Manelas Device

The Manelas device is a purported over-unity device based on Dr. Brian Ahern’s theories of nano-magnetism and energy localization.  The device itself is actually a refurbished car that is powered by what appears to be self-charging batteries.    The slides from Dr. Ahern are currently  the only information available on the device at this time.

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Power Point   PDF

NOTE:  The notes from the Power Point presentation were manually added to the slide show and PDF so they could be viewed by those who do not have Power Point.  They do not render properly on some platforms.  The text of the notes is included below for the sake of clarity.

Power Point Slide Notes

1)  Powered originally be 1,000 lbs of lead acid batteries. It now has 350 lbs of Thunder Sky brand lithium ion batteries.   It has a 57 horsepower electric motor with plenty of ‘get up and go;. Arthur Manelas is skilled at reconditioning cars. This one is better than new.

2)  This was the first independent third party test of an over-unity device.

3)  Dashboard gauge inside the Solectria. It gauges the amount of energy remaining in the battery. This 69% value was after driving for about 20 miles with four passengers.

4)  After 7 days the battery was 89.4% full.

5)  The voltage dips are a curiosity. The first two began at 2AM on successive nights. They were coincident with a large northern lights display.  Much more data is needed. We will add a separate data logging ammeter for the next test.

6)  This is a 4” x 4” x1/2”  ferrite billet weighing about one pound. It has been conditioned to levitate a needle at the center. This may result from self-oscillating fields. We have a special high frequency detector system on order. Floyd Sweet said such oscillations were a prerequisite for energy production.

7)  Here is the device mounted in the car’s trunk. It inputs 60 watts and outputs 100 watts.  This is not a violation of the First law of Thermodynamics.


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4 Responses to Manelas Device

  1. Gerry says:

    There is already working self charging battery technology. Also using magnetic stimulus to excite spin wave responses in ferrites has been done since 1960’s. Particularly in YIG oscillator and microwave waveguide isolator technology. It is high time scientists started applying these known effects to energy production. The setup in the Manelas car looks approximately correct.. it requires 90 degree steady state and pulsed fields to elicit co operative response between spin and phonon traveling waves. This type of energy production produces heat sinking cooling effects that can ultimately reduce the Earths temperature. Rather than pumping it up with additive heat as we do now.

  2. null3429934 says:

    There is SO MUCH to question about this. Not only are the voltage dips a “curiosity” (look like a capacitor discharge/charge), but dozens of other purported facts are “curious” as well. “Gas gauges” for batteries are notoriously sloppy for one thing. What is the scale on that slide? Always look at the scales! A picture of a light bulb is irrelevant. Why measure/present charge? Let’s see V*I in and V*I out. “This is not a violation of the First law of Thermodynamics.” — WHAT? Of course it isn’t! Nothing is! Why would you feel the need to say THAT? This is not an “independent test”. There WAS no test. Sure, there might be something to it, but the presentation and framing of such scanty data doesn’t help the fight against the “pathological” image. This kind of frame-up is exactly WHY the field is so widely thought to be pathological. This frame-up IS pathological. You need to do better.

    • Arlo Trough says:

      This is a web article, not a journal paper. Chill out.
      When you have an electric car that charges itself, maybe someone will listen to you.


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