who earned it. The adventurous young will diversify and try to make big profits off of companies that will gain from LENR-on-steroids. LENR-or-steroids will not and cannot be stopped.

    • tombaccei says:

      History indicates that the second generation vast wealth are far more conservative, far less creative and much less adventurous than the aggressive and creative geniuses who made the money. Look at the history of the “Robber Barons” and their offspring. The fact is that the USA has one of the most rigid class structures in the world. If you are “adventurous” and take risks as a super wealthy individual, that would not be so. They spend much of their effort figuring out how to keep things just as they are! America is grinding to a halt as an innovative and exciting repository for the future of the world. That is too bad, and I for one, would love to see something shake up the conservative, conformist and monotonous ossification of the ingenuity that made us great. I may not be right in my “scenarios”, but I am NOT paranoid. The many mundane visions of a hypothetical LENR rollout are passive and complacent and really cannot accept that the competition for power and wealth in this world is fierce, unforgiving, and that the game is played with no rules.

  9. Sandy says:

    If I had an extra billion dollars I would buy a manufacturing plant and appoint Dr. Rossi to be the Chief of Engineering. Rossi could direct the retooling of the production line with the goal of manufacturing thousands of domestic e-cats each day. We would start selling e-cats to the public in two or three months.

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  11. Roger Bird says:

    Just a little to paranoid for me.

    • Ben says:

      Yes, I believe Tom realized that this would come across as paranoid, as indicated by him saying “Sure. It sounds paranoid, and far too sensational.” But if that is indeed that your impression, how would you answer the question “What would YOU do if YOU ran the country, or the biggest energy company or bank?”

      Actually, if anybody has a realistic scenario on how YOU would react to the advent of a new, potentially disruptive technology if you were in a position of real influence or power, feel free to post it. I am not being glib, I really would like to hear some thoughts about this.

      Unfortunately, I am exposed to weekly installments of reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother , so I am a bit jaded as to how people act and treat each other when money and prizes are at stake. I can’t imagine they would act with any more nobility if the amount of money were exponentially greater and a significant amount of power and influence were thrown in for good measure.

      On the other hand, I probably shouldn’t take my cues from shallow people on a scripted Hollywood “reality show.” Shows like that are just for entertainment and surely have very little bearing on reality. Right?

      • Roger Bird says:

        An old (public) utility bill for me: $48 for electricity. $26 for gas. $25 for water. $23 for wastewater. Not a penny for taxes. The electricity and gas will go away, eventually, but not suddenly, roughly 60%. I live in the middle of the continent, so the other 40% isn’t going much of anywhere.

        I would think that the super rich would realize that they can’t possibly win and will do everything that they possibly can to diversify and get on the Rossi band wagon. Remember that those super rich also own and can own shares in companies that will benefit significantly from LENR-on-steroids.

        I think that LENR-on-steroids will make clandestine marijuana growing look lame in comparison. Many public utilities like mine would be happy to see demand drop so that large swaths of land covered by public utilities would be Rossi-dense and the other folks would demand the same thing. And the price for those covered by private utilities companies would drop anyway because the demand would go down.

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