Dennis M. Bushnell – NASA GRC – 09/22/2011

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    Please consult Belgian patents with publication numbers BE1002780, BE1002781 and BE1003296 relating to LANR. The first one contains a theorie about nuclear fusion in Pd-metal lattice by “electrostatic wetting” and orbital broadening of deuterons. The second and third relate to nuclear fusion by Coulomb explosion in the metal lattice. The second one contains in the pages bridging 3 and 4 an equation based on experimental values calculating the rest mass (mp) of the proton proving that angular momentum of spin plays a major role in defining rest mass and giving a hint for the existence of matter and antimatter due to opposite curviness of the spin radius (rp). The product mpXrp is constant and charge exists in + and – defining (anti)matter.

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