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What Happened to Dr. Miley?

I cannot count on any number of appendages the amount of times I have been asked this question over the last 2 weeks.  As many of you are aware, Dr. Miley was scheduled to give a lecture on March 23, … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Pathoskeps

Have you noticed the dramatic change in our perception of Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies which has ramped up in just a few short weeks? I was fortunate enough to have spent that time on a quiet beach in … Continue reading

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The e-Cat and the US Navy

Over the past  6 months or so, a couple of names have been bantered about as to who Andrea Rossi’s mystery customer is for his first e-Cat 1MW plants.  The first name put forth many months ago was Kleiner Perkins … Continue reading

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Dr. Miley Re-emerges

Dr. George Miley, affiliate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is set to re-emerge from what seems like winter hibernation.  After announcing in late October (see video, 5:15 mark) that development of his  LENR cell was reaching the … Continue reading

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Plan X: The Energy Super Bowl

It’s the Energy Super Bowl and the stakes are fantastic. For anyone who has been following the LENR circus at all it is gut check time. If you really, honestly believe that this new source of unlimited, cheap and clean … Continue reading

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LENR: Sympathy for the Commander in Chief

The fact that not only news media in general, but also various elected officials and government agencies are deafeningly silent on the subject of LENR, is the very loud elephant in the room. Consider the following little scenario: In daily … Continue reading

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NASA Releases Video Advocating LENR

NASA has just released a short video in which NASA scientist Dr. Joseph Zawodny explains and advocates the use of LENR technology.   The video unequivocally states that the NASA Langley Research Center is actively pursuing the development of this technology.  While … Continue reading

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Ahern Cancels Citi5 Appearance

In what can only be described as a strange turn of events, Dr. Brian Ahern has abruptly canceled his scheduled presentation at the Citi5 Flash Summit in New York City.  This information was reported last night on the Next Big … Continue reading

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Defkalion Nearly Ready, NASA Files Patent, Piantelli Silent

Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece continues to publicly speak as if their version of Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat will soon ready for the market.   For those new to the story, or just as a refresher, Defkalion was Andrea Rossi’s original business … Continue reading

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