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Cold Fusion Catalyst

In past articles e-Cat Site has explored the LANR patents of Belgium industrial chemist and patent attorney Mr. Joannes Van den Bogaert.  He has been kind enough to do a write up for this site regarding the catalyst reported to … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion: The Nuclear Option

Most of the excitement surrounding the advent of cold fusion has centered almost exclusively on the technology as a way to solve the energy needs of mankind in the future, both near and far. But the technology brings other benefits … Continue reading

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Piantelli Moves Closer to Commercialization

At The Atom Unexplored conference on May 4, Valerio Ciampoli, speaking for Prof. Francesco Piantelli, made the statement that Piantelli’s Nichenergy company would be in a position to talk about commercialization in a couple months, more specifically it was stated:  … Continue reading

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LENR Meets HENR in Turin

A unique conference will begin tomorrow in Turin, Italy, entitled the “The Atom Unexplored.”  This conference will be unique because it will explore both low energy nuclear reactions and high energy nuclear reactions, with the former being covered in the … Continue reading

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Italian LENR Workshop April 10-14

An LENR workshop, the 10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen  Loaded Metals, is slated to begin tomorrow, April 10th, in Siena, Italy.  The conference’s schedule and  participants are listed at the bottom of this article, and include Francesco Celani, Dr. … Continue reading

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Defkalion Releases Business Plan, Technical Data

Today Defkalion Green Technologies released an outline of their business plan regarding their Hyperion LENR device and technical specifications regarding the same.  The text of the press release is as follows: PRAXEN – DEFKALION GREEN TECHNOLOGIES GLOBAL PRESS RELEASE Wednesday … Continue reading

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Defkalion Nearly Ready, NASA Files Patent, Piantelli Silent

Defkalion Green Technologies of Greece continues to publicly speak as if their version of Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat will soon ready for the market.   For those new to the story, or just as a refresher, Defkalion was Andrea Rossi’s original business … Continue reading

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