Rest in Peace Dr. Fleischmann

In respectful memory of Dr. Martin Fleischmann

March 29, 1927 – August 3, 2012

Verily, just as serpents close their ears, so do some men close their eyes to the light of truth.


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10 Responses to Rest in Peace Dr. Fleischmann

  1. Ben says:

    Martin Fleischmann, Seeker of Cold Fusion, Dies at 85

    The New York Times

  2. Van den Bogaert Joannes says:

    What is not understood is by definition “crazy” or dangerous.

    • AstralProjectee says:

      Nobody mentioned the word crazy or dangerous. What are you talking about?

  3. Alan DeAngelis says:

    Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast
    ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them
    under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    Matthew 7:6

  4. Ben says:

    Dr. Fleischmann interview from the 2009 60 Minutes segment Cold Fusion is Hot Again

  5. Ben says:

    Ed Storms comments on Martin Fleischmann


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  7. AstralProjectee says:

    Verily I say unto the close minded, they that ridicule the small and call them charlatans. They make them outcasts and speak that which they know not of. Nor do they understand. They know not what they say, because a veil of ignorance is on their eyes. When confronted with the veil of ignorance they become arrogant about their ignorance. Thus compounding the problem. They refuse to see there own ignorance least they open their eyes and be converted to the truth. The truth of the gospel of reality. They reality that Cold fusion needed more testing. The reality that the only reason Fleischmann’s work was real, and others were not, was that that the experiment ran for a longer time than the others. Thus giving birth to cold fusion. The ignorant were quick to judge, and in so doing have brought great suffering on the world.

    Those that could have given a cup of collaboration in the name of reality to the work of Dr Fleischmann will loose their reward and bring great suffering to the world.


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