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PLAN X: The John Galt Manifold

The responses to “Three Scenarios” has provided a number of astute and constructive ideas. Obviously starting a thought process is like starting a painting, in that the focus is on the overall pattern and not on specific details. While the … Continue reading

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Bad JuJu and Plan X

How much penetration has the LENR story generated in PlanetMind? Are 1% of individuals aware, or is it more like 0.01%?.  How many of those are interested in the current WAR in an attempt to  crush it?  How can it … Continue reading

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Rossi vs. the Pathoskeps: All Cheese, No Steel

Pathoskep is a word I made up. Somewhere in the wee hours scurrying down paths of knowledge pursuing the White Rabbit, I came across a description of false science, vigorously defended by some dogmatic scientific fundamentalists as “pathological science”. I … Continue reading

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Rossi Plans, Ahern Patent

As reported previously, Andrea Rossi met with representatives of the Massachusetts state government over the weekend, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts.  Although no agreements were made, apparently the meetings went … Continue reading

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Defkalion Nearly Ready, NASA Files Patent, Piantelli Silent

Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece continues to publicly speak as if their version of Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat will soon ready for the market.   For those new to the story, or just as a refresher, Defkalion was Andrea Rossi’s original business … Continue reading

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Greek Company Announces the “FACT” of cold fusion

PRESS RELEASE From Defkalion website The technological breakthrough of LENR (or CANR) is no longer speculation. It is a fact that will eventually change the world’s energy problems and its sociopolitical divides through cheap, clean and green energy. The world … Continue reading

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