Dr. Edmund Storms


Edmund Storms obtained a Ph.D. in radiochemistry from Washington University (St. Louis) and retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory after 34 years of service. His work there involved basic research in the field of high temperature chemistry as applied to materials used in nuclear power and propulsion reactors, including studies of the “cold fusion” effect. Over seventy reviewed publications and monographs resulted from this work as well as several books, all describing an assortment of material properties. After retiring from the LANL in 1991, he moved to Santa Fe, NM were he built a home and laboratory in which he has studied the subject. These studies have resulted in eighteen presentations to various conferences including the ACS and APS. In addition, twenty-three papers have been published including four complete scientific reviews of the field, one published in 1991, another in 1996 and 1998, and the latest in 2000. In May 1993, he was invited to testify before a congressional committee about the “cold fusion” effect. In 1998, Wired magazine honored him as one of the 25 people who is making a significant contribution to new ideas. Based on his experimental experience and a complete library of the literature on the subject, he wrote a book about low energy nuclear reaction that was published by World Scientific Publishing in September, 2007. He continues to study the phenomenon in his laboratory in Santa Fe.  source


Taking the Chill Out of Cold Fusion link

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Part 1

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Part 2

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Part 3

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Part 4

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Part 5

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Part 6

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Part 7

The Nuclear Active Environment and Metals That Work video

Dr. Edmund Stroms speaks about the transition from fossil fuel systems to clean cold fusion energy. video

An explanation of low-energy nuclear reactions


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5 Responses to Dr. Edmund Storms

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  2. dan says:

    as a quick q’n to dr storms; regarding fusion and the original pons experiment, what work was done to follow up on those conditions, specifically the voltage timings possible? to me at least it seems that whilst fission is relatively simple, and hot fusion at that, with enough energy you just paste the molecules together; but with cold fusion the need appears to be for precision and not power. for instance to fuse, not smash, the molecules together could potentially mean exciting the electron shells at just the right voltage for just the right amount of time to produce complimentary gaps in each molecules shell to allow them to fuse at lower total power. or at least that was the thought that occurred to me after an article on bootlegging wine in new scientist a few years ago; seems you could turn a bottle shelf wine into something that taste like top notch stuff by passing a current though it, but the voltage and timing needed to be perfect – a little off on either and it’s ruined. seemed to me that if pons really did find cold fusion on his tabletop then maybe it was the result of a very precise voltage applied for just the right amount of time, something he may not have been able to measure well with the technology of the time. however today it seems a decent science lab could hook up a computer to run a series of different set ups through in very little time and use an algorithm to find any points where further investigation may be warranted.
    thanks for any help [just post back here if any answers],



    To Admin,
    Please give me a Post Office Box address and I will send you copies of the Belgian patents with publication numbers BE1002780 and BE1002781 (in Dutch) and the corresponding English translations (not filed patents). The patents are no longer in force, so do not fear legal consequences against you.

    Yours sincerely,


    To Dr. Storms,
    Please consider Belgian patents with publication numbers BE1002780 and BE1002781 filed in the
    early nineties and relating to LANR having cold fusion as prior art.
    Said documents do not exist in English and have been retarded from publication for 2 years by te Ministry of Defense of Belgium (no reason has been given). Abstracts in English can be obtained through Google )” Espacenet uitgebreid zoeken” under my name VAN DEN BOGAERT JOANNES and complete text (in Dutch) with drawings. Homemade translations in English can be obtained on demand (see my address on the Belgian documents.

    • Admin says:

      This is not an official site for Dr. Storms. However, I have forwarded this interesting information to a party who speaks with him regularly. I am interested in posting an English translation of the referenced documents on this site if you can provide such.


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