LENR Meets HENR in Turin

A unique conference will begin tomorrow in Turin, Italy, entitled the “The Atom Unexplored.”  This conference will be unique because it will explore both low energy nuclear reactions and high energy nuclear reactions, with the former being covered in the morning session and the latter being covered in the afternoon session. In the last 2 decades rarely have these two technologies been discussed simultaneously in the same venue, unless they were the result of some sort of quibble.  The fact that this is a planned discussion of both technologies at the same conference should be seen as a step forward for LENR. It seems there is a first for everything.  It is refreshing to see that more people are beginning to realize that there are still many things to discover and still many unsolved mysteries to explore, especially amongst those at established scientific venues like the Polytechnic University of Turin, who is hosting the conference. While cold fusion/LENR researchers have held conferences on a regular basis for the last 20 years, the inclusion of this technology outside the realm of the close-knit community of researchers and followers has begun to spread. Of course just recently Francesco Celani and Yogendra Srivastava  were hosted at CERN for an LENR colloquium, Dr. George Miley and Y.E. Kim were given the opportunity to expound the benefits and underpinnings of this technology at NETS (New Emerging Technologies for Space) and Prof. Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz held a class and gave a demonstration at MIT.

The Atom Unexplored conference from Turin will be streamed live at this link beginning at 9:00 CET, 5:00 EST.

Unfortunately, closed mindedness still persists in all too many places. Just within the last couple of weeks  there was a cancellation of a presentation by Celani and Srivastava at La Sapienza University in Rome.  The cancellation was abrupt and by the edict of the head of the Department of Physics at this University. No plausible explanation was ever given for this abrupt cancellation. There was some chattering about Srivastava having improperly discussed or disseminated an e-mail to someone who shouldn’t have gotten it, but no details were ever given to justify cancelling such said presentation at the last minute.  The pitiful explanation suggested (not officially given mind you) more closely resembled a pretense rather than a justification.

Several Italian sites, including EnergeticAmbiente , NEXUS , Disinformation , For the Common Good , luogoComune , beneFacta , The Democrat , and  The Painted Porch launched a public protest demanding that the conference be rescheduled at a later date, and all sites circulated a petition to that same end, to be sent to the offices of several of the involved parties.  Also, on 22Passi all readers were encouraged to send e-mails in protest.

We invite all readers to send an email with the following text to the Directors of the Department of Physics ( Giancarlo.Ruocco @ roma1.infn.it ) and INFN ( diemoz@roma1.infn.it ) and, for information, to Rector of La Sapienza ( rettore@uniroma1.it ), the President of INFN ( ferroni@roma1.infn.it ), the organizers of the seminar (brunello.tirozzi @ roma1.infn.it , Fabio.Ferrarotto @ roma1.infn . it ) and we ( petizione22@gmail.com ), with the subject: DEMAND THAT THE DISCUSSION ON THE WISDOM OF ROME COME LENR.  (translated from Italian via Google).

I applaud our Italian friends for stepping forward and raising their voices in protest.  And, even if you are not Italian, it probably wouldn’t hurt to put in your 2 cents either. These types of decisions and attempts to mute or stifle the conversation about LENR affect us all. It is time to let people know that this sort of behavior is unacceptable.

Going back to conference in Turin tomorrow, May 4, two of the scheduled speakers are Dr. Peter Hagelstein and Prof. Francesco Piantelli. Dr. Hagelstein is scheduled to give an overview and update on the NANOR device demonstrated in late January at MIT.  Hopefully, Dr. Hagelstein will give some more data about this device which ran for several months, and perhaps is still in continuous operation.  Just 2 weeks ago Massachusetts State Senator Bruce Tarr visited the lab at MIT and the NANOR device was still functioning. Mind you this was late late April and the device was started in late January.

Prof. Francesco Piantelli will perhaps give some more insights into his LENR theory and the status of his device.  He was scheduled to speak last month at the conference in Siena but was said to be suffering health problems and was not able to attend.  His presentation was given by Bill Collis of Coolescence, an American LENR company based in Boulder, Colorado.  Honestly, I found this a little bit odd as several other scientists from Piantelli’s company, Nichenergy, gave presentations at the conference in Siena. Given that, I really do not see why Mr. Collis was the one to give Piantelli’s presentation. Not only that, the presentation consisted primarily of dated information, while the itinerary for the conference gave no outline or released no abstract for the Piantelli lecture whatsoever.  Don’t get me wrong, from what I have seen from the presentation there was solid documentation of Piantelli’s prior work, but really nothing new or earth-shattering.

Adding to the oddness, long-time Piantelli associate Roy Virgilio was supposed to attend the conference and hinted at a “scoop,” although he was admittedly coy about it.  Then, as it turns out, Roy did not attend the conference either.  I am not really into conspiracies and the like (no, wait, actually I am) but I find this confluence of events a little odd. Daniel Passerini of the 22Passi blog spoke a couple of weeks ago about a number of things going on behind the scenes involving politicians, major corporations, etc., etc., so if it makes me wonder what really is going on behind the scenes in Italy.  More specifically, I wonder if the lawyers (politician=lawyer) have become involved in some capacity.  Perhaps the sudden silence of Defkalion can also be linked to things that are going on unseen. Andrea Rossi may boast about being ready to take legal action against DGT but, as mentioned previously, it is still Piantelli that holds the cards (patents) right now. Hopefully, there is some negotiating going on behind the scenes and this does not turn into a pissing contest between Rossi, DGT and Piantelli over patents and intellectual property. As a historian will tell you, the development of the airplane was plagued by patent disputes between various parties. However, a unique legal arrangement was able to be hammered out amongst the various interests and development of the technology continued.

Hmm.  I guess in this case we will have to be like Passerini and go down by the river and wait, wait, wait.

While waiting by the river, perhaps Pianteill will give us some meat to go with our water. Based on early indications, and given the nature of the conference, I would expect more of a revelation about Piantelli’s theory rather than experimental data.  Piantelli is planted firmly in the “It’s not fusion” camp but has yet to fully disclose his theory for LENR. From what I have heard, his theory may nr in the realm of biological transmutations. He is a biophysicist. It was roughly 6 months after the announcement of Pons and Fleishmann in 1989 that Francesco Piantelli first became involved in LENR. In August of that year he was working with a biological specimen and noted the anomalous production of heat that defied any known explanation.  With the news of P&F still fresh in his mind, and with many of his Italian countrymen still not convinced that “cold fusion” was a hoax, Piantelli began his research into the field.

He has done  some of the best work in the field to date but has yet to produce a device that produces useful amounts of energy, even though his devices are reported to be stable and highly reliable.  Yet, in the end, he may not have to produce a commercially viable device to be considered a leader in the field. As mentioned, he does hold several International patents and has applied for several more.  In addition, his theory may be more important than a commercially viable device.  One of the longstanding criticisms of cold fusion has been t fact that there is not one viable theory that explains all that has been observed experimentally. If Piantelli has such a theory, then he may be able to counter that persistent criticism once and for all.  In addition, if he can prove that this effect is inherent in nature, as in biological transmutation, he will also be able to take down a second widely-held belief, that nuclear processes such as fusion occur only in the stars.  But, of course, Piantelli does not claim his the reaction is fusion, so who knows.

Down to the river I go.


The Atom Unxplored Schedule

10:30 Session I – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Walter Pecorella
University of Rome
 “Tor Vergata”, Ansaldo Energia

Alberto Carpinteri
Polytechnic of Turin Research Institute National Metrology
Piezonuclear Fission Reactions in Rocks: Evidences from Microchemical Analysis, Neutron Emission, Transformation and Geological

Peter L. Hagelstein
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
JET Energy NANOR: The Role of the Nanoengineered Latex Enabling the CF / LANR Activity

Coffee break

Francis Piantelli
Nichenergy, Imo Center – University of Siena

Valerio Ciampoli
Anomalous Phenomenon in Ni-H Systems

Giovanni Cherubini
University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Research Center Radioactivity CRR, ARPA Lazio
Neutrons from Piezonuclear Reactions Induced by Cavitation

15:00 Session II – High Energy Nuclear Reactions

Maurizio Cumo
University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Douglas Bartlett
European Commission DG-RTD, UNIT K5 – ITER
The European Key Role in Design, Construction and Operation of ITER

John Rich
University Of Genoa, National Institute of Nuclear Physics

Alessandro Alemberti
Ansaldo Nuclear
Accelerator Driven Sub-critical Nuclear Reactors

Mark E. Ricotti
Milan Polytechnic
The New Age of Nuclear Fission: A Roadmap for the Generation IV Lead Cooled Fast Reactors


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6 Responses to LENR Meets HENR in Turin

  1. Alan DeAngelis says:

    Peter Hagelstein had his funding cut. This makes perfect sense. After all, there was no need to look through Galileo’s telescope.

    • Ben says:

      I just uploaded a video to YouTube where Hagelstein gives the account of a physicist at MIT going out of his way to have funding for cold fusion research cancelled at MIT. Interestingly, Dr. Hagelstein says that NASA DOES currently have an ongoing LENR research program. Now, I wonder if Dr. Joe Zawodny will come clean and issue a retraction to his public statements that this is something he is doing on his own time.

  2. Ben says:

    Replays of the lectures by Carpinteri, Hagelestein, Cherubini and Piantelli can be found here. Piantelli was a no-show again and his lecture was given by Ciampoli.

    Apparently some LENR demonstrations were to be conducted in a laboratory at the university after the morning presentations. It does not appear that these will be broadcast.

  3. Brian Knight says:

    Brian says, Yes, I have been waiting for the dreaded ‘D’ notice as it is called in Britain! Which is a total security blanket on any activity regarding any subject regarded as a national secret. Belgium has issued such an edict in the recent past, and I have suspected it of the Defkaliom affair for some time. Up until now Mr Rossi has been permitted to carry on to give the impression that it is not practiced. don’t be fooled!!!!
    Think of the enormous damage that will occur to the revenue stream of the gas industry for starters!

  4. Ben says:

    The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the institution that Dr. George Miley is affiliated with, has set up a web site for its LENR laboratory. Right now the site is rather rudimentary but it is a sign the university is acknowledging the work in LENR being carried out there.


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