The Coming Race

The title of this article is also the title of what is commonly believed to be the first science fiction novel ever published.   This book was published in 1871 by English writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton.   The plot of “The Coming Race” centers around the adventures of a young wanderer who accidentally finds his way into a subterranean world occupied by beings who seem to resemble angels and call themselves Vril-ya. The story’s protagonist discovers that the Vril-ya are descendants of a race of angel-like beings who were driven underground at the time of a great flood of biblical proportions.  They now reside in networks of underground caverns linked by tunnels. The society of the Vril-ya is a utopian one, supported by advanced technology including a powerful energy source known as Vril.  The base of this energy source is spiritual and through training this power can be used to heal and create, as well as to change and destroy.  The story also suggests that the Vril-ya are telepathic.  But, alas, there is a dark-side to the Vril-ya as well.  I will not go into detail here but, as example, the human narrator of the story relates that eventually the Vril-ya will outgrow their underground world and be forced to return to the surface, fully willing to destroy mankind in the process if necessary.

In some respects, the story is akin to an adult version of “Alice in Wonderland,” which was written six years before, but in some ways is even more bizarre.  It has been described as one observer as a mixture of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.  Yet, as fantastic as the story sounds, it was widely accepted in that time not only as a great story, but even as a TRUE STORY in some quarters.  It should be noted that Edward Bulwer-Lytton was widely read in his day, best known for penning inexpensive novels that appealed to the popular tastes of the day.  His work popularized such phrases aspursuit of the almighty dollar”, “the pen is mightier than the sword” and the famous opening line “It was a dark and stormy night.”  While these facts certainly indicate that Bulwer-Lytton had the attention of his audience, they really do not explain the enthusiasm with which this tale, one of the last attributed to him, was embraced.

This acceptance came not only from “commoners” but by very influential people of the day, such as fellow English author George Bernard Shaw and inventor/scientist Nikola Tesla at the height of his fame.  It is believed by some that Tesla’s concepts of ether and free energy were heavily influenced by “The Coming Race,” although Tesla publicly denied this to be the case, stating that he merely found the novel “interesting.”  Some esoteric and theosophical societies fully embraced “The Coming Race” as the truth and many writings in this genre continue to reference Bulwer-Lytton’s fictional tale.  It also has long been rumored that high-ranking members of the Third Reich embraced the idea of Vril power and some were members of the German Vril Society.  This society reportedly gave the party hierarchy information that led to the development of long-rumored Wunderwaffe such as Haunebu and Die Glocke (the Bell), both of which were rumored to be prototype flying saucers, or what Allied pilots reported as foo fighers.  Although Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s scientific credentials did not match his literary prowess, he was familiar with the work of Michael Faraday, known for his contributions to science in terms of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. It is likely that Edward Bulwer-Lytton took what he knew of Faraday’s work and simply extrapolated the implications into his tale of fiction, which is the life blood of science fiction even today.

As we enter 2012, I am struck by the state of cold fusion/LENR in a paradoxical context.  While “The Coming Race” seemed to have an effect much greater than intended on the denizens of that time, cold fusion seems to have had the opposite effect.  While there is much stronger evidence for the existence of anomalous heat produced from CF/LENR experimentation then ever has been demonstrated from “Vril Power,” it is still considered by the greater populace to be largely science fiction!  How can that be?  While the angelic race of Vril-ya, has yet to come to the surface to reclaim the surface of our planet, the race for cold fusion has begun but has been largely unnoticed by the masses.

However, as the race for election (and re-election) comes in earnest to the U.S. in 2012, the rumblings of 2011 may take the forefront in this election year. Michigan candidate for the Senate, Randy Hekman has thrown down the gauntlet in his support of LENR.  Not only is the technology a part of his political platform in his coming race for a seat U.S. Senate, it is the CENTERPIECE of his campaign.  Mr. Hekman claims that LENR is the “new space race,”  proclaiming “Scientists in China and India are hard at work to overcome the technical hurdles and turn this scientific theory into useful consumer products. We need America to be the world leader in this.”

Actually, I was not aware that the China and India were taking an active role in advancing this technology but as an active LENR researcher since 1996, perhaps Mr. Hekman knows something that the rest of us do not.  Articles that I have seen from various Chinese media outlets, all government run, have simply been translations of some of the ignorant garbage that has appeared in the Western mainstream media as of late.  But since the duplicitous nature of the leaders in Bejing is really no secret, even to its own citizens, their real interest in this technology cannot be accurately gauged by stories that appear in state-run propaganda machines, just as real interest in the West may not be accurately gauged by stories that appear in the corporate-run propaganda machines.

It is no small matter that Hekman is running for office in the State of Michigan, former home of the world’s most powerful and influential automobile industry.  That state’s largest city, Detroit, has been absolutely ravished by outsourcing of America’s manufacturing base to points near and far, and if any place could use the boost a new technology like cold fusion could bring, it would be the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan.  Detroit is the epitomy of the ugliness brought on by industrialized Western World’s declining manufacturing base.  Of course, Hekman is not the only politician that wants to bring LENR manufacturing and development to his state, as he was beaten to the punch by Massachusetts state senator Bruce Tarr and, to a lesser degree, ex-governor of Massachusetts and current Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

However, whatever promise Randy Hekman’s interest in LENR research offers, there are some problems.  He, unfortunately, has chosen to hitch his wagon to the Widom-Larsen theory and calls Steven B. Krivit his “friend.”  I think that a slippery slope given the tenuous nature of W/L theory and the questionably ethical behavior of Mr. Krivit as of late.  A skilled scientist, be he pro or anti-LENR, could easily riddle W/L full of holes and thus discredit it with relative ease.  It is a promising theory but not without its deficiencies.  It is certainly not one to hang one’s hat on at this point in its development.  A working device based on Widom-Larsen would be helpful before proclaiming it the basis of a new economy.  I would also take pause at calling my “friend” a man who has consistently accused others of fraud without providing any credible evidence of such.  A political opponent would have a field day with such an association.

Yet, we do not live in a world of absolutes and the fact that a candidate for the U.S. Senate is promoting cold fusion/LENR has to be seen as a step in the right direction.  If he gains political traction based on this platform, I would fully expect his competitors and contemporaries to follow suit.  LENR may well become the “hot button” issue in the coming race for political office in the United States.

So, as you enter 2012, we have a number of coming races vying for our attention.  We have the race to market of the first cold fusion/LENR devices, the race for political office, including a race to be the President of the United States, a race against time as the world economy teeters on the brink of a disastrous collapse due to large-scale financial insolvency, and a race against the efforts of rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea to bring an old and dangerous technology to their respective military arsenals.  Most of these races would be less vexing if this generation embraced the reality of cold fusion/LENR with the same enthusiasm as readers of Edward Bulwer-Lytton embraced his fictional work nearly a century and a half ago.  It seems to be paradox of human nature that we as a species are willing to accept fiction as truth at the expense of what is actually true.  Perhaps it is because we lack the spiritual insight and conviction of angels, or perhaps it is because the truth is stranger than fiction and the strange frightens us.

Happy New Year to all.  Have a safe but joyous observance and getting ready for the races that are to come in 2012.  I would encourage all to be participants and not merely voyeurs.  The future of you and your children may depend upon it.


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19 Responses to The Coming Race

  1. Alan DeAngelis says:

    Maybe I’m just feeble minded but it’s hard for me to see how a deuteron could capture an electron to become two neutrons in a deuterium palladium LENR system.
    Someone please check my math (and masses). I just did the calculation with an ordinary electron (not a heavy electron).

    Energy equivalences of rest masses of:

    Deuteron: 1875.612793 MeV
    Electron: 0.5109906 MeV
    Neutron: 939.56563 MeV

    D + e > 2 n would require 3.01 MeV !!

    Could this energy be easily recouped from any of the subsequent neutron capture reactions (even if it’s 1.5 MeV per neutron)? Maybe, but I just don’t see why some people are so fond of this mechanism.
    Happy New Year

    • Roger Bird says:

      Alan, I think that most LENR enthusiasts will admit that the Widom-Larsen theory is not the reason that they are LENR enthusiasts, to say the least. Most LENR enthusiasts are LENR enthusiasts, I would guess, is because so many heavy duty scientists, like Brian Josephson, Mike McKubre, Bushnell, Celani, Levi, Focardi, Stremmenos, Pons, Fleishmann, two Swedish dudes, etc. etc. are in the range of being more than 90% certain. All these guys probably didn’t go insane at the same time and decide to destroy their reputations and careers.

      • Alan DeAngelis says:

        Yeah, I agree. I’ve been following LENR since March of 1989. I have my own pet mechanisms in mind. I’m just not very fond of the W/L mechanism.
        I think Rossi’s approach to this is fantastic. Just keep cranking out the E-Cats and figure out the mechanism later. At this rate he’ll be pulling half mile long trains with his reactors before the marbled institutions are forced to acknowledge it’s real.
        All the best,
        Alan DeAngelis

        • Ben says:

          What mechanism do you prefer Alan? You have obviously given this a lot of thought for many years and I would be interested to know what you have come up with or which mechanism you think is the most plausible. I’m just curious.

        • Alan DeAngelis says:

          Reply to Ben from Alan.

          In April of 1989, I was thinking that if it’s a nuclear reaction and it’s not deuterium deuterium fusion, could it be a stripping reaction (an Oppenheimer Phillips reaction) where a deuteron gives up its neutron to a palladium below the Coulomb barrier. So, I snail-mailed off a one sentence letter to C&E News and forgot about it.

          Later on I was happy to see that Magdi Ragheb and George Miley also thought of this (“On the Possibility of Deuteron Disintegration in Electrochemically Compressed D+ in a Palladium Cathode” Fusion Technology, Vol.16, pp243-247, Sept. 1989).

        • Alan DeAngelis says:

          I found the link to the Ragheb and Miley abstract on Oppenheimer-Phillips in D-Pd that I was looking for


        • Ben says:

          Alan, the information on Oppenheimer-Phillips and its possible relation to the CF phenom is quite interesting. I am going to take some time to review this information a bit further and I may end up adding it to the Theory section of this site in some form. Thanks for bringing this to light. You are the first one to mention this in any context.

        • Alan DeAngelis says:

          That sounds great Ben. By the way, all the reactions would be exothermic.

          Pd(102) + D > Pd(103) + P 5.4 MeV

          Pd(104) + D > Pd(105) + P 4.9 MeV

          Pd(105) + D > Pd(106) + P 7.3 MeV

          Pd(106) + D > Pd(107) + P 4.3 MeV

          Pd(108) + D > Pd(109) + P 3.9 MeV

          Pd(110) + D > Pd(111) + P 3.5 MeV


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  3. B says:

    Why has the US always have to ‘dominate’ things? We don’t need anybody to dominate anything! The world needs ‘free’ energy for everybody, not again something ‘dominated’ as is the oil now dominated by people who earn way too much money with it to be healthy! Is it that the US did such a good job in the past with previous promising new technologies which would have made oil unneeded for a long time already, if they were developed and engineered with the same enthusiasm and conviction as the atomic bomb was once developed? Why is this not happening for LENR?

    • Roger Bird says:

      I sort of agree with B. When LENR starts being marketed for real and not just to “secret” customers, the whole idea of domination, at least in the energy arena, will be a thing of the past. The nomadic herder in Mongolia will be able to heat his yurt. Whether he dominates his wife or she dominate him is a different question.

  4. Brad Arnold says:

    “Over 2 decades with over 100 experiments worldwide indicate LENR is real, much greater than chemical…” –Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

    “Energy density many orders of magnitude over chemical.” Michael A. Nelson, NASA

    “Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry.” –Dr. Joseph M. Zawodny, NASA

    There is a new clean energy technology that is 1/10th the cost of coal. LENR using nickel. Incredibly: Ni+H(heated under pressure)=Cu+lots of heat. This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers:

  5. Brad Arnold says:

    This is a matter of national security. Due to the energy density of nickel using LENR, I suggest you call for a Presidencial Designation of Ni being a strategic commodity. This is a very unintuitive thing, because of how plentiful nickel is, and also how LENR is still rather controversial.

    There are few challenges facing the US as great as our leaders fully understanding the implications of LENR Ni-H, and nothing that will make more of a future impact upon US national security as the quick realization of the value of nickel.

    By the way, stovepiping the Presidencial Directive on Nickel idea may be the biggest thing we can ever do – it is that big that the US get a dominate role in control of nickel. “They that dominate nickel dominate space.” Sort of unintuitive now, but painfully, painfully obvious in the future.

    • Roger Bird says:

      Brad, there is way toooooo much nickel and way tooooo little need for it. If every person on the planet had a portable e-cat (I suppose because of a big ice age), there would still be more nickel available than would be needed. Nickel is one of the more plentiful substances on earth and under the earth. Don’t bother buying nickel stocks.

      • Ben says:

        Right now Goldman Sachs is buying warehouses and filling them to the gills with aluminum to drive up the price. This was a story that appeared here

        a few months ago. Right now Goldman Sachs controls 25% for the world’s aluminum supply. Who is to say that they or some other big name wouldn’t do the same with nickel. Who is to say that speculators wouldn’t drive up the price like they are now doing with the price of oil. Granted, nickel is much more abundant than either aluminum or oil but that is not to say some greedy SOB wouldn’t make a stab at manipulating the price.

        • Roger Bird says:

          Ben, there may be an anti-trust law that they are violating. But, even if they are not, what happens when they discover that the aluminum wire that forms the electric grid are going to be taken down within the next 10 years and their investment in aluminum will drop to close to nothing? How the mighty will fall!!!!

          I still doubt that someone could get a corner on the nickel market. It is too plentiful, we need way too little. And who knows what other elements LENR will work with? There is about enough nickel in one American 5 cent coin to keep my house heated for months, if not more.

      • Brad Arnold says:

        I know it sounds kookie. It takes about a half million calories to boost a pound up and out of our gravity well. While the energy usage today would be a faction of a normal year’s nickel production, we aren’t boosting mega-tonage into space for long periods of time. Am I making any more sense?

        • Roger Bird says:

          I suppose that the demand for nickel will skyrocket since it will be so useful, like sending stuff into space.

  6. Roger Bird says:

    Randy Hekman will lose in 2012 because of his enthusiastic support of LENR. He will win, if he runs, in 2014, because of his history of enthusiastic support of LENR. And in 2016, he could win the presidency because of his history of enthusiastic support of LENR.

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