The e-Cat and the US Navy

Over the past  6 months or so, a couple of names have been bantered about as to who Andrea Rossi’s mystery customer is for his first e-Cat 1MW plants.  The first name put forth many months ago was Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB ), a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley with a well-established track record of helping new companies get off the ground. Since 1972 they have provided startup capital for companies such as, Sun Microsystems, Electronic Arts , Genentech, Intuit, AOL, Verisign, and Google.   Notable names closely associated with this company include NASA rocket scientist K. R. Sridhar, former  Vice President Al Gore,  and former US Secretary of State and retired US Army General Colin Powell.  Talk of KPCB being involved with Andrea Rossi and his e-Cat centered largely around the domain name redirecting to the KPCB web site.  Prior to pointing to KPCB, had been owned by Exxon Oil Company for nearly a  decade.   The domain changed hands just a little over a month before the October 28 demo.  During the October 6 demo, Rossi announced that there was a change in customer due to the advice of legal counsel.  Shortly after that, the domain for redirected to Google Green.  That domain now asks for a user name and password when attempting to access it, with no clue as to ownership and, according to Whois, the domain owner has been made private through

Curiously, it was also at the Oct. 6 demo, that the name of Paul Swanson of the U.S. Navy’s SPAWAR was mentioned as one of the guests in attendance.  As many know, SPAWAR has been quietly been in involved in cold fusion/LENR research for two decades and have to their credit 23 peer-reviewed papers regarding the technology.  As a reference, see the 1-hour video presentation by SPAWAR researchers entitled Twenty-Year History of Lattice-Enabled Nuclear Reactions (LENR) – Hiding in Plain Sight.   In the NASA video released on January  12 touting that agency’s interest in LENR, there is an image that appears briefly, from 1:51 to 1:53, of the video that is attributed to SPAWAR (see video still below).

As a side note, SPAWAR research has recently been discontinued but, a US Navy spokesman, James Fallin, was recently quoted thusly by the New Energy Times.

I will confirm SPAWAR plans no further low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research. There are other organizations within the federal government that are better aligned to continue research regarding nuclear power. We have taken initial steps to determine how a transition of low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research might occur.” link

Given that NASA’s name keeps popping up in this story, one has to wonder whether NASA will ultimately be the US Government Agency that will continue the LENR research begun by SPAWAR.  There are strong, nearly undeniable, indications that this has already occurred.  See the article NASA and LENR for documentation of these indications.  Furthermore, even if the US Navy is the first customer for the e-Cat, much research is still required in terms of optimizing the effect and, obviously, figuring out to a greater degree of certainly exactly what the mechanism of the reaction is.

Going back to the notion that the US Navy is indeed the first customer for the e-Cat, Andrea Rossi himself said at the time of the Oct. 28 demo of his 1MW cold fusion plant that his customer was a military entity and has continued to assert that for many months.  As it has been stated here on this site many times, the military would likely want to have the first crack at this technology before it was released into the public domain any way.

In that regard, the US Navy has long been at the forefront of introducing new energy technology into its operations.   In May of 2011, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, in a speech at the U.S. Green Building Council Federal Summit in Washington, D.C., stated the following in regards to the Navy leading the way in the introduction of new energy technologies:

“Leading change, particularly in energy, is absolutely nothing new for the Navy and Marine Corps. We have always been on the front of innovation. In the middle of the 19th century, we moved from sail to coal, in the early part of the 20th Century we moved from coal to oil, and then in the 1950s we introduced nuclear power into the Fleet. And every single time, every single time, there were folks who said you’re trading one very proven source of power for an absolutely unproven one, and oh by the way, you don’t have any infrastructure, price is too high. In fact when we moved from sail to coal, a panel of Navy admirals blasted away at it, saying we’ve used wind for literally thousands of years, and where are you going to get these coaling stations that you would have to have all around the world., Another group, equally adamant when we moved from coal to oil, said you’ve got all these coaling stations all over the world. What in the world are you going to do with them if you move to oil?  The same thing with nuclear power.”  link

I would recommend that readers review the entirety of the speech.  In it Secretary Mabus specifically outlines how new energy technology would be of benefit to the military.  He also outlines the Navy’s plan to have 50% of its energy come from renewable services by 2020, just 8 short years ago.  No doubt this renewable energy will come from a variety of sources but one would be hard-pressed to identify any widely accepted renewable (i.e. solar, wind) energy sources that would allow such a transition in 8 short years.  I also am reminded that in an interview in April of 2011, NASA chief scientist Dennis Bushnell listed LENR as the #1 most interesting and promising new energy source.  The interview is also interesting for its treatment of a host of other renewables but none of them are as far along in development as LENR, nor would they be necessarily practical for widespread implantation for a military organization like the US Navy.

The Navy connection to Andrea Rossi is perhaps best exemplified by Rossi’s own blog.  If one goes to the advisors page on JONP, the second name on the list of advisors is listed as Prof. Michael Melich and his affiliation is listed as the DoD (Department of Defense).  Prof. Melich is on the faculty of the US Navy’s Post Graduate School (see link).   A company called PHLburg Technologies also lists Michael Melich on its board of directors and touts his credentials thusly:

“MICHAEL E. MELICH , Ph.D., scientific specialty is theoretical and applied physics. Dr. Melich is a senior scientific advisor to the Pentagon, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and other world renowned research laboratories, private business, and is a university professor. Dr. Melich is PHLburg’s Chief Scientist.”  link

On the company’s web site, on its “Solutions” page, it states the following concerning its purpose and objectives:

We help Customers solve their technology problems by searching for, identifying, and obtaining the exclusive economic rights to commercially exploit

This page goes on to say that they perform this function not only for American companies but also for entities in the former Soviet Union, i.e. Russia, as well.  That fact really has nothing to do the gist of this story but I think it is an interesting claim nonetheless.

In light of the above information, one is left to wonder if PHLburg Technologies and/or Prof. Melich are not part of the investor’s trust that Andrea Rossi has recently mentioned as now being a major player in his Leonardo Corp.  While he remains CEO, he reports that his interests are now subject to the approval of the trust.  The interesting thing about such an investor’s trust is that it allows its members to make important business decisions, much like a board of directors, yet still remain anonymous.  In most corporate structures, the board of directors of a company are legally obligated to reveal their identities.  This is not the case with an investor’s trust.  This structure would be especially useful if members or representatives of a government or military organization were part of said trust.  Such entities have been known to set up corporations that allow them to conduct business under the auspices of a private corporation.  In the US, the CIA is well-known for this practice, as exemplified by such companies as Air America and Southern Air Transport.  If the CIA engages in this sort of activity, it is not really a stretch to imagine that other arms of US Intelligence may do the same, including US Naval Intelligence.

They are unconfirmed reports that Michael Melich is associated with the US Intelligence apparatus in some capacity.  Dennis Bushnell of NASA certainly is, as  he says as much in the audio link referenced above, claiming to be a regular consultant to such organizations.

Andrea Rossi has done previous work for the US Government.  In the early 2000s he developed thermoelectric devices for the DoD.  These devices were basically designed to turn heat into electricity.  A report by the US Army Corps of Engineers regarding these devices can be found here.  In summary, the prototype device worked as advertised and exceeded DoD specifications.  Unfortunately, there were problems with mass production of the TEDs and few of the final products worked at all.  Some of these same issues regarding workmanship have already appeared with the first manifestations of the e-Cat, with reports of leaky gaskets that apparently have delayed delivery of the 1MW plant to its final destination for several months now.  This persistent problem may have also served as the impetus for the formation of an investor’s trust for Leonardo Corp.  If the customer is in fact the DoD, more specifically the US Navy, they would certainly have an interest in overseeing production to ensure that the problems that plagued the TEDs do not derail mass production of the e-Cat.

Lastly, I have mentioned previously that this site receives regular visits from well-known corporations as well as government entities from all over the world.  One of the most frequent is the US Navy.  Individuals using an IP from the US Navy visit this site on an almost daily basis, sometimes several times a day.  This site also receives visits from the US Air Force and the facilities of the US Army, but visits by the US Navy outnumber other entities of the US military by a significant degree.  At that the very least this indicates more than a passing degree of interest, and may in fact indicate that they are monitoring public awareness and knowledge of this story.


Here is another interesting piece of information that I failed to mention when I originally posted this article.

There has been much hubbub of late regarding Andrea Rossi no longer working with National Instruments, claiming that his customer preferred to work with a company with whom they were already doing business. Since that time, Rossi has mentioned several times that he has been working with Siemens.  Of note, Siemens signed a contract with the US Navy to manage a portion of their power metering systems in March of 2010. Although Rossi has not specifically mentioned Siemens as being the company that has been chosen in lieu of National Instruments, I do find the sudden appearance of Siemens into the conversation interesting, especially in lieu of their work with the US Navy.

See Siemens Signs Contract to Provide Navy with Power Metering Equipment


On a personal note, I would like to apologize to readers for the length of time in between articles as of late.  While news has admittedly been slow over the last couple of weeks, I have also been preparing to enter the ranks of married men in short order.  Anybody who has ever been involved with these proceedings knows how time-consuming such preparations can be.   Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks things will return to some semblance of normalcy, with the added benefit of marital bliss underlying both my demeanor and perspective.  I thank you for your patience and continued readership and participation in this site. BTW, if you are interested in offering congratulations to myself and my bride-to-be, feel free to do so by clicking on the donate button and contributing to the “honeymoon fund.”  I thank you for your support.


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24 Responses to The e-Cat and the US Navy

  1. GreenWin says:

    Admin, Ben, Anon mole, et al, an excellent overview of the real situation, sans krivetism and snipes from diversion trolls. I am an American citizen, as such I can safely state I am greatly impressed with the vision of the United States Navy historically and to date. The USS Nautilus was authorized in 1951 (same year fusion research began) utilizing the world’s first nuclear propulsion. Since then Navy has been one of the only government agencies willing to invest in speculative, risky technology. To be fair, they still invest in various fission research, but the record shows admirable support for state of the art energy research including LANR or LEARN (nice acronym evolution.)

    Dr. Michael Melich is indeed a key player in this drama. And a well qualified one. Considering that he remains on the Board of Advisors to Dr. Rossi’s journal, listed as a representative of the United States DOD, we can also assume he is a very important liaison to the Pentagon. Dr. Melich’s bio is extremely impressive:

    “Michael E. Melich, PhD, has been a Research Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School since 1985 and focuses on potential technology breakthroughs of great importance to national defense. From the 1989 Fleischmann-Pons announcement, Mike has done research and published papers on LENR. He has attended all 16 of the ICCF and co-chaired ICCF-14.”

    In fact at the recent NuCAT Energy short course on LENR, there were FOUR Navy scientists presenting as instructors. A strong endorsement of the LEARN technology by Navy.

    I take this opportunity to extend credit and kudos to the U.S. Department of Navy and the Secretary of Navy, Ray Mabus:

    ““This is what we do. We change the way we use and produce energy, and we’re doing it again, and we’re at the cutting edge, which is where the Navy has always been on energy use.” Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy Oct. 13, 2011

    While there are national security implications to any disruptive energy development – what Secretary Mabus and those in the Pentagon might not realize, is their defacto endorsement of this astonishing new source of clean, abundant energy – makes them humanitarian heroes of a magnitude they cannot imagine. There is no greater, more effective humanitarian campaign than to deliver abundant, accessible energy to the people of planet Earth. Those privileged to put their names on this seminal event will be lauded, remembered, revered like no leaders in the history of human evolution. Thank you U.S. Navy for your vision, persistence and loyalty to human welfare. I am proud to say this is my country.

  2. psi says:

    Hi guys,

    Just rethinking this. I was reading on another site that KCPB at some point came out and specifically denied any involvement with Rossi. But its not difficult to see why they would say this even if it wasn’t true. It sort of reminds me of the Krivit fiasco in which Krivit tried to spread the rumor that NI wasn’t really doing anything of substance with Rossi, and so in response NI comes out and says “It’s just what Rossi said,” and includes a link back to Rossi’s original statement about the relationship.

    Strikes me something like the inverse of this is happening with KCPB. Don’t you think if the speculations about intelligence and military are valid, that KCPB would be required to sign an NDA? Does that pig fly?

    • Ben says:

      I believe KCPB did what some many involved in this have done, in that they denied being a Rossi customer because at the time they made the statement that was technically true. They had not yet purchased anything, although the domain redirect looked like they might be. They were made aware of several people that directed to their site and they did not address that for a considerable amount of time. I think Craig Brown of Free Energy News waited over a month for an answer from them. If you look at the KCPB Facebook page going back to Sept/Oct, you can see when the question was asked and when and how they answered.

      So, in short, I think you are making correct assumptions.

  3. Ben says:

    After much discussion of late regarding the domain, it has just come to my attention that the domain is now an e-Cat news feed from all the various sites. That switch over has just occurred, as that was not the case as recently as a day or two ago. Check it out.

  4. psi says:

    Ben says: “The Navy has a long history of integrating new technology and a 20 year history of researching LENR. Rossi has an association with the DoD that goes back a decade. Melich has an association with Rossi, the Navy and the DoD. Why have these FACTS not been discussed more? Why instead are people right now obsessed and nearly hysterical with what happened with Rossi last week according to someone no one who has ever heard of and a journalist with an axe to grind?”

    O wow. What a blast of fresh air. Why not, indeed? Let me take a guess: they were not known.

    Which raises a question. Why were they not known? Why, instead, is the blogosphere abuzz with Steve Krivit’s latest sallies with the Florida Bureau of Radiation and the parsing every last one of Mr. Rossi’s statements to see if he can be speedily convicted by the contradiction of the day?

    Could it be that we are being misdirected? I for one certainly concur with the emerging consensus here that Melich is a key piece of our puzzle, more important than most of the rest from the original post. Yet its importance cannot be overstated, for just the reasons to which you refer, Ben. I would recommend a follow up blog, focusing just on the Melich connection. The importance might be obvious to more readers if a fresh blog entry was done on that one aspect all by itself. Of course you could allude to the other events, by keep your focus on Melich and elaborate on why he is so important. I think that could be a real trumpet blast through the blogosphere.

    Just a thought….but if you like, trumpet away…..


    • Ben says:

      I would have to disagree that Melich is the most important figure in this story, although he certainly plays a pivotal role. Whatever role he plays, would be irrelevant to the story sans Rossi and the Navy. Unfortunately, not an abundance of information is available about him. Some of what available comes from New Energy Times. Now, isn’t that ironic. The link in the above article that references “unconfirmed reports” that Melich is associated with US intelligence comes Krivit. He doesn’t believe it for a minute.

      Let’s see…Melich is a prof at the US Navy Post Graduate School and affiliated with the Naval Research Laboratory, Rossi and is the head scientist at some shadowy investment company. Yeah, to think Melich might be involved with US intelligence is crazy talk. LOL! Only Krivit could come to such an idiotic conclusion. Just add Melich as another victim thrown under the NET bus. Oh, and don’t forget Melich’s wife, Marianne Macy. She apparently is a regular contributor to Infinite Energy, the cold fusion publication founded by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove. According to Krivit, her writings are suspect because she once wrote an article about the sex industry posing as a call girl, or something to that effect. In the land of The Snake, this apparently makes all further utterings null and void. Good grief! On the other hand, it could be said that Krivit sometimes writes articles posing as a journalist.

      What we need is Sandy or another one of our resourceful readers on the case to find out some more info on Melich. I don’t have time at the moment to delve further into it, but it is most definitely worthwhile. Where are you Sandy? See what more you can find out about Melich if you don’t care. If anybody else has information on Michael Melich, it would be appreciated if you could post it here.

      I do agree that collectively we are being misdirected by the pathoskeps, moles and trolls from the connections and aspects of the story that really matter. Baccei has done a nice write up about that and I will post it tomorrow or Friday. I am going to leave this article up for tight now because it still getting a lot of views, even though the comments may not reflect that. The back end blog stats provided by WordPress tell me that is one of the most viewed articles in some time. So, while people may have been largely ignorant of this information before, there are no excuses now.

      I have been a little hard on Mr. Anony Mole because of his apparent ignorance about the KPCB connection to But, in all honesty, there are people new to this story every day and a lot of people are unaware of the greater context. Some of the information about Melich has been available for a good while, although perhaps not widely known. I believe he has been listed on the advisors page of JONP for as long as Rossi’s blog has been up.. A good number of people who have been following cold fusion for yeas are aware of Melich. Same goes with Rossi and the DoD. Many people know of his involvement with the DoD beginning in 2002. Although, the report by Celani that Rossi and Ahern were working on a project for the DoD as recently as 2008 is news, as this only came to light in January. Celani mentioned it, gave no details and has said no more about it. I think that contention definitely needs further investigation. Long time followers also know of the SPAWAR research. Many history buffs, especially military history buffs, know of the Navy’s willingness to adopt new technology, and of the history of the military driving technological innovation in many cases.

      Unfortunately, too many people are reading these blogs, and reacting to them, like a supermarket tabloid and not treating these events as a dynamic, unfolding chapter in history.

      • psi says:

        “According to Krivit, her writings are suspect because she once wrote an article about the sex industry posing as a call girl, or something to that effect.”

        That’s a rather apt synopsis of Krivit’s journalistic m.o.

        “It could be said that Krivit sometimes writes articles posing as a journalist.”


        If anybody else has information on Michael Melich, it would be appreciated if you could post it here.

        I’ll prowl around, but this is not the kind of research I’m best at. Maybe some others can help. Just what you’ve added here already about his wife (via the loose-tongued Mr. Krivit?!!) complements the picture very nicely. Actually after I posted that comment I was thinking that it would be more appropriate to do an article the entire editorial board of Rossi’s site, with little bios on each of them – so that the focus is not exclusively on Melich, but would include further and more focused info than that in the original article. Glad the article is getting a lot of views. It deserves it.

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  6. Ben says:

    Recommended reading from outside the LENR community. I think even some on the periphery of this story are beginning to tire of the recent avalanche of criticism against Rossi.

    Critics Attempt to Damage Rossi’s E-Cat with Unfounded Complaints

  7. Roger Bird says:

    It just occurred to me that if Rossi has the goods and a real customer and real capital support and doesn’t mind looking like a scam just to toy with us, then he is doing society a real disservice. Even if the e-cat saves the world, so to speak, there will still be scams in the world. If Rossi looks dishonest and looks like a scam artist, and then pops his real e-cat with a COP of 20 on the world, it will make skeptics look bad and like we should have trusted him in the first place. This will make it possible for so many scan artists to operate much more successfully for longer periods of time. We need skeptics and skepticism because there are and will remain dishonest people and physical realities.

    • psi says:

      So Rossi is a bad man. Period. How convenient.

    • TPBurnett says:

      Interesting concept. I would suggest that the only skeptics (or the believers for that matter) that will look bad are the ones that present no valid points for there skepticism. For example, calling someone a liar when you have only suspicions is wrong. Some skeptics (and believers) mix facts with opinions so much in the post that it razzles my thinking. Those are the skeptics that will give skeptics a bad reputation. A skeptic with a valid point, but proves to be incorrect on deeper investigation, can easily be forgiven and appreciated for his/her input.
      I believe that the Rossi – Ecat story, when it has played out, will improve the quality of skeptics and believers alike. The ones who were foolishly prejudice will be exposed.

      • Ben says:


        Unfortunately much of the discussion, especially on some of the other sites, has descended into verbal warfare between “pathoskeps” and “believers,” with the pathoskeps having seemingly launched a spring offensive. Reasonable opinions from someone like yourself, who has have tried to stay out of the fray and obviously has their feet planted firmly on middle ground, are much appreciated. Feel free to add your opinion to the mix at any time…and the same goes for the rest of the silent majority out there in the cybersphere.

  8. Anony Mole says:

    Great job at weaving together disparate threads into a cogent storyline. KPCB to Exxon to the U.S. Navy – quite a trail there. For checking out old domain names I use the Wayback Machine: which can give you lots of curious results about domain ownership going back into the 90’s. was an electronics catalog for most of its life, while has been parked for most of its, and shifted parking sites over to an Italian language based parking in around 2006. So, I don’t know about KPCB and Exxon and all that.

    Also, Rossi certainly continues to expose himself as somewhat of a “loose cannon” which is something I would seriously doubt the Navy or any U.S Military branch would appreciate nor condone. Taking this theory further, If your connections turn out to be shipshape, and T. Bacci’s general predilections begin to float of their own accord we should soon see Rossi, his crew, sites and weekly escapades – vanish beneath a veil of clandestine obscurity. The U.S. Military wouldn’t have it any other way. No?

    Lastly, I would have to assume that this recent Florida nuclear regulatory brouhaha, is just that, and Rossi’s comments, if they are indeed his, about there being no manufacturing taking place in the U.S. is just more obfuscation added to the vast pile of obfuscation we have already heaped up around the net. Pretty odd communication sequence though don’t you think?

    • Ben says:

      This Michael Melich fellow seems to have his finger in a lot of pies and I certainly find his involvement in the story more interesting by orders of magnitude than who owned or in 1998 according to the BETA VERSION of an Internet time machine. If you want to know more about the association between and Exxon, KPCB, Google Green, etc., go back about 6 months and read almost any site that has been covering this. The FACT is, that started redirecting from an Exxon site to KPCB just around the time of the NASA LENR workshop on September 22, 2011. There was also a change in ownership of that domain around that time, although the new owner had their identity hidden, as it currently is. The domain really has nothing at all do with this story. It was a typo that has been corrected.

      Actually, NONE of the domain information is the focus of this story, it is merely a pretext. The focus of this story is the US Navy’s history of integrating new technology, their 20 year invovlement in researching LENR (having done some of the best work worldwide with over 20 peer-reviwed papers), their public statements about converting to green energy techology in a relatively short period of time, their apparent association with Andrea Rossi AND his association with the DoD over a number of years, including previous work with them within the last decade. One part I did not mention in the story was Francesco Celani’s assertion in his January presetation at WSEC that Dr. Brian Ahern and Rossi were both doing work for the DoD, apparently on a related project, as recently as 2008. This all fits together with recent commentary on this site that the military is going to want first crack at this technology. The evidence is a strong indication that this is indeed the case.

      If you follow the evidence trail and draw a reasonable conclusion that the military and the intelligence apparatus in the US is involved in this story, then you may understand the reasons for the continued obfuscation that you find so perplexing. And while you point out Rossi as an example as this, you neglect to mention others who are engaging in the same behavior. What happened to Dr. Brian Ahern’s presentation that he touted as being convincing enough to change the minds of the harhest LENR critics? Do you have any clue? Why is NASA trying to minimize their involvement in LENR? Why are they trying to get us to believe that LENR is being investigated by some of its most senior scientists in their garages, when there is hard evidence that the agency itself is involved in LENR research? Why did NASA hide positive replication results for 20 years? Why is MIT allowing one of its most senior faculity members to continue to tout LENR and positives results as recently January, but making no statements to either confirm or deny these assertions? Why is National Instruments walking such a fine line? Why have so few people in the US Government PUBLICY acknowledged SPAWAR’s 20 year and well-documented history of LENR research?

      Again, the answer to these questions is looking us right in the face if we look at the evidence! This is only a mystery if we ignore the evidence and pretend it does not exist or try to explain it in a way in acts of mental and rhetorical gynmastics…or, as Rossi himself calls it, mental masturbation.

      By the same token, why are people attempting to interpret the entire LENR story, which goes back to 1926, in terms of what happens in the day to day life of Andrea Rossi, rather trying to interpret what happens with Rossi in view of 86 years of history? There is another reason for a lot of the confusion right there. This story needs to be viewed through the lens of a panoramic camera, not a microscope.

      • psi says:

        Ben — questions to be asked!! Indeed. The attention span of many online commentators seems more than a bit limited.

      • Anony Mole says:

        BETA means nothing in this day and age of the internet. Gmail was beta for years.
        Your reference to Kleiner Perkins and Exxon was the first I’d ever read of the linkage. It’s difficult to cover all the possible sources of sparse information about this topic.
        Your article appeared to focus on Rossi and the Navy. Discussing this topic in light of Rossi’s involvement was only a matter of following your lead. Sure LENR is not all about Rossi, but when you start the discussion regarding him it only seems natural to follow along. I realize you and Tom continue to build a case for overt governmental involvement and control of this technology, and for the most part I concur. If there is truth in the power density, COP, efficiency and control of LENR devices then such an assumption cannot be dismissed. I guess the jury is still out on all of those aspects of this technology though. I look forward to looking back on all this, and reading the book you and Tom will hopefully write, “LENR – the once and future king” – a history of how the new energy age came to be in the twenty-first century.

        • Ben says:

          If you go to Google and search KPCB you will get enough third-party references to corroborate the connection I made. Not that hard really and no reason to make it complicated.

          This story is about Rossi and the US Navy. You obviously seem to grasp that fact..but then attempt engage in the silliness about Rossi and the Florida radiation people. I care little about the brouhaha of the day. Such events are merely pieces to the bigger puzzle. The Navy has a long history of integrating new technology and a 20 year history of researching LENR. Rossi has an association with the DoD that goes back a decade. Melich has an association with Rossi, the Navy and the DoD. Why have these FACTS not been discussed more? Why instead are people right now obsessed and nearly hysterical with what happened with Rossi last week according to someone no one who has ever heard of and a journalist with an axe to grind? WHO CARES! In 6 months it may matter, right now not so much. In a year most people may well have forgotten it even happened. or give a rat’s ass that it did.

          I do like the book idea and the book title. Many thanks.

  9. psi says:

    Very nice article. In the present atmosphere of Rossi bashing it is nice to be reminded of some of the larger factual context within which the story is developing. No matter how much Rossi’s critics want to make him out to be a crook, its hard to imagine that the associations to which you allude would be possible if he was not in fact producing something real – technical warts and all. One thing is for sure, this story sure isn’t dull!

  10. jrovnak says:

    Nice article. I think Obama knows and E-cat will help in his re-election bid!

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  12. kwhilborn says:

    Nice article thanks.

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