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Diverse Interest in LENR Indicates a Paradigm Shift

For many of us, our interest in cold fusion began last January, or thereabouts, when we heard about Andrea Rossi and his e-Cat. For nearly a year we followed the story waiting for Rossi’s big reveal in October of 2011. … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion: The Nuclear Option

Most of the excitement surrounding the advent of cold fusion has centered almost exclusively on the technology as a way to solve the energy needs of mankind in the future, both near and far. But the technology brings other benefits … Continue reading

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Ike was Right

Last weekend in the United States we celebrated Memorial Day, a national holiday to honor those who have served and lost their lives in the military service to this country. Reading through the various articles to mark and commemorate the … Continue reading

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Italian LENR Workshop April 10-14

An LENR workshop, the 10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen  Loaded Metals, is slated to begin tomorrow, April 10th, in Siena, Italy.  The conference’s schedule and  participants are listed at the bottom of this article, and include Francesco Celani, Dr. … Continue reading

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Zawodny Backpedals, Gibbs Plays the Fool

Last week’s NASA video release featuring NASA senior scientist Dr. Joseph Zawodny explaining the benefits and possibilities of LENR has created quite a stir, with people from a wide-spectrum displaying a similarly wide range of responses.  There was everything from … Continue reading

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Report On A Conversation With George Miley

This was posted on Vortex by Jed Rothwell and with his permission is posted below. _____________________________________ I spoke with George Miley of the University of Illinois about his most recent tests with palladium zirconium alloys with gas loading. Here are … Continue reading

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Mr. Rossi Goes to Market, Dr. Miley and Others Hope to Follow

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi continues with commercialization of his e-Cat (energy catalyzer).  In addition to the 1MW plant he tested and reportedly sold to an unnamed customer, he also reports already having sold two or more additional units.  He reports … Continue reading

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e-Cat Preliminary Data and Video – Oct. 28

_____________________________________________ In what may very well be an astounding technological breakthrough, inventor Andrea Rossi successfully demonstrated a 1 MW reactor consisting of over 50 smaller cold fusion devices called e-Cats (energy catalyzers).  The device was not run a full capacity … Continue reading

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The e-Cat and the Patterson Power Cell

__________________________________________ This post has been revised with new info. Click here. __________________________________________ News that Dr. George Miley has been able to replicate the work of James Patterson has created quite a buzz, as it has provided yet further evidence to … Continue reading

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Dr. George Miley Replicates Patterson, Names Rossi

Long-time cold fusion researcher Dr. George Miley, affiliate professor at the University of Illinois, has recently released a report documenting his  successful replication of the work of cold fusion pioneer James Patterson. Dr. Miley feels that the work of Mr. … Continue reading

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