Cold fusion/LENR does not suffer from a lack of theories but a seeming over-abundance. It is believed in some quarters that the mechanism for the phenomenon is in fact a combination of a number of reactions. Below is a partial listing of some the theories that have been put forth so far. Some are more credible than others but, since there is still a poor understanding of precisely what is happening in any number of cold fusion/LENR cells, it is only fair to present a wide range of theories and not be too hasty in dismissing some of the ideas put forth until a more exact understanding of the technology is arrived at.

Note that this page is still under development and many of the lines only include a name (in some cases partial) and no link to information regarding the theory proposed by the named author.  More information and links will be added in the coming days. For some theories linked to, only an abstract or short description of the theory is available due to copyright issues.

Neither Andrea Rossi, Defkalion Green Technologies or Francesco Piantelli have yet published their respective theories regarding cold fusion/LENR, although all three parties claim to have functional devices. When any of these parties release such information, links to will be provided in the table below as well. Defkalion has released some interesting thoughts about a theoretical understanding of the technology and a portion of their statement regarding the matter is included below (for full statement, see link).

There is a strong possibility of a forthcoming “LENR theories war” between the members of the existing small community of LENR/CF researchers (possible conflicts closely related with government funding to be released in the area). Such “war” could turn out to be a new “War of Religion”, similar to the 1562- 1598 war between the Catholics (the strong force fans in this case) and the Protestants (the weak force fans), where all involved parties will claim their “one faith” slogan against all the others.

We are following the orthodox approach, which is not to get involved in such conflicts, even though we already have a pretty good understanding on what really is going on during all phaces of what we have called as a”dynamic multistage chemically assisted low energy nuclei reactions”. Our decision is to do our job, which is to provide to the market safe and stable high performance products and to the scientific community with all the hard evidence from LENR phenomena measured with new type of specially designed instrumentation that we had to build to support our product’s R&D.

As history of science and philosophy teaches us, when there is a conflict because of “duality”, in all cases the truth lies in their synthesis (Plotinus – )

Cold Fusion/LENR Theories



Ahern, Brian

Amplification of Energetic Reactions

Bazhutov/Vereshkov Theory

Chubb,  Scott

Chubb,  Talbot

Quantum Orbital Theory

Didenko, Y.T. /Suslick, K. S.

Fisher Theory

Gareev Theory

Guglinski, Wladimir/Stremmenos, C.

Hagelstein. Peter

Hora, Heinrich/Miley, George

Fusion energy without radioactivity: laser ignition of solid hydrogen–boron fuel

Kim, Yeong E

Theory of Bose–Einstein condensation mechanism for deuteron-induced nuclear reactions in micro/nano-scale metal grains and particles



Kozima Theory

Li Theory

Preparata, Giuliano

QED Coherence in Matter

Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev/M. Kanarev

Supergravitation Unified Theory

Sinha, Krityunjai P./ Meulenberg, Andrew

Tunneling Beneath the 4He Fragmentation Energy

Storms, Edmund

Szpak, Stanislaw

Takahashi, A.

Widom, Allan/Larsen, Lewis

Widom-Larsen Theory

Znidarsic, Frank

The Control of The Natural Forces


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  1. stosarg says:

    New book: Structural Physics of Nuclear Fusion provides, by Stoyan Sarg. The book provides: (1) A method for analysis of LENR experiments using BSM-SG models; (2) selection of isotopes suitable for more efficient energy yield (3) practical considerations for selection of the technical methods and the reaction environments.
    The theoretical analysis based on BSM-SG models reveals that the Coulomb barrier might be overcome leading to a successful LENR with a minimal or complete lack of radioactivity. Ni + H reaction is analyzed.
    Seller: (with look inside)


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