NASA Releases More About Its LENR Research

NASA has released another video disclosing its ongoing LENR research. Entitled Abundant Clean/Green Energy, the latest video is much more understated than the one released on January 12.  I suppose with this video NASA is attempting to avoid the firestorm of criticism and inquiry that it received after its last video.  Instead of talk about practical home heating units that may be just around the corner, the latest video shows futuristic space planes floating out in orbit that may be available sometime in the more distant future.  However, even so, Dr. Zawodny mentions that NASA has contracted with a company to come up with preliminary designs for a futuristic space plane, indicating that perhaps the research process is farther along than this video addresses, and may in fact be as far as long as the original video from January seemed to indicate.

Much of the video focuses on an apparatus designed by NASA to test different aspects of the Widom-Larsen Theory of LENRs. With this test apparatus, which is actually quite small, 1.5 cm wide by 2.5 cm long, Accordingly to Dr. Zawodny, NASA is attempting to confirm that WLT is “at least in part correct” in explaining the phenomenon.

The device consists of 48 small tiles, with each tile in fact being a separate test device. This allows 48 different experiments to be run simultaneously and for multiple comparative measurements to be made simultaneously during testing. Although small, the device is really quite ingenious.

NASA WLT Test Device

In conjunction with the release of this video by NASA, is an article posted by Dennis Bushnell on another NASA web site, Future Innovation. The article is entitled Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook.  The title of the article is self-explanatory concerning its content, and basically provides a very brief overview of the history of LENR and the state of current research, at least from the viewpoint of Mr. Bushnell.  I strongly recommend this article to all readers of this site.  Here are some of the conclusions arrived at:

  • Something real is happening.

  • The weak interaction theories suggest what the physics might be.

  • There are efforts ongoing to explore the validity of the theories.

  • There are continuing Edisonian efforts to produce “devices” mainly for heat, or in some cases transmutations.

  • There are efforts to certify such devices.

  • NASA LaRC has begun LENR design studies guided by Weak Interaction Theory.

In the article Bushnell also makes an interesting point that I have not heard before but is really quite insightful, perhaps even profound:

When we concentrated upon nuclear engineering beginning in the 1940’s we “jumped” to the strong force/ particle physics and leapt over the weak force/condensed matter nuclear physics. We are going “back” now to study and hopefully develop this arena.

In other words, NASA is going Back to the Future! The idea that weak force/condensed matter physics was put on the back burner in view of the advent of the atomic age largely defined by nuclear fission, has a certain logic and “common sense” to it. Perhaps this line of thought will ease the minds of those in the mainstream scientific community who out of hand reject LENR simply because of the thought that it requires “new physics,” when in fact it may involve an aspect of comfortable and well-established “old physics” that has been long overlooked. The idea that LENR is not fusion of any sort, as espoused by Bushnell and other adherents of WLT, will also go a long way to open otherwise closed minds.  Perhaps that is the intent.  Dr. Zawondy’s statement that NASA is attempting to confirm that WLT is “at least in part correct” suggests to me that there are those within NASA, even perhaps Zawondy himself, that do not believe that WLT is entirely correct, although it may be correct enough to be of great utility. Some would argue that the same could be said about quantum theory as a whole, but I digress.

Two disclosures by NASA about their involvement in LENR in such a short time span tells me that NASA is either very close to a breakthrough or that one has already occurred. I say this because this is a very controversial subject and I doubt NASA would engage in even this level of disclosure if there were not some substance to it. If NASA is willing to disclose this much, one has to ask what is really going on?  Of course, I have no hard evidence that NASA will hold some kind of world-changing press conference any time soon to announce to the world that they have solved the mystery of “cold fusion,” but I think that there is certainly more going on here than meets the eye.

In any event, it certainly is uplifting to those of us who hope we are the verge of an energy revolution to have confirmed once again that there is much more than mass delusion to this whole thing. I think most people already realize that but, still, sometimes it is good to be reminded.

In addition to disclosures by NASA, Widom-Larsen Theory co-author, Lewis Larsen, just put up a slide show presentation entitled “Gold production using LENR,”  the Athanor cold fusion device of the Pirelli Industrial High School is currently undergoing two separate validation attempts in Italy, and a video of the NANOR cold fusion device at MIT has just been posted.   It seems that cold fusion is heating up just in time for summer.


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12 Responses to NASA Releases More About Its LENR Research

  1. jetmech1 says:

    Glad to see research into this area.
    More attention should be placed into this.
    Real research with a good working theory is what is needed.

    And far less attention to distractions Rossi, DGT, Brillioun, BLP!

    • Roger Bird says:

      But jetmech1, who is paying attention to Rossi, DGT, Brillioun, and BLP? Us members of the LENR Excitement Squad are, and we don’t actually accomplish anything. It doesn’t matter what we pay attention to. Rossi, DGT, Brillioun, and BLP are busy paying attention to what they need to be paying attention to. NASA, MIT, and other serious research institutions are paying attention to what they need to be paying attention to. And us, the LENR Jerkoff Squad, are paying attention to whoever puts out the most promising and interesting news. And you know how many babies are created by jerkingoff.

      And wasn’t there a guy around here a few months back named jetmech who said that it was all a big scam?

  2. Alan DeAngelis says:

    The Mitsubishi transmutations (see page 3)
    show that even numbers of deuterons are being taken up to form the daughter products. Wouldn’t this point more to a Yeong Kim type mechanism rather than a W/L one (which would leave a mess).

    Pardon me. My senile disinhibition is kinking in again:
    Or perhaps the following consecutive reactions could take place in palladium saturated with deuterium. What may start out as an Oppenheimer-Phillips reaction may end up as a deuteron capture reaction.

    Pd (N) + D > Ag*(N+2) (step1)

    D + Ag*(N+2) > Cd*(N+4) (step 2)

    Cd*(N+4) + W(184) > Pd(N) + Os(188) (step 3)


    Overall: D+D + W(184) > Os(188) 20.9 MeV with minimal radiation

    • Alan DeAngelis says:

      KICKING in (very Freudian)

    • Ben says:

      Dr. Mitchell Swartz, inventor of the NANOR cold fusion device currently being demonstrated at MIT, has been kind enough to post exerpts of this article on his site, Cold Fusion Times. He then added this paragraph below.

      The Widom-Larsen Theory is partially based upon George Miley’s discovery of trace heavy metal transmutation in cold fusion and is a partial knock-off of the prior theories of neutrons surmounting the coulomb barrier in cold fusion, as published earlier by Peter Hagelstein, Tadahiko Mizuno, Yasuhiro Iwamura, and Mitchell Swartz. WLT adds the hypothesis that the mostly absent high energy gamma rays (seen in hot fusion) are absent due to a unique cold fusion surface of polarons.

      As you pointed out previously Alan, Dr. Miley, especially in his earlier writings, espoused an Oppenheimer-Phillips “stripping” reaction as being at the heart of observed results in cold fusion experiments. Of late, he has focused more on the work of Y.E. Kim and his Bose-Eistein condensate theory.

      And, to give credit where credit is due, your yourself proposed a stripping reaction to be in play as far back as 1989, per your comment in Chemical & Engineering news in that same year.

      • Alan DeAngelis says:

        Thanks for the Cold Fusion Times link Ben. Perhaps someday someone with a big piggy bank could rerun the Pd-D systems where researchers see transmutations taking place with pure isotopes of palladium instead of natural palladium. It might make it easier to nail down what’s actually going on.

  3. Ben says:

    It appears that there is rift developing between NASA and Widom-Larsen co-author Lewis Larsen.

    NASA and Widom-Larsen Theory: Inside Story

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  5. psi says:

    I have to concur with the positive comments. I have continued to follow LENR/e-cat news over the last few months and it certainly appears that the “handwriting is on the wall” to the pseudo-skeptics, this just being another, almost by this time predictable, indication that much is going on under the radar. I still think Rossi is far more credible than his severe critics complain, and also that Defkalion, despite not coming through with promised details of 3rd party testing, is like Brillouin also making substantive progress towards commercialization. I suspect that by October if not before the cat will be out of the bag and the mass media will finally be covering the story.

    Thanks for continuing to keep us updated on the story.

  6. Roger Bird says:

    Not IF but WHEN. I am very jazzed and excited. This is going to happen.

    It seems to me that many websites have lost interest because of the slow pace of Rossi and Defkalion. But there is a lot else going on, like Brillouin and NASA and MIT and others. Even my folder in my favorites list is still called “Rossi E-Cat”. This is not to say that Rossi will not come through for us, but there are a lot of players in LENR, and I don’t know what category Blacklight should go in, but they are also looking very good. I emailed two of the people who tested and confirmed Blacklight, and one of them emailed me back. I checked 3 of the people confirming Blacklight and they are real people with real credentials.

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  8. Brad Arnold says:

    I am just coming to grips with the fact that “cold fusion” was rejected by the scientific community because it didn’t perform like “hot fusion” with none of the expected side-effects that would come with the surmounting of the Coulomb barrier.

    Instead, I think that the hydrogen atoms turn into a low energy neutrons (i.e. combining it’s proton and electron). If this is the case, it spells great advancement in nuclear transmutation, where other elements can aborb those neutrons to become other elements, but without being irradiated like in a fission reactor.

    Frankly, I don’t see anyway to turn a LENR reaction into thrust directly, but I do see that energy will be too cheap to meter, making the cost of 7 million calories (the amount of energy needed to boost a pound of mass up and out of the Earth’s gravity well) very economical.

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