Cold Fusion Now and e-Cat Site Join Forces

I am happy to announce that I have accepted an opportunity to join Ruby Carat to become an author and editor at Cold Fusion Now.  In addition, I will be helping her with moderation and other duties on the site.  The cold fusion story is expanding so rapidly and in so many different directions that it has become increasingly difficult for either one of us to keep track of the many facets of the story. Perhaps this is true more so for myself than for Ruby, as Cold Fusion Now has many intelligent and talented people contributing on a regular basis.  These individuals include patent attorney David French. Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez, the ubiquitous and knowledgeable Brad Arnold, filmmaker Eli Elliot, and occasionally even Dr. Edmund Storms.  And that’s just for starters.  Click here to see more of the Cold Fusion Now Crew.  With this group of talent to work with, I would have been foolish to pass up the opportunity to come on-board.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank those who have contributed to e-Cat Site over the past year, most notably Tom Baccei and Mr. Johannes Van den Bogaert.  Also a shout out to Ms. Sojourner Soo, the free-energy free spirit who pops in from time to time on various sites to fight the good fight.  She was kind enough to provide the first article at e-Cat Site.

Of course, e-Cat Site would have been nothing without the regular readers and commenters.  I hope you all will come on over to Cold Fusion Now and check out the articles and resources available.  You will not be disappointed.  I know many who have been following the story make the rounds and have your favorite sites for cold fusion news and updates, so there is some overlap amongst readership for both Cold Fusion Now and e-Cat Site.  But let’s be honest, we all have our favorite sites for one reason or another.  I hope the readers of Cold Fusion Now will welcome my input, and I hope the faithful of e-Cat Site will now become regular readers and commenters on Cold Fusion Now.

Ruby Carat and I are committed to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date coverage that we are capable of.  As I write this, Cold Fusion Now is undergoing a number of upgrades to ensure that the site is accessible, readable and informative.  There are new features and upgrades in the works as well.  We both believe that cold fusion is ready to soar to new heights, both in terms of the state of the art of the technology and the coverage that will ensue.  We want to make sure that we are ready for the added traffic that this will undoubtedly bring.

As for e-Cat Site, for right now it will remain open as an archive of the happenings of the last year, as well as a resource regarding cold fusion history.  It is no, but I have made a conscious effort to provide enough background history for people to understand what cold fusion is and how it has progressed, especially over the last 20 years.  I initially started the site as an information resource for friends and acquaintances regarding cold fusion.  Many of them were as stunned as I, and I’m sure many of you, that cold fusion had never been truly debunked and in fact was being taken seriously by a growing number of people.  Much of this interest was spurred by Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat, for which the site is named.  I subsequently started writing articles and opened the site for comments so I could narrate the story from my own perspective, devoid of the constant sneering of the closed-minded and committed opponents.  However, now I think the story has outgrown the intent and scope of the site, and it is now time to move on.  It will probably be accessible for another year, or until such time we can move content over to Cold Fusion Now. However, there will be no new articles or news updates posted.

As mentioned above, I will also be helping moderate CFN.  Just like at e-Cat Site, I welcome healthy debate.  Disagreements are to be expected, especially when discussing something as complex as cold fusion.  However, comments need to remain respectful of the subject matter, the site, and, most importantly, the person to which the comment is directed.  Comments consisting solely, mostly or repeatedly of insults, taunts and inflammatory language are not acceptable and will be deleted, likely without warning.  Repeated attempts to post such comments will be result in being banned.  This is not the site to be contentious for sport.  There are other sites that allow such behavior to go on unabated but this is not one of them.

Once again, I welcome the opportunity to join Cold Fusion Now, and I look forward to working with Ruby and the crew.  I think we are in for some very exciting times ahead.


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14 Responses to Cold Fusion Now and e-Cat Site Join Forces

  1. Alan DeAngelis says:

    It’s a good strategic move.

  2. rstritmatter says:

    Congratulations, this is good news indeed.

  3. Roger Bird says:

    I notice your first assignment. Above it says that there are two responses, but there was only one response, even before I started typing.

    I hope that this merger will make you-all a better competitor to that other monster site that need competition badly. Good luck. (:->)

    • Ben says:

      You do realize that if we become top dog then we will have to start charging a subscription fee, right?

      Nah, I’m just messing with you. We just want to make a site that does the subject matter justice and informs the readers.

      • Roger Bird says:

        Your very strong competitor does not charge a fee, so I sort of knew that you wouldn’t. (:->)

        Your evil competitor has censored me a few times. I hope that you don’t.

        • Ben says:

          I have had to censor you too in the past too, so I can make no promises.

          • Roger Bird says:

            I promise to be honest and polite. I may or may not believe everything that everyone says. I believe that LENR is real. I believe that LENR-on-steroids is almost certainly real. I am not so sure about Rossi. Demoed LENR-on-steroids and made me a believer of same, but his latest claims have not been demonstrated. Brillouin Energy Corporation is honest and right on. Do I get censored for any of that? (:->)

            • Ben says:

              Actually, I never banned you. You were put on a time-out until you slowed your roll a little bit. Other than that, you usually do add something of substance to the conversation. Your alright as long as you stay away from the Angry Bird routine.

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  5. Francesco B. says:

    Dear Frank, first of all congratulations for the new opportunity offered to you, it is a natural consequence of the great job done with e-cat news site. I have one question: where can I keep on reading the Q&A of Jonp if you will not update e-cat news anymore? I know that you will write an article whenever there is an interesting anwer by Ing. Rossi, but I would like in any case to read all Q&A, even the less important ones.
    All the best

    Francesco B.

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