Piantelli Moves Closer to Commercialization

At The Atom Unexplored conference on May 4, Valerio Ciampoli, speaking for Prof. Francesco Piantelli, made the statement that Piantelli’s Nichenergy company would be in a position to talk about commercialization in a couple months, more specifically it was stated:  “In this presentation, we present the current state of the research, which at present is only research, and it can be translated in a few months into industrial products.

Industrial products in “a few months”  (see 2:30 to 2:42)

Just a little over a month after the statement at the conference, it has come to light that Prof. Piantelli and his associates have indeed begun to move in that direction. This information was released through Piantelli friend and confident Roy Virgilio on his blog  energeticambiente.it.  This information comes from two comments from Virgilio made on his blog on June 14 and on June 15.  In the first comment, found here, Roy states that Piantelli is now moving forward with a plan to sell shares in his company to the general public, something he stated he would do last year. However, these shares will not be for the company Piantelli incorporated last year, Nichenergy, but  for a new subsidiary of this company, Metalenergy.  Apparently, Nichenergy is the research and development arm for Piantelli’s work, while Metalenergy will serve as the entity for commercial ventures related to his research.  Funds raised through Metalenergy will be used to fund research at Nichenergy, with any future dividends to be paid back to investors through Metalenergy. The shares will be sold in values ranging from €100 to €1000 Euros, or $126 to $1260 US dollars. The initial goal of selling these shares is to raise between €50,000 and €100,000 to fund production of a commercial prototype. Per Roy:

 The money will be used directly to fund the laboratory for the development of such generators (already under construction) and will then be rewarded with royalties from the sale of generators themselves or license granted over the whole European territory.

As one can see, the facility to develop these “generators” is apparently already under construction.  Current plans call for the development of units in the 100 watt to 7 kW range.  While it is not entirely clear where the output of the planned prototype will fit in this range, as part of  a answer to a question asked by user @Maxwell61, Roy stated:

Just a few parameters will be defined (and many have already!) Maybe any day you can make anything from that prototype that we will pull out of 5 kW. And not a miracle or strange sequences of reactors in parallel (?) but because it has the mastery of the phenomenon and its laws. But for this there is to wait a little bit (in my opinion not too much).

I believe the assertion here is that since Piantelli clearly understands the mechanism of the reaction, scaling up from the relatively low power levels previously reported to 5 kW will not be problematic. This is similar to the assertions of Dr. George Miley, who, like Piantelli, has been concentrating more on low-level experiments designed to understand the intricacies of the reaction, rather than larger energy outputs that often prove difficult to control as in the case of Andrea Rossi’s earlier manifestations of the e-Cat. Since Roy claims that Piantelli now has “mastery of the phenomenon,” it would appear that Piantelli is able to control the reaction inside his devices. If indeed this is the case, scaling up to commercially viable outputs does seem the next logical step, and one that does not seem that far away. Roy V. states that more details will be forthcoming soon.

I will talk about cold fusion, and this particular project, Saturday, June 16 at Viterbo in the event “Energiainmovimento” from 15.30 to 16.30. You can download the program from Energy in Motion Event in Viterbo

Professor Piantelli and his associates have taken great pains up until now to avoid making bold claims and have been careful to use language that might be misconstrued by either eager critics or overenthusiastic proponents of cold fusion/LENR technology. He has been particularly tight-lipped about his research and, in fact, practically no details were released for close to a year. In the presentation given at The Atom Unexplored conference in early May, Piantelli’s presentation, as given by Mr. Ciampoli, was particularly harsh against those who have been more forthcoming and even bold in their pronouncements. While the remarks did not name names or point the finger at any particular individual, it is widely believed that these remarks were directed at Andrea Rossi. Apparently Rossi took these remarks to be directed towards him, as he responded to these criticisms in a post on JONPin early June. Given the level of criticism level against Rossi by Piantelli, it would be more than a little disingenuous to now start making similar claims and then provide nothing to back them up. Hopefully, in the coming days the Piantelli group will be able  to provide something substantial to validate the assertions made by Roy Virgilio. In all fairness, Francesco Piantelli to this point has done nothing in the past to indicate anything other than that he is an honest, dutiful scientist. Whether his sterling reputation will translate into people willing to spend their money on his shares in his company remains to be seen.

Criticism of Rossi (13:15)



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7 Responses to Piantelli Moves Closer to Commercialization

  1. james says:

    Don’t be jumping into the water to quick. So far no one has a product, just a lot of wishful thinking.
    There is a off the shelf geothermal electric generator that only needs 160 degree/f water to operate at full power and so far no one has used any cold fusion/lner to produce the first watt of electricity. Just look up binary geothermal power.

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  4. psi says:

    Another nail in the coffin of the corporate-bureaucratic dinosaur. Do you ever get the feeling that the maginot line of the hard core “it ain’t happening” is dissolving in front of our faces?

    • Yes, everyday that goes by we are getting closer and closer to the commercialization of LENR. And the fading of the old fossil fuel age and the weights it carries.

      We are seeing the distillation of reality and truth. The truth and reality will always stand in the end. No government, no company, no monopoly, no dogma can stop the truth and reality, since reality and truth are self evident and nobody can deny it.


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