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NASA LaRC Responds to Critic’s Inquiry

The administrator of the web site NASA Watch, Keith Cowing, submitted several questions to NASA in order to get further clarification on the LENR research being conducted there.  Mr. Cowing has been a critic of NASA’s involvement  in this controversial … Continue reading

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NASA Releases More About Its LENR Research

NASA has released another video disclosing its ongoing LENR research. Entitled Abundant Clean/Green Energy, the latest video is much more understated than the one released on January 12.  I suppose with this video NASA is attempting to avoid the firestorm … Continue reading

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The e-Cat and the US Navy

Over the past  6 months or so, a couple of names have been bantered about as to who Andrea Rossi’s mystery customer is for his first e-Cat 1MW plants.  The first name put forth many months ago was Kleiner Perkins … Continue reading

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NASA has been involved in the cold fusion/LENR story since 1989.  The purpose of this page is to document NASA’s involvement, at least in part, over the years, starting in the year of Pons and Fleishmann and continuing to the … Continue reading

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Zawodny Backpedals, Gibbs Plays the Fool

Last week’s NASA video release featuring NASA senior scientist Dr. Joseph Zawodny explaining the benefits and possibilities of LENR has created quite a stir, with people from a wide-spectrum displaying a similarly wide range of responses.  There was everything from … Continue reading

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More “Helpful” E-Mails from the DOE

A friend of mine sent an e-mail regarding Andrea Rossi to the United States Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, in late October.  Of course Secretary Chu did not respond but a couple of his underlings did.  Some of the responses … Continue reading

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Mizzou Prof. Pushes for Cold Fusion/LENR Research

University of Missouri vice-chancellor of research, Dr. Robert Duncan, has publicly come out in favor of a national fund for cold fusion/LENR research. In an article that appeared in the Missouri daily newspaper, the Columbia Daily Tribune, Dr. Duncan proposed … Continue reading

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