List of Other Sites

Below is a comprehensive list of other sites covering the e-Cat and cold fusion/LENR in general.  Admittedly the list is long and some sites are better than others.  I will leave it to each individual user to decide which sites they prefer and which sites present the available information in a manner that is preferable to them.  My personal favorites are included in the sidebar under “Cold Fusion Links.”

If there is a broken or dead link in this list, or there is a preferred site that is missed, please leave a comment in the area provided at the bottom of the page.  Thank you.


22 Passi Blogspot  (Translated from Italian)

Cold Fusion Energy, Inc.

Cold Fusion News

Cold Fusion Now

Cold Fusion Times


E-Cat Builder

E-Cat Certifications


E-Cat Home

E-Cat Info

E-Cat News

E-Cat Now

E-Cat Poll

E-Cat Report

E-Cat World

Energy Catalyzer Blogspot

Energy Catalyzer Guide

Free Energy Truth

Journal of Nuclear Physics

New Energy and Fuel

E-Cat Patent

New Energy Times Blog

Next Big Future

Pure Energy Systems Network – Rossi News

Rossi-Focardi Fusion

Vortex-l Mailing List


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