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Mr. Rossi Goes to Market, Dr. Miley and Others Hope to Follow

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi continues with commercialization of his e-Cat (energy catalyzer).  In addition to the 1MW plant he tested and reportedly sold to an unnamed customer, he also reports already having sold two or more additional units.  He reports … Continue reading

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e-Cat Preliminary Data and Video – Oct. 28

_____________________________________________ In what may very well be an astounding technological breakthrough, inventor Andrea Rossi successfully demonstrated a 1 MW reactor consisting of over 50 smaller cold fusion devices called e-Cats (energy catalyzers).  The device was not run a full capacity … Continue reading

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Rossi Cautioned About Dangers of 1MW Plant

Jed Rothwell of the Vortex-l mailing list and administrator of the cold fusion library  at lenr-canr.org has cautioned Andrea Rossi about the potential dangers and other problems concerning his 1MW plant, which is scheduled to begin testing on October 28.  … Continue reading

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