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Cold Fusion: The Nuclear Option

Most of the excitement surrounding the advent of cold fusion has centered almost exclusively on the technology as a way to solve the energy needs of mankind in the future, both near and far. But the technology brings other benefits … Continue reading

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The e-Cat and the US Navy

Over the past  6 months or so, a couple of names have been bantered about as to who Andrea Rossi’s mystery customer is for his first e-Cat 1MW plants.  The first name put forth many months ago was Kleiner Perkins … Continue reading

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LENR: Sympathy for the Commander in Chief

The fact that not only news media in general, but also various elected officials and government agencies are deafeningly silent on the subject of LENR, is the very loud elephant in the room. Consider the following little scenario: In daily … Continue reading

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Bad JuJu and Plan X

How much penetration has the LENR story generated in PlanetMind? Are 1% of individuals aware, or is it more like 0.01%?.  How many of those are interested in the current WAR in an attempt to  crush it?  How can it … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion For Christmas?

I doubt it.  Not this year anyway.  However, after a seemingly disappointing period of no significant news regarding the cold fusion saga, mid-December has found this story once again springing to life. Last week Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney mentioned … Continue reading

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