PLAN X: The John Galt Manifold

The responses to “Three Scenarios” has provided a number of astute and constructive ideas. Obviously starting a thought process is like starting a painting, in that the focus is on the overall pattern and not on specific details. While the stimulus for writing these articles is the advent of the LENR age, it has become clear to me that the real issue at hand is not the technical quality of “Peter the Hermit’s” steam, nor how well grounded he is. It is based on the premise that LENR is an actual, reproducible phenomenon that it is capable, given basic science, engineering and development, of revolutionizing the energy production for virtually every aspect of human life.  Once again, to help us remember to keep ourselves better grounded than Mr. Rossi’s experiments, I must acknowledge that I have no more absolute, hands on, unassailable proof of LENR’s existence that than anyone else. While I remain skeptical in a non-pathological manner, I think it IS rational to proceed in thinking about how the birth pains of this new world will be felt, and to anticipate the struggle that is inevitable for control of the final form of the metamorphoses promising to sweep the world, or even whether such a transformation is desirable.

So, in the painting of this “world in transformation” the first icon of control I envisioned was the MFC (Military Financial Complex), but it is clear that that is too broad a brushstroke. While there is a logical grouping we can call the MFC, whose agenda would surely include the quest for control over this new energy source and for the perception of it by PlanetMind, it is by no means the only source of power in this world. Our agenda of promoting the rapid and complete development of LENR power and the rapid distribution of the technology, certainly must look for John Galt with a much more nuanced way.

The question for Ayn Rand was “Who is John Galt?” To that I propose the equally important question of “Where is John Galt?” Who and where are the powers in the world in a position to effect the evolution of the LENR revolution? When viewed from afar, it is easy enough to see the MFC as the major player. Such a logical grouping is no doubt sensible and for most of us (see the Three Scenarios poll) it is a way of grappling with the absurd lack of serious penetration of the LENR story into PlanetMind, and the sinful lack of serious investment to get this discovery past the three ring circus, Mad Hatter phase of Rossi and Defkalion. But, of course, there are others!

So, once again, a continuum! Only this time it is more of a manifold, a more than two dimensioned continuum, but of course with the added complication that one parameter can and does affect the other.

On the financial axis, on one end is the MFC, at the opposite end is a logical grouping we can call the PGFA, the “Progressive, Green, Futuristic Alliance”. This would be those who have surplus wealth and use it to fund and promote any number of progressive, green and mostly “liberal” goals. Paul Allen, Richard Branson, Bill Gates etc. Not to mention Sidney Kimmel, who has already ponied up funds to promote LENR research at U of Missouri.

In the middle of this axis is the RSA crowd (Rich, Stupid Assholes), who know nothing of how to use their wealth in any way other than as personal excess and aggrandizement .  Go to Monte Carlo and look around if you want to get an idea of what this group is about.

The other axis of the John Galt manifold is the intellectual/communication axis. It is the “MemeSpace” axis, where ideas compete. Financial control of the MemeSpace has been unraveled by the advent of the Internet, and this has changed the game! It is easy to see that the establishment (read expensive) media sources have certainly stonewalled the LENR story, and the leakage into the mainstream has been slow and mostly of a pathoskep bent. So one end of the MemeSpace axis of the John Galt manifold is the establishment media. Their allies are the pathoskeps and moles, who infiltrate and try to dominate the webscape with negativity, mockery and puerile intellectualism; character assassinations of one sort or another aimed at specific individuals by supposed “experts,” who clearly are the worst sort of “Trojan Horse” cynics. Start with Steven Krivit as an example of a supposed advocate of LENR development, who spends his idle hours attacking Rossi in ways that are sometimes valid but often quite ridiculous.

The other end of the MemeSpace axis from the establishment media on the John Galt manifold is, well, us! Bloggers and dreamers. The “paranoid” and the visionaries of a future that has been stolen from us all. I STILL want my future back!

In the middle of this axis? Fat, stoned, give a fuck patsies, pursaps (Purchasing Sapiens) who are the target of most advertising, with a rigid, unchanging world view, etc. etc. These are the dense, unchanging robots in our midst (or rather we are in THEIR midst). These are the time machine transports from the dark ages, who believe that all knowledge is contained in the ancient books and it is useless, or even evil, to attempt generating any new knowledge. If you are ever burnt at the stake, these folks will be there with their Zippos and sparklers.

So, there it is, a more nuanced view of the “power establishment”. As always this quest for PLAN X only goes somewhere if you join in, add “logical power groups” which I have not identified. Encourage, defile or dispute me. Call me insane, but STOP BEING A PASSIVE OBSERVER in this war for the future of humanity. As they say “life is like a shit sandwich: the more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat”. I say “life is like a fistfight: the longer you sit on your hands the more knuckles you have to eat!”

So, let us think this all through and not just sit on our hands and complain! And, you know, even if LENR and “Peter the Hermit” and Defkalion are all just a cruel hoax, what is there to lose? This is a great subject for use of Pascal’s wager for the existence of God. If you believe and you are right, infinite reward; if you are wrong, what did you lose? Nothing! The flip side? If you do not believe, what is gained if you are right…nothing, and what do you lose if wrong…everything! Apply it here. In the big picture of what we humans spend our wealth on, what would a few billion spent in an intense search for the LENR truth really mean? Maybe no lipstick or beer nuts for a year…or maybe one fewer B2 bomber, or nuclear missile, or gaudy yacht at St. Moritz. If it is all a scam, that’s what we would lose. But if it pans out — the future is back!

In coming days it is my intention to write an “open letter” to each of these groups, and maybe a few more. I will simply be firing off memes! Some may even hit their mark.  This is the only way I know to have even a small bit of effect on this glorious, hideous and always entertaining emergence of the LENR world. Join PLAN X: Publish, Disseminate, Translate and Finance!

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24 Responses to PLAN X: The John Galt Manifold

  1. Chad says:

    The search for a reliable method of producing energy from renewable resources is more urgent today than ever before. Did Nikola Tesla truly invent a “free energy device”?

    • Earl says:

      I believe Nicola Tesla did master free energy. I believe that aether exists. My wife says she only believes in things that she can see herself. One thing is for sure, if even one of the thousands, or millions, of UFO sightings are a craft from another star system or galaxy, then they are not using anything that we in the “left-behind” civilization know about as a power source. The “break-away” civilization of the MFC can only keep a lid on advanced technology as long as the financial component keeps working. Since this financial component is in the process of imploding before our eyes, there may be big changes in store in the near future. I expect 2012 to have some very big surprises.
      Regards, Earl

  2. Anony Mole says:

    Tom, I’ve been thinking on your reference to “Pascal’s Wager.” The issue with using this analogy is that with Pascal’s Wager the outcome of the bet can only be determined by death. It is only after death that your bet to believe in god will be realized. Although Pascal’s alludes to belief in god to living a more pleasant life while alive, in the end, the bet is only realized upon death. If one reasoned with Pascal and believed in god, and was proved wrong (after death), there would be no “living” with a wrong choice. This is not true with beliefs in such, mundane in comparison to the existence of god, topics as LENR. To have hope in LENR, only in the end to have those hopes proved false, and then have to “live” with these broken hopes, would be painful and disheartening. This is the difference. Believing and then having those beliefs proved wrong, while still alive and aware of the falsity, breaks the analogy to Pascal’s Wager.

    Now, humans, I believe, are the ultimate tragic species. To invest so much time, effort and emotion into learning, living and loving, only to have such effort snuffed into nothing in the end – that is truly tragic. But none-the-less we do it, over and over – endlessly, heedless of the probability that Pascal was just as tragic a human as the rest of us. It is in our genes, it would seem, to maintain hope in even the strangest of beliefs. False hope is a tragic tendency. Having to live with failed hopes is the most tragic of all. Let us hope that your Pascal’s Wager in LENR is not a tragic one – who would want to live in a world without LENR?

    • Earl says:

      Dear Anony Mole,

      you said:
      “Let us hope that your Pascal’s Wager in LENR is not a tragic one – who would want to live in a world without LENR?”

      I for one, would love to live in a world without LENR. People connected one way or another with LENR seem to have a one-track mind and think that the only game in town is LENR. It is not, even if the other games are hidden away in compartmentalized special access projects in the deep black world. LENR is a very primitive source of energy, so primitive that in order to utilize it one must use the Carnot cycle. The use of the Carnot cycle, whether oil-fired, coal-fired, neutron-fired, or LENR-fired, should be forbidden and kept only in a museum.

      There are technologies hidden away underground in Nevada, Utah, and Pine Gap, Australia that could be considered to be roughly 40 000 years more advanced than those known outside the circle of “above top secret, compartmentalized”. In 1975 Ben Rich succeeded Johnson as the head of Skunk Works and was later named the “father of stealth”. Famous aerospace author and photographer, Jim Goodall, a curator of Seattle Museum of Flight, said Ben Rich told him: “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine we already know how to do.” Ben said anything you see in Star Trek, and even more, they already do.

      The direct generation of electrical energy from the construction of our Universe by simple devices has been realized since 60 years or more. Such electrical generators make LENR totally uninteresting and these generators are used every day in the deep black world.

      Please read my comment at
      and educate yourself concerning white world generators:
      charles lindbergh hendershot
      Alfred Hubbert coil
      Pierce-Arrow Nicola Tesla
      T. Henry Moray
      Tariel Kapanadze
      Youtube search on: Kapanadze box

      The problem of knowledge embargo is very old: from the Catholic church in the Middle Ages, from hydrocarbon interests at the beginning of the 20th century, from anti-gravity starting starting in the 1920’s and 30’s by Biefeld-Brown and clamped down hard in the 1950’s. Biefeld-Brown’s work ended up using high-k dielectrics and voltage going into the millions to evolve the ARV “Alien Reproduction Vehicle”, which is fondly referred to as the Flux Liner by those in the deep black, above-top-secret world. The Flux Liner is powered by so-called Free Energy and not primitive LENR. The faster the Flux Liner flies, the faster it likes to fly; it quickly exceeds the speed of light by many times.

      The MFC knowledge embargo started in earnest with President Eisenhower. He liked to go golfing and delegate authority. After the Roswell crashes, further crashes in New Mexico and elsewhere in the Southwest, the last straw came when several hundred saucers stationed themselves above the White House in 1952. Eisenhower delegated the “UFO problem” to VP Richard Nixon to solve and solve it he did. Tricky Dicky came up with the idea to form a second, invisible government to manage the ET/UFO problem. Eisenhower, in his farewell address, warned about the Military-Industrial-Complex since the President had been side-lined and the technology and its access taken over by the MIC, but he was the one who created the problem of two diverging human civilizations. This secret, invisible breakaway civilization has free energy, tele-transportation, quantum entanglement instant telecommunication over any distance, anti-gravity, faster-than-light ships, and others, and is controlled now by the MFC. They have unlimited money and power. Then there is the rest of us. The gap between these 2 civilizations is widening every year, at present some 40 000 years difference, which makes re-uniting these civilizations increasingly difficult. Not the same as re-uniting East and West Germany. This is a severe problem that must be solved and the sooner the better. LENR really does not enter into the equation, except possibly as a catalyst for de-cloaking the hidden breakaway technology.
      Regards, Earl

      • Anony Mole says:

        Earl, perhaps it did not come across, I was trying to jest, not quite facetiously. We already do live in a world without LENR… And as it is this one technology that appears to have been let “out of the bag”, it is the one we get to discuss, rather openly it seems. The others you allude to don’t seem so, um, publicly accessible. In all likelihood we’ll all move onto some other topic within six months or so, and never grace these pages again.

      • Ben says:


        I cannot speak for other sites, but the people commenting here seem to have a “one-track mind” about LENR because that is the purpose of this site. There are multiple other sites devoted to a wide range of interesting energy technologies but this is not one of them.

        There may indeed prove to be a wide host of technologies that surpass LENR in terms of energy production and efficacy but LENR is the most extensively documented as being a reality as the world stands today. Once the scientific underpinnings of the observed reaction is better understood, there is not telling what new technologies may emerge. Dr. Frank Znidarsic and Dr. Brian Ahern both say as much in their papers explaining cold fusion and LENR respectively, which both can be found on the theory page. I have heard it said that even Widom-Larsen theory has implications that reach beyond LENR. Perhaps, just perhaps, the knowledge that LENR will lead to even greater things is the real impetus behinds the now frantic attempts to keep it in the shadows. As Edmund Storm says in the trailer for the “The Believers” (at the bottom of the page), once LENR gets that one WOW demonstration, all hell is going to break loose. I don’t think I could have said it any better myself.

  3. Admin says:

    Dr. Joseph Zawodny has commented on the NASA slide shows I recently uploaded to You Tube. See the video and comments at the link below, and feel free to add your own comment. He is obviously aware that the information has been posted and this is a chance to give him some feedback.

  4. Earl says:

    your Three Scenarios and Plan X along with the responses are very interesting. Unfortunately, you and the people responding seem to have a one-track mind. You all are only concentrating on LENR / CF. I believe this is much too restrictive. I have been following the “Free Energy” field since a long time. I have even held in my hand an extremely simple and functioning free energy electrical motor. It consisted of a permanent magnet, a stator coil, a rotor coil, and a commutator. That is all. It had no battery, nor any apparent source of energy. Interestingly the rotor would only continue to turn in one direction, not the other. The reason was that the rotor was slightly imbalanced (on purpose) and therefore there was a gravitational component involved. The commutator was cleverly set so that the rotor would be motor during part of the rotation and generator during the other part. It took the inventor a good part of a year to achieve these results as a result of intelligence, perseverance, cleverness, and intuition. He told me that he had no intention of ever making this public. If he released it anonymously people would have trouble replicating and soon it would be considered a fraud. If he tried to do anything with it, he would be attacked and it would ruin the rest of his life. I do not believe this implementation could be successfully scaled up, but it shows that it is possible to directly receive energy from our Universe in a new way.

    The present MFC did not exist in the years 1920 – 1930s, so why did the Alfred Hubbert coil of 1919 not succeed in being commercialized? dito the electrical Pierce-Arrow car of Nicola Tesla? dito the the Lester J. Hendershot generator? dito the Dr. T. Henry Moray generator, seen demonstrated by several thousand people with up to 50 kW output power? Tom, you should investigate why these devices were never widely introduced. In contrast, why did a disruptive technology like Skype succeed with absolutely no advertising (although perhaps not financially, except those inventors who sold it)?

    Could it be that democracy and the concept of patents are to blame? Could it be that our society has such severe distortions that fast advancement of technology and therefore prosperity of the entire human race are impossible? Why are patents necessary? If successful discoveries are rewarded by society with their just value, patents would not be necessary. Is what Madonna wears or sings more important to society than peak oil or free energy? Should a football player earn 1 million $ per month? Is it possible that democracy leads to extinction, while meritocracy leads to a galactic civilization?

    There is a lot more involved than just a tunnel vision of LENR.

    Regards, Earl

    • Earl says:

      One more thing. Rudolph Diesel invented his motor to run on vegetable oil. This was also before the MFC, but after Rockefeller and Standard Oil company. Just before the start of WWI, in 1913 he mysteriously disappeared from the steamer Dresden on 29 September 1913. It is clear that military vehicles and boats will need lots of liquid energy for a world war. Will it be vegetable oil or fossil fuels?

    • Earl says:

      your 3 scenarios also tie in with the “red flag law” in the United Kingdom at the onset of the automobile age and why they were repealed.
      Regards, Earl

    • tombaccei says:


      Thank you for these startling historical notes. Please note in my essays that the focus is on the sociological, financial and political manifestations of LENR (or any other revolutionary energy supply.) The questions you ask are very astute and point at the heart of the problem, and with permission, I will use, and extend them in coming weeks. It has been my point that the difficulty in this, and other “dangerous” technologies lies in the PlanetMind, and the forces that influence it, not in the inventions themselves. Some seek to stifle breakthroughs, some seek to own and dominate them, some like the safety of their unchanging world view and some are just to dumb, fat and stupid to get off of their hands and confront the inertia which threatens the progress of the human race and our very futures, and so, while I do, and will continue to acknowledge various other “dangerous” technology, it is just simpler in confronting the PlanetMind problem to not get too technical. The internet provides a means by which we might motivate and organize enough of us who are less fearful of an unstable future to actually DO something about it. I can tell that you have already joined that effort. Thanks for taking the time to write!

      • Earl says:

        of course, you have my permission, as well as my wishes that your endeavors help in changing things for the better.
        Regards, Earl

  5. Brad Arnold says:

    I hope you are aware that Pascal’s wager is a falacy. BTW, LENR has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers:
    Hopefully in about a month or two independent testing of Defkalion’s LENR generator will come back positive (just what the “skeptics” have been asking for, right?).

    • tombaccei says:

      Sure I’m aware of the fallacy here. Might as well apply the argument to flying saucers or the tooth fairy. But in this case an actual and potentially palpable object exists as the antecedent of the argument. For instance I MIGHT win the jackpot at a Casino, and I can make this “games theory” calculation. 1: If I do wager, I might win $M or lose $1 with the expectation being the same in a fair and level game ( This is a “zero-sum game” where the chances of winning are actually 1 in a million exactly.) 2: If I do not wager and my number comes up, I have lost $1M If it does NOT come up I am ahead the $1 I saved. Again the expectation is the same in a zero sum game. In the LENR case we do not know the true odds of “hitting the jackpot” but the payoff odds are immense, say $1B invested vs. countless trillions for the society if LENR pans out. SO the question for each of us is: given the complete body of results in LENR research what are the odds for winning? Having spent months following every report and paper I could find I think the chances of a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow are significant, probably 50 / 50. Others might not agree, but we must be exceedingly cautious to weigh the arguments made by pathoskeps and moles who would love to scare everyone off based on their certainty that it is all a scam. I simply find their claims to be shrill, repetitive and lacking in the type of gravitas I would need in order to discount the many serious, competent and credible observers who have achieved significant results.

      Thanks for your inputs. I share your basic reservation of conclusion, and hope that you will continue to engage in this dialogue!


  6. Ben says:

    Well, it appears that Australian multi-millionaire George Smith is part of the RSA crowd. He had a chance to step up like Sidney Kimmel and fund research at a university level, but instead chose a self-aggrandizing publicity stunt in cohorts with “The Snake.” Dr. George Miley’s group could have put the money to good use.

    Well done Mr. Smith. So much for your hollow statements that this was all about validating a new energy source to save the planet.

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  8. For the most part the people in power and the rich will accept LENR IF it’s PROVEN to be true. The few that control, manipulate and suppress are the few. Fate and evolution is on the side of LENR. Even if they manage to suppress one of the emerging LENR technologies another will pop up.


    • Ben says:

      Actually cold/fusion has been proven to be true by literally hundreds of experiments. The work that Sidney Kimmel is supporting at the University of Missouri has been independently validated. The problems now are reliability, control and making enough excess energy to be useful. Rossi claims to have solved all those problems but has yet to demonstrate it in an unequivocal fashion.

      The one thing I keep hearing from people ad nauseum is that cold fusion has never been able to be replicated, especially the work of Pons and Fleishmann. While that is not true (it has been replicated hundreds of times) and the field has moved far beyond their work, I would just like all to watch this video from ABCs Good Morning America in 1994. It features Pons and Fleishmann at work at a Toyota sponsored lab in 1994. While they were able to consistently produce excess energy, it was never to the level that it was commercially useful. Because of this, Toyota pulled the plug on the research in the late 90s. However, hopefully, this clip will help to the dispel the erroneous notion that the work has never been replicated. Of course, there are also thousands of papers that support cold fusion claims as well but, in the interest of simplicity, I present video.

      • I think in all likelihood the E-cat is the real deal, but my post above was referring to the proof the mainstream scientific community, political and the rich needs.


        • Ben says:

          What kind of proof do you think they need? I would assert that the proof is already there. The above video is just proof that Pons and Fleishmann didn’t hang there test tubes up after they run out of the US, and indicates that they made progress with their work. As I alluded to, the proof of “cold fusion” is contained in thousands of scientific papers and mountains of experimental data The question is why do the parties you mention continue to ignore it? That is one of the issues that the last couple of articles has been attempting to address. PLAN X is an attempt to make people so aware of the available information that they cannot deny it anymore.

          EDIT: Let me just amend the above statement for clarity. PART of PLAN x is the dissemination of information but ultimately it involves more than that. The bottom line is to be active. The rich have been taking a beating here as of late but we need to give credit where credit is due. Those in the upper echelons of any hierarchy did not get there and usually do stay there by being passive. There is a lesson to be learned there.

          • I think the scientific standard for the best scientific proof is when more than one major university can replicate a result. Which did not happen with Pons and Fleischman or any other cold fusion result that I know of. I realize that we do have a lot of data on cold fusion now, and some of it is very good. I think that these tests are real, and there is no fraud going on. I have read about some of these results, and they sound promising. But the scientific community is skeptical, so you have to convince them, not me. They require a working product, that consistently works. I know it’s messed up. I would think that if you can get a empirical result consistently 5% 10% 20% percent of the time you should scientifically say there is something going on here, lets study it. But the scientists are skeptical and some even bias. The CF guy on 60 minutes said that they get results 20 percent of the time. For me that is more than enough to say something is going on. And some of those results show very very high energy out put. It will be very interesting in the next 10 20 years to see scientists that had to work with consistent results in their work all of the sudden have to work with inconsistent results. And their life’s work taken from them because it is no longer viable in the market then have to work with CF, something we don’t fully understand. So they will be forced to work in a field were you have to work with the probabilities.


            • Ben says:

              Other institutions did in fact replicate Pons and Fleishmann. Dr. Edmund Storms worked at Los Alamos National Lab in 1989 and was part of a research group that did successfully replicate. He has been a CF researcher ever since. Dr. Melvin Miles worked at China lake Naval Weapons Center in 1989 and while his group was initially unable to replicate, 6 months later he was successful. The material need for the reaction is crucial and he said that he did not realize this until 6 months after the initial failed replication. See his first hand account at the video link below, starting at 18:45.


              According to the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, MIT also was able to replicated but skewed the data to make it look like a failure. According to him, a group of scientists at MIT did this to ensure continued funding for there hot fusion reactor. Dr. Mallove was the head of the MIT Science Information Office at the time and he resigned in protest. That info can be found here:

              If you look at the NASA tab in the top menu bar, there is a link to documents from 1989 where it is reported that NASA was able to replicate as well. However, they were looking for neutrons. The anomalous heat measured was lower than what was reported by P&F but they (NASA) also performed the experiment according to their own specs and did not follow the instructions laid out by P&F. This they openly admit. Twenty years of research has strongly suggests that the the effect is observed under only very specific conditions.

              There are many other examples as well. Several US universities reported replications but most withdrew their claims and attributed them to experimental error. I really do not understand how multiple universities across the country could have made similar errors to negate their experiments, but that is the official line.

              The one thing I remember from those times is that shortly after P&F were “debunked,” I would read articles in the newspaper about replications in places like Japan and India. These stories were usually buried in the back pages of the paper and they were never highlighted by the major on-air TV networks. Many of those experimental results can be found at

  9. Anony Mole says:

    Oh my, but that was entertaining! Thanks Tom, for that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve nothing to add; I’ve sprinkled similar thoughts and notions on the topic around the web for those who care to dig for them. Great stuff – keep it coming, I for one, will eat it up. -AM

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