Revenge of the Pathoskeps

Have you noticed the dramatic change in our perception of Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies which has ramped up in just a few short weeks? I was fortunate enough to have spent that time on a quiet beach in the Virgin Islands, and with the low bandwidth WiFi I had access to, it was like watching the sacking of Rome through a keyhole. Try responding to the sheer volume of analytical Gatling guns on a 7 inch touchpad. Not that ANY response could have interrupted the cocksure lynch mob with their torches aflame, and freshly sharpened pitchforks. But, if you step back and take a look at all of it, there is nothing new in the pathoskeps arguments, nothing. Oh, except for the idiotic flap regarding the State of Florida’s search for Rossi’s nuclear plant, which turned up nothing but a lot of Rossi doubletalk, which might indicate he is a fraud only if you don’t understand that he is totally committed to keeping his entire operation top secret, with no reservations about how! All prompted by a mysterious “Gary Wright” of Las Vegas whose spot at the New Energy and Fuel site has, well, vanished.  Will the REAL Gary Wright please step forward?

If you read ALL of the paper trail in this saga, you have some bizarre concerns voiced by Wright to the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control, who apparently actually tracked Rossi down and questioned him, and to whom Rossi replied “No, I do NOT have a hydrogen bomb in my closet, I left it in Italy” This all has got to be a Monty Python movie, and the pathoskeps have piled such a pile of “gotcha” on this whole episode that you just have to ask yourself if we’ll ever get to see the inter-office memo from Pathoskeps, Inc. with many of their all too familiar “talking points” underlined in red.

Internet Troll

From the perch I have, not one bit of this full court press is unexpected or surprising in the slightest. If the e-Cat is real, two things are going on which completely explains the massive effort now underway to discredit AR and DGT. The first is the intense and completely rational, understandable and defensible need of the Military Financial Complex to discredit it, slow it down…and add AR and DGT to the pile of dead bones in the elephant graveyard. Go back to some of my older postings to see why that is. I TOTALLY believe that the United States government, at least in the form of NASA and the US Navy are completely engaged in a large scale, full court press developing LEARN (Low Energy, Lattice Assisted Reactions – Nuclear”). There is not even a SMALL chance that these two groups, and others, have simply been trashed after so many years of effort, and so many published results. Can you imagine the thump, thump sound of rolling heads if LEARN pans out and some nitwit cancelled all programs in the last year?

So we have the fine tooth sifting of every result, of every Rossi babbling, and the absolutely idiotic position that there is this new, previously unknown reaction but it doesn’t make much energy, and thus it is merely a “lab curiosity”. Think about that one for a minute. A whole body of solid evidence points to an energy releasing phenomenon, not understood by science, but because there are a number of examples where the amount of energy is small (for now), it is a waste of time! This is a very high pressure propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting LEARN research and reducing AR and DGT to reincarnations of P&F’s ghosts.  Add to that the inescapable conclusion that AR and DGT must, I mean MUST take extreme efforts to stay on course, and try NOT to be destroyed by the assaults on their integrity. No wonder they turn more and more private and inscrutable.

There is a battle underway here with very high stakes. The pathoskeps are now touting a number like $200 million spent on LEARN in the past 20 years. Where they get that exaggerated number is beyond me. They just popped it out of thin air. But even that number PALES when compared to what has been spent on hot fusion, wind, solar, clean coal etc. with precious little headway being made.

For the love of Pete, some of the readers of this at big corporations, at banks and investment companies, get off your duffs and throw a few millions into the U. of Missouri research effort. Throw Drs. Ahern and Miley a few bucks. They seem to be on the verge of not only commercial energy production, but a rational and predictive theory of what in the hell is going on in these cells. Have you no curiosity or lust for the exciting world we could have if this pays off? Even the pathoskeps should encourage a well-funded program, public, transparent and well-designed to get to the bottom of this! What strange paralysis has overcome the American ingenuity, curiosity and drive that, in the past, made miracles come true. And if such a program, complete with true believers and hard to convince realists, finds no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Take it out of PETTY CASH!

It would not be fair at the same time to make a public demand that AR and DGT produce a significant public demonstration which validates their claims. And then to get involved with the best development engineers in all countries to unleash their creative furry in realizing the full and complete potential of this discovery. With the beating you are both taking it would seem reasonable to get on with it. But, of course consider the following.

Regarding AR and DGT there is no doubt a powerful effort is being made by the MFC to buy them out or scare them off. That avenue could also explain the rapid clouding of the waters. Can you imagine that offers and threats of growing magnitude are not being made to them? We poor amateurs, reading purloined emails and meaningless speculations about the location of AR’s factory, have no clue of how quickly various agencies and interest groups around the world can find them: their factories, their associates, even their damned underwear size! The “public” discourse is a farce and quite meaningless. It is there only to affect your perception of reality, which is, in the end, VERY important but also, sadly, very easily manipulated.

If they, AR and DGT, have the “special sauce” things could be expected to go just about the same way they have gone. If they do not have it, well, things would also go just about the same way. We just don’t know, and the most likely outcome, by far, is that we will never know for sure until either a fully public research effort is undertaken, or the powers that be have found a way to own the whole ball of wax. Or, maybe, we get really lucky when President Obama decides on an “October Surprise” right before the election in the form of a full LENR disclosure. Now wouldn’t that just be something?

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27 Responses to Revenge of the Pathoskeps

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  2. Ben says:

    The slides from today’s LENR presentation at CERN by Francesco Celani and
    Yogendra Srivastava can be found at the link below.

  3. Sandy says:


    A solar-electric generating plant in Spain became operational in May, 2011. It operates 24/7 due to its huge thermal battery. We could have built hundreds of those plants in the United States since the Arab oil embargo started in the early 1970s. But the powers that be would not permit us to solve the imported oil problem. And now they will probably find a way to stop Rossi and LENR.

    There is no energy crisis and no Anthropogenic Global Warming but the powers that be will try their best to convince us that these threats are real, just like Eric Holder has been trying to “brainwash” us that we must give up our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

    The sociopaths have taken over and they will keep trying to find a way to enslave us.

  4. Ben says:

    Live stream information for Dr. Francesco Celani’s LENR presentation at CERN on March 22, 2012.

    16:30 to 17:30 – Central European Time
    11:30 to 12:30 – Eastern Standard Time
    8:30 to 9:30 – Pacific Standard Time

    View at:

  5. Ben says:

    In comments to a previous article, Brad Arnold stated:

    “The current power density reported by Dr. Miley for his cell are in line with those claimed by Andrea Rossi for the e-Cat.” I suppose this means that Krivit is going to start slandering Dr Miley now.”

    The answer to that question can be found here.

    Although the current article doesn’t slander Miley per se, the stage is being set. The Krivit article is a strange combination of praise and criticism. Anyhow, kudos to Brad Arnold for predicting that Miley would be Krivit’s next target.

    Up next will be Francesco Piantelli…if and when he ever emerges from his lab.

  6. Ben says:

    Sidney Kimmel Institute at the University of Missouri

    Infinite Energy

    • Anony Mole says:

      Excellent. Thanks for posting Ben. Feels like a fresh breath and hopefully the establishment of a firm base from which to move forward.

  7. Anony Mole says:

    I and others have brought these points up over on but here they are paraphrased:

    The MFC (English speaking, U.S. based) is not the only entity that has a vested interest in this technology. We English speaking forum dwellers tend to think we have a monopoly on all the theories. What we seem to overlook is that China, India, Indonesia, Japan and others have considerably more to gain through this technology than we do. Japan alone, who has shut, is shuttering, or is scheduling to decommission all of their nuclear fission plants, would benefit the most from viable LENR. China, building one coal fired electricity generating plant per week, should be begging for this technology. We English speaking debaters are missing easily half or more of the story here. The rest of the story is being written in Asia. We’re still waiting for Paul Harvey to finish up, “…and now you know the rest of the story.”

    If the MFC is involved here, and this technology is truly worth tens of trillions of dollars, then where are the spies, the traitors, the thieves in the night? This technology, if we assume its power and potential as high as we’ve been told, is at the top of the Top Secret list, it is the highest of priorities for the MFC powers that be, and there are dozens of agents hunting down the formulas and secrets – right this very minute. Yet we have Rossi still “babbling” away, DGT still third party testing, Miley, MIT, Celani exposing their theories and research on the subject. How can we have such publicity if the MFC is truly pulling the strings? Where is the subterfuge?

    These are just some of the nagging questions I have. I am still hopeful. I just wonder about the world picture and how all this fits in.

    • Ben says:

      “How can we have such publicity if the MFC is truly pulling the strings? Where is the subterfuge?”

      As Tom pointed out a number of times, the goal ultimately may not be outright suppression but just to slow the advent of cold fusion down long enough to get a handle on it before it is allowed wide dissemination in the public domain. Evidence of the subterfuge lies in things that have previously pointed out, like: Rossi’s Oct. 28 demo being made “private” at the last minute; NASA trying to tell us that their LENR work is a “garage project” of some of its senior scientists; Dr. Brian Ahern cancelling his public LENR presentation at the last minute; Defkalion suddenly “going dark” when it had previously announced that many details would be made public. Dr. Miley’s abrupt disappearance from the scene has also been included in the list of curious events surrounding current cold fusion research. Now that he has reappeared and is to give a presentation in Texas in just a few days, it will be interesting so see what comes of it. Same with Celani’s presentation at CERN on the 22nd.

      • alaincoe says:

        I don’t yet believe in conspiracy.
        Defkalion behavior is (back to) normal (something else would be crazy). Forum opening was coherent with alleged (source: Stremmenos) megalomania of the bosses, and start-up passion of the staff. Back to silence mean that the bosses understood that they cannot afford sloppy communication, and I imagine that the 7 testers put their condition about that.

        Rossi behavior seems coherent with his incompetences, sloppiness, paranoia, megalomania. Fraud is even possible, yet sure he had something working (badly), and probably now it works well.

        However what you say will happens as soon as the elite will understand the big bang, the disruptive revolution (killing all energy source of today, except cheap oil for still one decade of transition), the paradigm change (from expensive resource-dependent energy, to cheap work-dependent energy).

        They will try to keep it under their control, and since visibly the Nickel is not a problem (10% of today production is OK for all planet energy), and patent is too late to protect the concept, they will try to regulate it about pretended safety (precaution principle on radiation, hydrogen care, sociological fears…).
        that is their last chance, because structurally LENR can scale down easily.
        Of course big power plant will be more efficient, but it won’t be easy to compete with the free market of home appliance. they will have to reduce margin and work hard…
        Not so comfortable, and keeping the game in the clubhouse will be better for them.

      • Alan DeAngelis says:

        Peter Ekström picked out the mistake of a Q-value calculation in Larsen’s table (It seems like they don’t understand that the mass of a deuteron is much less than the sum of two protons.) . I wonder what will happen at CERN if they see this. Will it provide them with an excuse to trash all LENR research?

        • Alan DeAngelis says:

          P.S. I should have said much less than the sum of a proton and a neutron.

        • Ben says:

          I think Peter Ekström is mostly just trying to muddy the waters before the presentation. However, WLT does have some holes in it and relying too heavily on it as opposed to focusing on 20 years of experimental data may be problematic. And make no mistake, critics are looking for any reason to trash LENR research. Even Stevie B. over at NET seems like he is trying to trash it at times by his continuing propaganda assault on an every increasing number of researchers. With friends like him, who needs enemies.

          On the 23rd at The Woodlands, Texas, Dr. Miley will be giving his presentation and Dr. Y.E. Kim will also be giving a presentation on his new paper that same day. So any damage done by an attack on WLT at CERN may be offset by the presentations of Miley and Kim. But, unfortunately, I am unaware of any live stream for the Kim or Miley presentations. If anybody is aware if there is one, please post that info here. Thanks.

          BTW Alan D., check your e-mail. I sent you one or two some time ago.

    • Ben says:

      Also, fear of the “spies, the traitors, the thieves in the night” would be a reasonable justification for both Rossi’s secrecy about the particulars and the general level of secrecy and obfuscation you previously noted. Just look at the case of Rossi and Defkalion. The latter has already publicly admitted they garnered some of Rossi’s secrets thru subterfuge…and they were supposed to be a “trusted” partner! If the US military, or any military for that matter, is Rossi’s first customer, I would imagine they have the same concerns about the thieves in the night as well.

      In the upcoming cold fusion film “The Believers” (see trailer at the bottom of the page) it is reported that Pons and Fleischmann received death threats. But these threats were not for them to keep quiet. The threats were directed at getting Pons and Fleischmann to reveal their secrets to the threatening parties. I am not making this up. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself.

  8. SH says:

    According to Sterling at, the latest defkalion report came from one of the third party testers:

    “Defkalion is still in the middle of doing 3rd party testing at its facility. The tests are going very well, with huge OU measured. Reports are expected mid April, after all the 7 groups have completed their testing. — Sterling Allan, from first-hand sources.”

    In a reply to “DaveS” question of a source in the comment section, he writes:

    “That report came from someone who was there as a third party tester”

  9. psi says:

    Once again, some of the best commentary on the net.

  10. Josh says:

    “…he is totally committed to keeping his entire operation top secret, with no reservations about how!”

    That might make sense if he didn’t constantly draw attention to himself and share everything on the interwebs.

  11. Ben says:

    Another source outside of the LENR community sees thorough the FUD and the propaganda.

    • psi says:

      Ben, thanks for the link. I hope my blog – which has deviated at least temporarily from its primary purpose due to my fascination with this story – may help like yours to supply some informed and rational criticism on current LENR events. What I lack in technical knowledge (though I am plowing now through Mallove’s fine introductory text) I hope I can make up for with a broad experience following intellectual controversies. After a few weeks of schlepping around, your site and ColdFusionNow have become my favorites to read and discuss at. Here we go!

      • Ben says:


        I would like to say “your welcome” but I did not know that was your blog when I posted the link! Very nice article and I would like to hear sometime about how you came across this topic and how your interest in it has been diverted from the regular subject matter you usually cover on your blog. I think it would make for an interesting story. I certainly would consider making that story a feature article here if you would interested. E-mail me if you would like to do that. Either way, your input is certainly welcome here in whatever form it takes.

  12. kwhilborn says:

    Nice to see an article that makes some sense. I have had a hard time understanding how people could take the concept that e-cats were manufactured overseas to mean e-cats could never be built in the U.S. The fact that Andrea Rossi and his company are located in Florida seems dramatically in favor of his claim that he is intending production in the U.S.

    I think the “no nuclear” statement was meant within the confines of the Bureaus definition. I see no problem and suppose I should quote the entire statements here, however people can find them easily enough.

    What I find upsetting is the widespread Naivete that Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are dependant upon proof offered by Defkalion/Andrea Rossi. LENR is what Pons/Fleischmann thought they could reproduce 23 years ago, but it has taken this amount of decades to be able to replicate it at will. There is more than enough information on the internet for anybody to conduct their own working LENR experiments.

    This DOES NOT mean anybody has yet demonstrated a viable or useful method of harnessing LENR. So far only 3 entities have claimed to be able to harness the LENR process and none of them have proven it yet. These are Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, and Dr george Miley.

    Although LENR is accepted worldwide only around 16+ separate entities have verified they can replicate the Ni-H version of LENR. This does seem to support what Andrea Rossi is claiming.

    People are harsh on Andrea Rossi. 25 years ago he developed a method to turn waste into oil. The oil was substandard and eventually more pricey than drilled oil. Anybody can do that math and Andrea Rossi’s company was stuck with waste it could not afford to convert. As CEO of the company Andrea Rossi met charges/courts and jail. This was 25 years ago.

    Andrea Rossi has been rich several times. Pathoskeptics are eager to shout fraud, but Andrea Rossi is allowed to walk in Italy today because he did not flee his prosecutors. Andrea Rossi hired lawyers and defended his positions like a man.

    Pathoskeptics are eager to shout fraud or scam, yet they never seem to portray the scam scenario they envision. I think it is because they don’t really give it much thought. How would this work as a scam.

    One of the more lucrative and somewhat legal method for a corporation to scam people is to a) start a corporation b) let people think you have something big and profit earning c) then sell shares until your company is way overvalued. Mining companies are historically famous for this. Andrea Rossi has not even taken his corporation public.

    Scam scenarios usually have a predator who uses other peoples money in the scam. Andrea Rossi seems to have refused investing from all fronts. The fact that he is still CEO lends credence to the fact nobody has put in more money than himself. He has owned several companies previous to this that developed working biofuel patents and has had dealings with President Jimmy Carter at the American White House, and has sponsored Formula 3 race cars.
    His education, business experience, and patents would allow him to make at least a 6 figure income, and yet he is now in his 5th year on this e-cat project. Do scam scenarios look at how much wages he has lost portraying his scam? Do scam scenarios include the fact that he is moving to the U.S. where some of the most stringent and far reaching anti-fraud laws are in existence. Much of this defies logic or even sanity if a scam scenario existed.

    An e-cat has never been publicly demonstrated to work past 18 hours in a stable mode. The inner workings can get out of control and heat the unit past 1455 degrees Celsius where the Nickel melts. I still think Andrea Rossi has stability problems and this is why none of his reactors has been shipped.

    Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are a very possible clean and abundant energy. If 1 billion dollars was thrown at LENR we would have LENR cars before the end of the year. The problem is LENR has had many billions of dollars already spent on it when it was known as cold fusion to no avail. Now we can replicate LENR on demand and can taste its results.

    LENR needs support and funding by all.

    • psi says:

      I was surprised last night to learn of the brilliant hungarian scientist Gyorgy Egely. He also claims to have a commercially viable version of cold fusion. He seems to me to be highly credible. His system operates at higher temperatures than those usually claimed for cold fusion, which made me think immediately of Defkalion. Is there a story here? Is Egely the brains behind the alternate technology that Def. claims to be bringing to market?

  13. NH says:

    Something is about to give!

  14. Brad Arnold says:

    In my opinion, the author is too close, and is seeing the trees but not the forest. Great article, but remember to use Occum’s razer – “pathoskeps” could be simply people who feel tomorrow is going to be like today (i.e. the odds are overwhelmingly against a clean, very very cheap, and super abundant energy technology emerging). Furthermore, postulating conspiracies (especially wide-rangeing ones) is almost always problematic. BTW, I have had my feelings hurt bad by “pathoskeps” and have spent considerable time battling them.

    Rossi said right from the start (i.e. during the first news conference in Jan ’11) only deeds will prove. In other words, as a friend of mine says: until my neighbor has one, I’ll be very skeptical. Having spent a considerable amount of time spreading the word, I’ll tell you that almost all people are taking a wait and see attitude – which is greatly frustrating since I see clearly that Rossi and Defkalion are legitimate, and a great deal could be accomplished before they successfully commercialize the technology if only more people could visualize the future of LENR.

    • Brad Arnold says:

      Sorry for the double post, but you know that LENR is a HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE technology, and as such could do plenty of short term harm. I wouldn’t blame politicians or financiers for being cautious or even adverse to LENR – it isn’t well known how quickly destructive the current trends are, so especially to a person who greatly benefits from the status quo it is understandable they would resist change, particularly such revolutionary change. Also, the same psychological makeup that benefited man for thousands of years is now causing resistence to technological (i.e. social) change – I mean there are still people that want to refight the civil war. Here is a useful video you ought to see (provided curtesy of COLD FUSION NOW!’s Ruby) about the left brain that explains what you are seeing (i.e. people being dense and obtuse about LENR).

    • Ben says:

      By definition, to be a conspiracy two or more people must plan and carry out something that is illegal. There is nothing illegal about denying something in a manner that defies all evidence, whether this is done for personal reasons or because you are being paid or otherwise have an interest in expressing such views. Even a planned and coordinated propaganda campaign to discredit something is not necessarily illegal. Modern politics is based on such campaigns. Don’t get me wrong, such endeavors CAN BE illegal, but they are not necessarily so. It also is not uncommon for people with similar interests to work collectively to protect those interests. Again, this is quite common and has nothing to do with theory. Neither do such planned, collection actions need to be widespread to be effective. How many committed pathoskeps does it take to hijack a discussion forum viewed by thousands of people? Usually just half a dozen or so.

      There is also not anything necessarily illegal about the military and/or government not wanting rapid, widespread dissemination of a disruptive technology. It could be reasonably argued that to slow down a disruptive technology may be prudent! And, again, this may be done with actions that are lawful. Conspiracy need not apply.

      Even if the MFC were to engage in a collective conspiracy (i.e. illegal acts), there is absolutely no reason why such a conspiracy would be widespread. In terms of the total population, how many people are actually involved in making important decisions in the military, government and various corporations? The popular consensus is 1%. Actually, that is the number being bantered about as to people that benefit from said decisions, the percentage of people that actually make the decisions is probably significantly less than that! So, in a country like the US where there are 300 million people, 1% is 3 million people, and if you say that only a tenth of that actually makes the decisions, that still brings you to 300,000 people. Even if it were possible to engage in a conspiracy with 300,000 people, which is a lot, that conspiracy in no way could be considered wide-spread if one views that number in lieu of the total population!
      Now, how many people “debunked” cold fusion the first time around? Was it 100? 500? 1000? 5000? 10,000? Take whatever number you like, and that number is still absolutely infatismal in the scheme of things.

      So nobody on this site is necessarily claiming a conspiracy. And, if there were one, there is no way it could be considered widespread.

  15. Ben says:

    The recent flurry of FUD (fear and uncertainty and doubt) for some reason reminds me of an episode of Star Trek TNG, where the Cardassians (not to confused with the Kardashians) try to brain wash Captain Piccard into saying there are 5 lights in a particular room, when there are in fact only 4. In the dramatic conclusion, they give him one last chance to escape the brain washing and torture, and live a life of leisure, telling him all sorts of things to demoralize him…..and, in the end, he defiantly states There… Are… Four… Lights!

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