Cold fusion. now sometimes referred to as LENR (low-energy nuclear reaction), is a potentially revolutionary energy source burst into the public consciousness early in 1989 and then was quickly “debunked” as being a hoax and fraud.  However, history has shown  that the dismissal of this technology was premature, and research over the past two decades has repeatedly validated the original claims of Dr. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleishmann regarding excess energy production.  There have been numerous advances made experimentally and the technology is gaining wider acceptance, although there is still not a full understanding of the phenomenon.

This site is named after the device of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, the e-Cat.  He may be the first person to bring a cold fusion device to market and events in the coming months will reveal whether or not he will be able to do so.  However, if he is unable to do so, for whatever reason, there are other active participants in the field including Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece, Francesco Piantelli (Nichenergy), Prof, George Miley (LENUCO), Brillouin Energy and Lewis Larsen of Lattice Energy, LLC, that may be able to do so.

Please click on the provided links to educate yourself about the development of the cold fusion field in the last 20+ years.

All are welcome to comment but I must insist that all comments are respectful of the site, subject matter and other commenters.  If you do not believe this is a valid technology after reading the provided material or doing your own independent research, you are welcome to say so.  However, all comments that are deemed not to show a rational, logical approach to the subject matter will be removed.  Critics have had 20+ years to make their case against cold fusion and now it is time for a more rational and honest discussion of the matter.

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  1. Harris says:

    Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is presented on web?

  2. georgehants says:

    From Independent eCat News
    Ben very nice little site, from tonight I will be putting my news on your page.
    I like many enjoy a fair debate, something one cannot achieve on a site that allows unstable people to run riot against every attempt at conversation.

  3. georgehants says:

    Word is getting out fast now.

    Cheap power: An overnight revolution


    • ecatsite says:

      Wow, from ComputerWorld. Very nice. Well here comes the publicity every one was wanting. This is definitely picking up a head of steam.

      Thanks George.

  4. D2 says:

    Good start Ben! I have a question – has anyone read Rothwells book “Cold Fusion and the Future”?It’s a good way to get a good overall understanding of the possibilities. Although i have to say the robot chickens are a little far fetched.

  5. georgehants says:

    Soo, please do not feel left behind, if Cold Fusion is real NOBODY understands it, it is new science at the Quantum level beyond anything known.
    The millions of words that have been written about steam and kettles are just the effect of this new physics, no need to get involved.
    It just means a new way of producing heat at very small cost ( a few grams of nickle ) has been found.
    Join the rest of the club, no matter what they try to make out, nobody understands the Quantum phenomenon that is occurring.
    We are in at the ground floor.

    • timycelyn says:

      Ben – congratulations on starting this blog. I have got totally worn down by the incredibly closed minded and, frankly, intensely boring zealot (ever so important) pseudosceptics that one can encounter over at News. Being away from them feels like a breath of fresh air.

      George, regarding a theoretical framework to support the avalanche of experimental evidence that is being unveiled, well, I have a hunch there will be argument, evolution and development of that for the next 10-20 years at least. I am not at all surprised that this has caught the theoretical physicists with their pants down, as I still remember from my Physical Chemistry at Uni that whilst we are pretty sh*t hot explaining and predicting via Wave Mechanics etc the behavior of the hydrogen atom, everything after that, all the heavier elements, involve more and more guesswork and more and more approximations.

      Of course, understanding has progressed enormously since then (late 70’s) but I bet the underlying ‘these things are just too big for us to be able to model them properly’ still applies to some extent to these heavier elements, and how their atoms and components of those atoms can behave in these situations.

      I must admit I also fail to see what the big deal is regarding this. As has been cited there are a number of modern effects (eg high temperature superconductivity) where theoretical understanding is substantially lagging experimental fact. This is hardly new, we had fire for thousands of years with either no theory or completely the wrong one accounting for it – everything from Prometheyus nipping out the back with it when the Gods weren’t looking, through to the Phlogiston theory (very respectable in it’s time, too) of the 1800’s. Didn’t stop us using it, did it?

      I think that where I am is that:

      1. There is a real, observable effect here, and Rossi (and maybe others) are taking it from the minor (few watts) to the major league, using some clever, suck it and see type innovations, with a little rule of thumb type empirical theory backing it up.

      2. Rossi is a highly emotional, creative Inventor (think of that guy in Back to the Future) but is not showing himself as the cool, measured scientist. This works both for (inspirational leaps) and against him (poorly designed demonstrations).

      I am very optimistic that at the worst, these effects will become accepted scientific fact within the next five years. At the best, much, much, quicker. Whether Rossi, Pinatelli, Defkalion, or others is the one that really makes the breakthrough, the next year or so will show…

      • ecatsite says:

        Welcome aboard timycelyn. Visit often, post often and spread the word. Please offer any suggestions that you feel would make this site better. I want this site to be a collaboration as much as that is practical. I like what you have to say in this post and if you could figure out how to make an article out of it, I will post it as such. It won’t take much. Are you alright with that?

      • georgehants says:

        timycelyn, where to start?

        You have covered the history of science from pre-history to the present.

        My main concern is the psychological immaturity of science, from the year dot things have been known and excepted as facts, things that where learned generation to generation and used for survival.

        Skepticism is clearly an important part of the process of advancement, holding within bounds the possible versus the presently impossible.
        But from the first time that it was discovered that an elder may be mistaken or have limited knowledge I find it impossible to understand how ever again people can not have open inquiring minds on every subject.

        It is clear in all cases that current knowledge is an approximation of reality ( in our excepted reality) and everything is temporary knowledge to be added to and improved as time goes by.
        This to me is the essence of humanity to strive to find the answers and not be afraid or hide progress, Rossi like so many other things is just a step forward to investigate
        open-mindedly, if true then wonderful, if false then hay-ho move on.

        Main-line science seems to be caught in a circle of closed-minded fear of the unknown, instead of joyfully looking for new-science it cowers behind excepted knowledge.
        Excessive skeptasism is rife in science, why, there appears no justifiable reason, beyond some form of psychological barrier in many people.

  6. I’m with George. I think that the pathological skeptics at the other site are nothing more than fossil fuel industry propagandists, with a political agenda all their own. I learn nothing from them. And that is probably the worst thing I can say about them, because I’m truly interested in learning what the real scientific objections are. Teach me something, please. 🙂

    • ecatsite says:

      I think you already know what the objections are. They have been repeated ad infinitum for the last 20 years, and almost everyday other places.

      Why don’t you teach the us something Soo? I need an article to post here. You up for it? I know you have it in you. I’ve seen what you can do when you get on a roll. If you need me to let some trolls past the guard to motivate you, let me know.

      • georgehants says:

        Hope Soo does, but in the meanwhile just grab something from Rossi’s page or another announcement to use as a header.

      • Ben: My own academic background is in political sociology and social change. Give me ideas, please.

        • georgehants says:

          O my god off subject straight away but could not resist Soo’s challenge.

          A car based on the E-CAT or electricity supplied by the E-CAT would reduce almost all dependence on oil and reduce emissions to zero.
          As beyond transport the only things necessary for life are warmth, food, housing and clothing which can be supplied by a small percentage of the workforce, the number of hours work required from each individual is small.
          As one adds health, entertainment, and all other necessities and fair luxuries it will still only absorb a relatively small number of people, to give a relative Utopia.
          This is the situation now where all people working in money related occupations are pointless.

          If one adds Rossi’s E-CAT into the equation the whole World can have everything they fairly want with only the Event of a major multiple crop failures as a cause of concern.
          No boom or bust as productivity is stable, no multimillionaires, no leaving wealth to offspring, but everybody only working for society and each individual being rewarded on their own merit, from a dustman to a great inventor.
          But which way chosen by all the people.

      • Note: This comment has been moved to be a feature article on e-Catsite. Please see “Geopolitical/Geoeconomic Change And Cold Fusion

        • D2 says:

          Great aritcle! Ben, you might want to take this and actually post it as a Blog entry and then we can comment on it. Just a suggestion.

    • georgehants says:

      Sojourner Soo,
      If you agree the most wonderful thing is, that we have found new science, where will it lead, this is only the first step (if true, still can’t help saying that) any advance I find exciting.

      • george: My late father was born and raised in Milan/Treviso. I only wish he were still around to tell me things. He was, in fact, a persona very much like Rossi, which is to say, a man who was constantly “fixing things.” I think Rossi’s invention is real. I just want those who also believe to explain to me the physics involved and why the skeptics think it is impossible.

        From a social change perspective, this development seems perfectly normal to me. In fact, I have been waiting for a new energy technology to emerge, one that would replace fossil fuels, for quite some time. It was the “missing” element, from social evolution theory.

        • ecatsite says:

          Soo, you say you want an explanation but it is unclear what your level of scientific understanding is, so I’m not sure how to approach the question. Do you understand Widom-Larsen? Do you believe in it? How about Frank Znidarsic’s new paper?

          I do not have a formal background in the type of science that could explain this. I’m more of a tinker myself, so a full scientific explanation I probably will not be able to provide. I am good at research, so perhaps I can point you in the right direction. Also remember that there is no definitive theory of cold fusion yet.

          My goal is a layman’s site as much as that is possible. With it being that, there is only so much depth that I can go into or would like to go into but I would like to be able to point people in the right direction.

        • High school and first year university physics is the limit of my academic training. I have read about the WL theory only briefly. Is that theory the answer? Rossi asserts it does not apply to the E-Cat, since that process emits radioactive waste, and his device apparently does not. I suppose what I’m asking for the simplified layperson’s explanation as to why Rossi’s E-Cat is able to work without generating radioactive waste. I gather it’s an impossible request to easily answer, without getting into highly advanced quantum physics.

        • I should clarify that I do have a Masters degree in Sociology from a “real” university, as well as a BA Combined Honors in PoliSci/Sociology. My “hard” science academic background in physics and chemistry is confined to first year BSc basics, I’m afraid. But, I can understand a lot from that level. So, bring it on. I can research what I don’t know and try my best to make sense of it. 🙂

  7. georgehants says:

    Ben, is this you, am I the first commenter.
    Wish all the luck in the World. Will keep watching your page.


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