What Happened to Dr. Miley?

I cannot count on any number of appendages the amount of times I have been asked this question over the last 2 weeks.  As many of you are aware, Dr. Miley was scheduled to give a lecture on March 23, the 23rd anniversary of the announcement of  Drs.  Pons and Fleishmann, at the New Emerging Technologies for Space conference in the The Woodlands, TX.   The lack of any coverage of this event has left many puzzled and bewildered.  Based on the abstract released before the conference, his lecture was to be entitled “A Game-Changing Power Source Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.”  This was shaping up to be another significant LENR disclosure, coming on the heals of the presentation at CERN by researchers Yogendra Srivastava and Francesco Celani, where Celani matter of factly announced “The Fleishmann effect confirmed.

Celani Slide from CERN Presentation

So, with the stage set for a cold fusion 1-2 punch, what happened?  Pretty much nothing.  The organizers of  NETS apparently felt it not of importance to publicize to Dr. Miley’s presentation.  It should be pointed out that a major sponsor of the NETS conference was…NASA!  Again, NASA finds itself squarely in the middle of this story.  Dr. Miley was obviously invited to the conference and its organizers obviously knew the nature of his presentation…yet strangely elected not to utter a word about it.  If  it were not for the appearance of Dr. Miley’s abstract on the Internet prior to the conference, few would have known about his pending presentation.  It is a little odd that the day after CERN allowed an LENR presentation to be broadcast live across the world over the Internet,  the organizers  of the best little space conference in Texas found it unimportant.

I am left to wonder if the inappropriately critical report that appeared about Dr. Miley on New Energy Times 3 days before his scheduled presentation had anything to do with NETS organizers choosing not to broadcast Dr. Miley’s lecture.  Perhaps they did not want the negative publicity that the New Energy Times report may have generated, either real or imagined.  The report was odd in that took an accusatory tone towards Dr. Miley’s previous statements regarding his recent work, most specifically comments he made in October of 2011 at the World Green Symposium in Philadelphia.  The report was also odd because it appeared 3 days before Dr. Miley’s scheduled March 23 presentation, even though the interview the report was based on took place back in December.  The timing was curious to say the least.

One might argue that a conference about emerging technologies in space should not be affected by the utterings of a self-appointed LENR “journalist” and “expert” with degrees in neither journalism or science, but such arguments would come from a place of naivete’.  With the exception of  CERN, Missouri University and some notable others, apparently major companies,  institutions and news outlets still do not want to have their names associated with anything even remotely related to “cold fusion,” even after 2 decades of experimental affirmation of the technology.  This is not just a general observation, this impression comes from conversations I have had with persons “in the know” over the last year or so.

But, rest assured, Dr. Miley did give his presentation.  Cold Fusion Now’s Ruby Carat was in attendance at NETS and will do a write-up about it sometime in the near future. She was able to get an interview with Dr. Miley when she was there.  As I am sure many of you do, I look forward to her article and whatever information she is able to provide about the proceedings.

I also exchanged e-mails with Dr. Miley the week prior to his presentation regarding an unrelated matter.  He gave me no indication that the presentation would not take place.  He also indicated to me that there would be further news about his research efforts in the coming months, although I am not at liberty to disclose any details about said  news at the present time.  There are still some particulars that still need to be worked out.

I also need to point out here that Dr. Miley is still in need of funding.  Everything he (and most cold fusion researchers for that matter) have accomplished to this point has been on a shoestring budget.  Dr. Miley is being as thorough with these experiments as one would expect from a scientist of his pedigree and experience.   However, this work is being held back due to lack of funds.  If anyone is interested in funding Dr. Miley’s research, please contact him at the e-mail address provided in his abstract.  However, DO NOT BOTHER HIM IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS!  Apparently his e-mail address at the university is stuffed full of spam and inquiries from the merely curious.  As a result, serious inquiries are not being received and are being filtered out.  Sidney Kimmel just provided Missouri University with 5.5 million to fund “cold fusion” research and I am absolutely positive that this kind of contribution would be a great boon to Dr. Miley’s research.  So all you corporate lurkers out there need to cease with the voyeurism already and help the man out.

From all accounts, the research at Missouri University to this point has been very primitive  compared to what Dr. Miley is reporting.  As he said in October, there are no “show stoppers” in the form of technical barriers to the progress of his work.  Right now issues revolve around funding and additional engineering.  However, I must caution, that this does not mean his work is commercially ready today, right now.  As the saying goes, “when the journey is 90% complete, one is halfway there.”  In another words, the last steps in any process can provide formidable challenges.  However, those challenges cannot be met in a timely and prudent fashion without the proper resources.

If any serious party out there is interested in helping Dr. Miley and you are not able to contact him at the university address, please e-mail me at the address below.  He has provided me with a second address as a back-up.  However, I will not provide that to anybody or anyone who is not serious.  The man has work to do.


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26 Responses to What Happened to Dr. Miley?

  1. psi says:

    The report was also odd because it appeared 3 days before Dr. Miley’s scheduled March 23 presentation, even though the interview the report was based on took place back in December. The timing was curious to say the least.

    Very interesting indeed. And, as they would have said on “Laugh-In,” —
    “not funny.”

  2. quax says:

    In my experience with NASA talks the recordings are sometimes not linked anywhere, but the presenters can give you a direct link. That’s how I found things played out when I was blogging about results presented at a NASA symposium (completely unrelated to LENR) . I only got links to the talks when some of the presenters were so kind to leave them in my comments section:


  3. Sandy says:


    I appreciated your allusion to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.


    The folks at NASA should get some spine and then give us some Texas Straight Talk about LENR.


  4. Bob says:

    Lack of funding very strange…… I cannot understand NASA and other agencies. If Miley is correct and his data seems to indicate a very likely new power source, you would think NASA would be pouring millions into his funding! Heck, they spend $25,000 on a toliet seat!

    There would not be one single wind farm if the US governement was not subsidizing hundreds of millions of dollars on them and for a technology that will not really impact our future. Yet here is a technology that could be a real, fundamental economic revolution and yet not only no money, but seemingly active suppresion of the technology. (i.e. SPAWAR closing down research, Zawondy(?) back pedaling his statements, etc. etc.)

    I see major publications printing all kinds of “ridiculous” articles about alternative energy all the time. Such as Popular Mechanics et. all having articles on producing electricity from air borne kites etc. Yet not a mention of LENR. The U.S. government spent 1/2 a billion on an Illinois solar company that then went bankrupt. Hundreds of millions spend on hot fusion that by all accounts is decades away, if even possible. (Still requirng massive regulatory control and central deployment)

    I am not a conspiracy theorist, but after folloiwng this story for the last six months, I am becoming one! Something very suspect is happening. The whole story sounds of a Bourne Conspiracy movie.

    • Alan DeAngelis says:

      Conspiring is a normal part of primate behavior. Chimpanzees conspire and it seems like the 2% of our genes that we don’t share with the chimps are devoted primarily to conspiring.

    • alaincoe says:

      You don’t need conspiracy theory. Conspiracy exist by only few people that know each others… Conspiracy theories or large groups are not realist about human factor… It is often converging interests, or public coordination.

      however for invisibly coherent behaviors, without no logic, there is a simple explanation, coherent with observed facts : the rational denial of inconvenient facts.
      When a fact might prove that you have made bad choices in the pas, and that you will be poorer/ridiculous/wrong … then you ignore the facts.
      that is the theory of Roland Benabou

      fun-looking energy like kites, don’t frighten the deciders because they won’t work. LENR is frightening, because if true, they will look ridiculous, will lose budgets, be fired, lost power. so it HAVE TO be denied with strength.
      no conspiracy, just many brains having the same disease, to lose their position…

      • Alan DeAngelis says:

        Are you sure Roland Bénabou doesn’t believe in giant conspiracies? Is he the same Roland Bénabou who works at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs? Wilson said the following:
        “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

        Woodrow Wilson

        • alaincoe says:

          My Roland Benabou works at Princeton.
          his theory explains visibly coherent denial, based on individually selfish behavior.

          even his explanation that subordinates follow their leaders is based on unconscious selfish interest and not obedience.

          Denial is emergent behavior, not conspiracy.

          US governement , and financial elite is not aware of LENR, and sincerely believing in consensus.otherwise you would see selfish insiders trading, that would be noticed on the markets.

          i don’t believe in con,conpiracy above few people that know each others.
          all the rest is convergent interest, and psychiatry effects.

          • Alan DeAngelis says:

            Thanks alaincoe. This sounds a bit like cognitive dissonance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance
            Hope I didn’t take things too off track. I’ll go back to thinking about Ni-H reactions.

            • Ben says:

              It’s all good Alan. Cognitive dissonance and possible conspiracy are an appropriate part of this story.

              I, quite frankly, find it amazing that people dismiss all talk of conspiracy as being bunk. The criminal code is full of laws against conspiracy, so the arguments that they don’t exist is quite puzzling. Anti-trust laws were passed in the United States so businesses would not conspire to corner markets and control entire industries, which was quite common at the turn of the last century. Standard Oil itself controlled the oil industry for many decades before the courts stepped in. Unfortunately, almost every anti-trust law passed in the 1920s and 1930s has been repealed or circumvented in the last 30 years by new legislation, and once again we see consolidation of power in the hands of a very small minority…the 0.01% or even the 0.001%. And I am just looking at things thru the eyes of an American, who as a nation comprises only 5% of the entire world’s population. Any conspiracy need not be widespread to be effective given the relatively small number of people who actually control the vast amount of wealth and influence world-wide.

              But, as I also pointed out previously, for something to technically be a conspiracy it has been illegal. There are many, many ways of influencing and effecting decisions that are not illegal. Dispensing propaganda is not necessarily illegal. Opposing funding of new technology that may pose a threat to existing technology is not necessarily illegal. Business leaders meeting to together to consolidate power and influence are not necessarily illegal. The consolidation of the oil industry in the 19th and 20th centuries by John D. Rockefeller by buying up competitors was not illegal at the time. In some countries anti-trust laws are weak or non-existent, so monopolistic business practices that crush competition and consolidate power are not illegal, and therefore not technically conspiracies in large parts of the world. For example, in Korea, 5 major companies control most of the business in that country, with Hyundai, LG, Samsung being among them (I cannot remember the other 2). These companies are called Chaebol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaebol and their existence was not only allowed but encouraged by countries such as the United States at the end of the Korean War for the sake of stability.

              And, in all fairness to Alain, some of what is seen as conspiracy is the natural process of people with similar interests coordinating to see that their interests are protected. It is a natural part of human behavior, as both Alan and Alain have pointed out in their own ways. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that these groups of similar interests DO engage in conspiracy (illegal acts planned by more than 2) to these ends. Again, going back to the case of John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil, while buying up competitors to consolidate control of the oil industry was not in and of itself illegal at the time, there were numerous reports of illegal acts such as threats and intimidation being carried out on behalf Standard Oil in this process. There is a fine line between business (and political leaders) planning actions to protect their own interests within the bounds of the law and such actions outside the law.

              Of course, just because something is not illegal, does not make it ethical, morally correct, wise or prudent. For example, is there is nothing illegal with the oil companies shutting done refineries to limit gasoline supply and raising the price. They own the refineries and they are perectly free to do with them as they see fit. It may be reprehensilble but it is not illegal. Apparently it also not illegal for speculators to drive the price of gasoline because they see future demand skyrocketing, especially in the developing world including China. It may not be wise, ethical, or morally acceptable…but is not illegal and thefore cannot fall under the category of a conspiracy. We live in a morally ambiguous world in a lot of ways.

            • alaincoe says:

              in french we also use the word “clivage” (same as the one to cut a gemstone in two.
              *this archaic psychologic defence consist of being sure of something, while at the same time doing all to hide the things that put that in danger, even by agressive acte…

              it really look like Benabou concept of denial, not about his model who claim that this denial is activated rationally when mental “asset” are put in “danger” to be “reeveluated as lower”…. but simply as the dinail mecanism that he describe as observations in story like NASA Chalenger, Enron, Subprime…
              Clivage is often proposed to explain the surgelated newborn that some denying mother store in their surgelator.

          • Alan DeAngelis says:

            I guess my primary concern is that this wonderful discovery that can change everything doesn’t get nipped in the bud.
            Oh and maybe there are some smart molecular modelers out there who could have some fun applying Density functional Theory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density_functional_theory to nickel hydrides and palladium deuteride to see if anything interesting pops up (and explain it simply so that even I could understand it).
            Now I think it’s time for this old heathen to go outside and enjoy what’s left of this Easter Sunday.

  5. Ben says:

    Per Daniele Passerini of the Italian blog 22passi

    “…… If you knew how many movements are going on behind the scenes (corporations, universities, political parties …) you would smile with me!”

    “I’m sorry, I can not say anything … and I assure you that it is very frustrating. I go sit by the river and wait, wait, wait …”

    (remarks are in the comments section, not the main article)

  6. Brad Arnold says:

    Successful commercialization appears to be the glass ceiling for LENR. Once somebody has the guts to disregard patient protection and full steam ahead with manufacturing the first LENR generator to hit the marketplace, the herd will stampede. In other words, plenty of funding for everything LENR soon! Will it be Defkalion, Brillouin, or Leonard to hit the market first?

    • Alan DeAngelis says:

      Yeah Brad and in a strange way the USA might be the best place to aggressively manufacture and sell LENR because if it “isn’t real” (according the patent department) you won’t be infringing on anyone’s patent.

  7. Anony Mole says:

    I wonder if Miley had anything new to report. If his registered paper on the NETS site is any indication, nothing apparently has changed since last July, or at least since last October per his video. Perhaps he’s been looking for funding for half a year or more and does not really have any new experimental data details to share.

    Robert Godes and his Brillouin team seems to be heating up their efforts lately. But again, only scuttlebutt can be found regarding actual, industrial level, demonstrations of LENR. Los Alamos and SRI in cahoots with Godes (it would seem) might bode well for that effort. News from that angle?

    • Ben says:

      July? Where did you come up with that? Dr. Miley has been a “cold fusion” researcher since 1995 when he worked with the Patterson Cell but has been quite quiet for the last few years. Honestly, he was nearly forgotten until his presentation in October of 2011, although he continued to quietly labor away. I am not sure where you getting nothing new since October either. Even between his presentation in October and a report to Jed Rothwell in early November (http://e-catsite.com/2011/11/08/report-on-a-conversation-with-george-miley/), it seems he made progress. The abstract from his March 23 presentation seems he has made further progress still. However, he is being more low-key about it since Krivit threw him under the bus in the report linked above. Why he may ultimately seek commercial applications for his device, he is still a scientist first and foremost, and wants the publish the bulk of his experimental findings through the traditional channels. Unfortunately, the dirth of funding that has been the bane of “cold fusion” researchers for 2 decades now, has slowed his work considerably. Yet, in spite of that, he is still making progress.

      One wonders what sort of progress he may make if he were appropriately funded. On 60 minutes just this last week there was as segment about the uber-rich flying to Miami on private jets to spend millions and millions on “contemporary art” (mostly abstract garbage) just as a way to spend their excess cash and see and be seen. It is too bad not one of these souls will plop some cash down on the barrel head to help Dr. Miley and other researchers in need, and in the process help change the world. I beginning to think that this is largely an inverse relationship between wealth and intelligence.

      • Anony Mole says:

        I have no proof that Google has vetted LENR and found it lacking, but if one reads between the lines of articles such as this one: http://www.technologyreview.com/business/40015/ then one can surmise that if there was, or is, a smidgeon of hope for LENR, Google would have jumped on the opportunity and funded the likes of Miley, or Broullioun, or half a dozen others. One would think that being the premier information company on the planet, that Google would have access to most of the information available on the subject, and having said information would be aware of such opportunities. I continue to view anomalous omissions in the uptake and funding of LENR by those such as Google, China, India, Japan, etc. as being simply that, anomalous. That we must not be privy to the true operations of these parties and that, unknown to us, they ARE pursuing LENR or LENR like technologies. Yes I’m aware of the historic research of LENR by Japan and others, but one does have to wonder why more money is not spent in the field though.

  8. kwhilborn says:

    The march 23 presentation was available as a webcast, and probably still is. I watched it with interest. There were many lead LENR talents there.

    I was surprised that the myriad of LENR websites ignored it.

    • Ben says:

      Do you have a link for us kwhilborn? I still cannot find the video on the NETS web site.

      • kwhilborn says:

        i will look i know i watched it after the fact

        • GreenWin says:

          This is interesting since the NETS 2012 Logistics Chair confirmed that only the Tutorial and Plenary videos were made available to the web:

          The NETS Tutorial and Plenary videos are available via the LPSC Livestream site at http://www.livestream.com/lpsc2012.

          The Plenary is very interesting in that the entire 1:30hr presentation is a review of NASA planetary exploration missions relying on RTG – radioisotope energy. These devices are markedly INefficient – 5-7% of the Pu238 is utilized as electric energy. And several NASA officials confirmed the near depletion of Pu238 in DOE reserves. Thus, the entire NASA Planetary Exploration mission is in jeopardy. But wait! George Miley has a new kinda RTG base on LENR!! Holy mackeral George! This could make the ice boring submarine on Europa a REALITY!! If George and NASA GRC can deliver – it’s PARTY time for space exploration. This is a great story. And an excellent way to introduce a world changing new source of energy. Eh??

        • kwhilborn says:

          i was mistaken. i watched an earlier conference.

  9. Bernie Koppenhofer says:

    The major media, Brian Ahern and now Dr. Miley; silenced. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that LENR is perceived as a game changer by “the powers to be” and for some reason, military, money, power they want to delay it and control it.

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